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Active by POPSUGAR Review: Is It Worth It?

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Active by POPSUGAR is a popular fitness platform in Australia, but is it any good? We decided to try it out personally. You can actually join for free!

There are many reasons why you’d want to join an online fitness or yoga platform. Personally, we love these and we’ve even reviewed online yoga platforms quite often on here.

So let’s see how this compares.

Active by POPSUGAR review

There are 3 main reason why you’d join this platform. It’s either strength, cardio or yoga.

However, there are also 3 core reasons to stay on board. These are the challenges, the leaderboard and the online discounts/coupons you can get as a member of the platform.

We’re going to cover each one individually so you can get a holistic perspective.

Strength training

There are 275 strength training fitness classes on the Active by POPSUGAR platform, with dozens more being added each month.

Strength training Active by Pop Sugar

You can also choose the difficulty levels. These include beginner, intermediate and advanced. Also – the 20 minute workouts are popular but you’ll also find some workouts which are 60 minutes or longer.

For genuine strength training, it’s very limited effectiveness unless you have some free weights around. We’d highly recommend these if you have them available.

Cardio Workouts

The main reason why people join this app is to get on board with the cardio workouts. There are currently 111 cardio workouts which you can access for free with Active by PS.

Cardio Workouts

Active by Popsugar lets you choose between dance, cardio, boxing, full body and more. As with the strength training, you can choose your level of difficulty and the length of the class too.

So how are they? Incredible! You’ll find plenty here that will get you off the couch and burning through some sweat.

Yoga classes on Active by Pop Sugar

Here’s what we’ve been waiting for! The yoga classes here aren’t your typical vinyasa or slow-flow series. You won’t really find hatha or yin yoga here, but there is some good content.

Yoga classes on Active by Pop Sugar

Personally – it’s a bit too cardio still because it includes pilates classes. If you’re looking for yoga classes then you’ll actually find better value from free YouTube videos.

You can find varying degrees of difficulty and length. Just remember that this primarily is a fitness membership not a yoga platform.

The extras

In addition to the content, you can also choose one of the challenges or get yourself on the leadership. It really takes at least 40 full attended classes to make your way here.

The extras

The challenges are well worth it if you need some motivation to get yourself pumping.

What we really love is the updated videos. You’ll see new videos as soon as they’re released.

Who uses this?

Often it’s the busy mum or the exhausted corporate worker. Those who are limited on time and can’t attend the gym in the hours they have. You know – even 20 minutes per day of working out is better than nothing.

We recommend using a full-screen TV. Avoid the temptation to simply use this on your phone as it can be distracting with social media notifications.

Lots of Australians do use Active by Pop Sugar every month. From the leaderboard inside the app, you’ll see a few thousand people who have left reviews about each individual workout video.

Getting started

Now that we’ve seen that this doesn’t really provide value for the yoga crowd, we would still recommend it for the fitness fanatic. Australians are the most likely to use this platform, however the majority of the workout presenters are actually based in North America.

Either way – for an app which doesn’t cost you anything currently – it’s definitely worth using!

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