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Ajna Wellbeing Yoga Review: Are They Any Good?

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Ajna Wellbeing has a range of yoga mats, cushions and bolsters that we just had to review! We’ll let you know first-hand if they’re genuinely that good.

There are very few Australian companies taking on the world. Australians, after all, are more reserved and relaxed in their approach.

That’s further aided by the very fact that so few Australian yoga companies actually exist. Upon seeing the success of Ajna Wellbeing on Instagram, we just had to look further.

Ajna Wellbeing Review

This is a company who sells a range of holistic wellness products including yoga mats and meditation accessories. The recent launch of their meditation pillow seems to have gone viral given the number of comments we saw.

When you simply search for a yoga mat on Amazon, you’ll often see ads for Ajna Wellbeing. It makes you inquisitive and curious “Who is Anja Wellbeing?” and thus, your journey begins.

They are a newer Australian yoga apparel brand who has been established for a few years. You’ll find in their collection a range of yoga mats and accessories and apparel with more being developed by this team often.

Their products are a hit within the spiritual and healing space. Indeed we love their mats too!

Their eco-conscious approach

What we really love about their products is their approach towards sustainability. You’re probably acutely aware that we’re living in a throw-away society that doesn’t respect or at least understand the impact that landfill does to the planet.

Too often we see cheap yoga mats on Amazon and question the ethics being these sellers and manufacturers. They are routinely made with PVC and other toxic materials to save a few pennies. Even more premium manufacturers like Gaiam use PVC in their yoga mats unfortunately.

When we look at Ajna Wellbeing, their mats are made from jute and their meditation cushions have natural fillings. Instead of cutting corners for a bargain price, the owners seemed to have gone for quality and customer who, quite frankly, care about the earth.

This is further represented in their use of organic materials where possible, thereby reducing skin irritations and pollens for those who are sensitive to artificial materials. This is a common appreciation found with the Ajna bolster pillow and acupression mat and pillow.

The downside

The main downside is the price. While you’ll certainly love their mats and cushions as much as we did, you’re also paying up to 2x the price of comparable products. Yet despite this increase, many choose to purchase these products.

Which brings us back to the quality. When you could otherwise spend a lot less, you’re also often using inferior products and the type that you are less likely to enjoy in the journey. When creative your safe space to practice yoga or simply meditate, we do advocate going for quality.

Unfortunately, China has become acutely aware of the profitable yoga industry and now has dipped its feet into selling cheap yoga products. You can find these readily online. How do you know their Chinese? Easy. Their products are cheap and the descriptions lack the love, gratitude, flow and feel of that of a true yogi.

If a product seems ‘off’ then you know that it isn’t backed by the ethics that true yoga companies bring to the table. It’s best to spend our money where conscious effort has been established to bring something sensational to the table.

So while the price of Ajna mats and meditation products is high, you are ultimately purchasing what you paid for: A product that one will love and cherish for years. It’s little wonder why so many women are buying these as gifts, either for themselves or for others they know.

The higher price then can be used towards advocacy efforts to help consumers learn the true cost of their inferior products.


Ajnamats is still newer to the market and breaking into a competitive industry. You can only do this with a strong belief behind your product and paired with a loyal customer base.

They don’t have the strong following of Gaiam, Hugger Mugger, Alo or Manduka yet and it appears to be a work in progress. Yet if we look at their stellar growth in the last few years, we can clearly see an Australian yoga apparel company going in the right direction that will soon take on these giants head-to-head.

Are their products worth it? Well, our experience is certainly positive and we praise their progress in this space. We’re eagerly waiting to see how this company and their product line unfolds so watch this space!

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