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Anastasia by Vladimir Megre Book Review (I Read It)

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Have you heard about Anastasia and the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Megre? I recently read this book and wanted to share my own insights.

Anastasia: Book 1 by Vladimir Megré

An entire series was developed from this initial launch. What’s remarkable is that this book spread like wildfire throughout the world without the use of social media or traditional distribution techniques.

Anastasia: Book 1 by Vladimir Megré

Instead, the book relied on one antidote and a quote from Anastasia herself “I exist for who I exist” – that is to say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Over the years I had heard from numerous friends and family on the yoga journey about how impactful this book really is. A book that once you started, you just had to keep going.

So I had nothing to do but to pick up my own PDF copy and start reading.

Anastasia Book Review

I’ve written this review of the Anastasia story by Vladimir Megré as my own experience. Yours could very well be different. You might love it or simply stop reading after the first few pages. Either way – it’s your journey, not mine.

In short, you shouldn’t take my experience in this review as ‘right’. I am simply a guy on the internet who happens to enjoy this genre while having a sense of scepticism.

The book itself is about a mystical woman who lives in Siberia. During an expedition by boat with a group of people including Vladimir Megre in 1995, he happened to bump into her. She herself was born in 1969 to parents who unfortunately died while she was still a baby. She was then raised by animals in the deep forest, learned to communicate with trees and lived on nuts and berries.

Already starting to sound far-fetched? It could be, or be the awakening you need right now. Read on.

As the story continues, we realize the wisdom held within this planet that has been ignored for decades. With that realization comes the guide on how to survive this world with new age ideologies.

We find that Vladimir Megre is himself very alienated from Anastasia’s way of life. How could she survive in the forest for so long? Why does she wear such little clothes?

More importantly – why has she stumbled into Vladimir’s life? That’s answered at the very end and something that I won’t spoil.

A summary of the entire series

Throughout the story and including the remaining books in the series (of which I’ve also read), you’ll find the author repeatedly kicking back at her philosophy and way of life. Through this, the reader doesn’t get a bias towards ideas and concepts towards a natural way of living.

The core of the book does also focus on spiritual connectedness between all beings.

You have to understand, Vladimir, man brings on himself everything bad that is happening to man when he violates the rules of spiritual existence and breaks his connection with nature.

Anastasia, as written by Vladimir Megre

Essentially, you’re taken on a journey. One that is unique for each person. You might get “Aha!” moments like many, or simply realize that this way of life just isn’t for you.

Black covers vs Green covers

You might have seen Anastasia books with green covers and some with black covers. What’s the difference? Well – the green covers are the originals and highly praised, even seen by some as collector’s items. Often these fetch a high price on Amazon and eBay.

Anastasia Black covers vs Green covers

The black covers are newer, and in my opinion, doesn’t let the reader feel so connected to the story. If the authentic Anastasia book is what you’re looking for, then chase down a green cover.

Inside, the content is exactly the same with some minor re-editing. This book was also translated into many languages since its first publication and with other countries sharing the green/black covers.

Why so many negative reviews?

Anastasia by Vladimir Megre has mixed online reviews, with an average of 3.7 stars. Why? It was written for a certain group of people, not for a wide audience.

To really ‘get’ the message inside this book, it’s going to require radical openmindedness especially in the later chapters and indeed later in the series. Book 1 is merely a warm-up for the rest of the series.

This explains why people have left negative reviews of Anastasia. It just isn’t for them right now, and that’s 100% OK. We’re all on a different journey.

Who would I recommend Anastasia for?

I’ve purposely not spoilt much of the story here. The concepts and ideas brought forth by Anastasia are to be digested by the reader, not covered so much in a book summary.

After reading this book, you’ll understand my points of view. However, these people would most benefit:

  • The burnt-out business owner who’s looking to return to a basic way of life
  • The hippie who loves their fix from someone who speaks their ‘language’
  • All yoga enthusiasts who are open to exploring new ways of holistic living
  • The individual who’s been told at least once to read this book (You should!)

This story isn’t for everyone. In fact, very few people in the world will even resonate with the words. If your idea of an eco-village sounds…odd…then this probably isn’t for you.

Yet if you’re looking for love, truth, connectedness and peace beyond religion and beyond self, then this book is for yours.

A final note on Anastasia PDF

If you are searching for a PDF copy of Anastasia, then you may just find one alone. That is no issue for me. The issue is for you – the reader.

You simply cannot get the same feeling while reading on an LCD screen. This book is best read in physical form outside, away from technology and away from distractions.

I understand that this is very different than a free downloadable copy, as it requires spending a small amount, but this is simply a book that needs to be felt, not just read.

Get yourself a copy today, either in book stores or purchase the physical type online.

This is your journey and one that requires radical open-mindedness.

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