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A Live Yogi Review: Is It Any Good?

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Online yoga is booming!

Becuase these days, less of us want to jump in the car for yet another yoga class.

And so that search often brings us to platforms such as A Live Yogi.

We decided to write this completly unbiased review. We do not have an affiliate or business relationship with this platform so you’ll get our honest thoughts.

Let’s begin!

A Live Yogi Review

Yep, we get it. We share the same name. Yocean Yogi is a yoga brand coincidently also based here in Australia.

We’re passionate about what we do. We’re also very passionate about yoga – both as exercise and philosophy. We couldn’t think of anything better on a Sunday evening than a Kirtan chant.

Now – there are yoga studios all over Australia and all over the world. In fact, each year, thousands of people head to yoga retreats and festivals such as the Bali Spirit Fest.

A Live Yogi Review

Yet there’s a percentage who desire to keep things simple. They just want yoga.

And for those people, A Live Yogi appears on the surface to be the perfect solution. The monthly fee is equilavent to a 1-hour class in a traditional studio.

But they’re not the only platform in town. We’ve audited dozens of online yoga studio platforms and have found many of them to be fantastic, but they also vary in price and class offerings.

Let’s see what we have here.

The yoga classes

Compared to many other platforms which are slim, A LIve Yogi has really pushed hard to create a holistic platform. You’ll find Power Yoga, Yin, Hatha, Prenatal and Kundalini yoga at the minimum.

Strangely, their Vinyasa classes were very minimal. This is a key downside worth noting, however their platform continues to grow each and every week.

Using the online yoga platform
We thoroughly enjoyed the Yin and Gentle classes.

Yoga with Kids and Sport Support are two note-worthy additions which are rarely found in other platforms. One thing to note is that there are now 700+ yoga classes on their platform with a range of teachers.

The platform quality

Often platforms are substandard, but not here. A Live Yogi has excellent sound and audio quality since their teachers 95% of the time wear clip on microphones.

Now – you won’t find this to be ultra-Instagrammy like Omstars but aethesically it’s still very clean, and most importantly – genuine. The classes are run by independent teachers so there are indoor and outdoor classes but it still doesn’t feel distracting.

In addition – there are programs on offer for meditation, yoga philosophy and mindfullness. In full disclosure, we haven’t really sifted through this content yet as we’re only evaluating their online yoga classes.

A Live Yogi teachers

One of the most noteworthy elements is yoga teachers. Some platforms we’ve evaluated have 200+ yoga teachers so it can be quite overwhelming as to who’s classes you’ll want to gravitate towards.

Similarly to a physical yoga studio, you do find yoga teachers that you resonate with and others that…well….you don’t quite vibe with – and that’s OK! At this time, there are about 16 teachers and surprisingly, only one of them is male.

One notable teacher is Lauren Verona, owner of Zenko Yoga which is one of the best yoga studios on the Sunshine Coast. If you do visit the region, get along to one of her three studios.

Closing thoughts

It’s still early days for A Live Yogi, much like our own yoga brand. As a grassroots enterprise, they’re looking to take on some of the giants in the industry who are backed by deep-pocketed investors.

We believe in being conscious towards where we spend our dollars, both in person and online. Is A Live Yogi the absolute best out there? Not yet, especially as the community is small, but the ethics are certainly there.

Would we still recommend their platform? Absolutely.

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