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Aurorae Yoga Mat Review: Are They Worth It?

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Aurorae yoga mats are new to the market, and without that many reviews we have done the research for you to bring our unbiased opinion.

Ultimately, we like yoga mats that bring sustainability and good materials to the marketplace. There is little value in buying a yoga mat if it’s costing the earth so dearly.

Aurorae Yoga Mat

We’ve road-tested quite a few yoga mats here at Yocean Yogi over the years. We’ve come to realize that not all of these yoga mats are created the same.

Some are expensive and others are cheap. Some appeal to the discount/coupon crowd while others appeal to the premium crowd who adore quality and performance over price.

The Aurorae yoga mat sits in the mid-way area. It isn’t the best yoga mat for everyone but it does serve the core demographic of yogis and teachers alike.

Aurorae has chosen to use eco-friendly materials. That’s a big plus in our books as we as a community strive to be more concious about the choices that we make when purchasing yoga equipment. How have they achieved this? By having their mats be biodegradable.

Unboxing experience

One of the worst things we experience is the excitement of unboxing a new yoga prop and then suddenly experiencing a toxic smell. Ewww! It really doesn’t give you confidence in the product or the manufacturer.

Like just imagine what the factory workers are experiencing each and everyday. If you’re anything like us, you’re against this practice. Yoga products are designed for the eco-friendly crowd and thus should have that experience from concept, ordering, unboxing and the actual lifetime use.

Aurorae Yoga Mat Review

Luckily, we didn’t encounter any off-putting smells though there is a mild smell that you will encounter. In fact, this is the same with most other yoga mats on the market. Also, sometimes these yoga mats are rolled up while waiting to be sold for months so it did take a few weeks after receving to stop the edges to stop curling.

Over all, a good experience with basic packaging and it comes with a strap. Neat!

Using the mat

We really enjoyed using this mat. It’s 72″ by 24″ which is slightly longer than your typical yoga mat making this ideal for taller people as well as the general folk. They also have the Ultra yoga mat while is a whopping 78 by 26 inches in diameter. This is great if you’re doing wider poses.

While other mats weigh more in the 5 to 7 pound range, this mat is only 3.6lbs which makes this easy to carry around. Public transport or cycling are made so much easier if you have a light yoga mat as per our experiences.

We have used the Aurorae yoga mat for Bikram, Vinyasa, Yin and Ashtanga where it held up well. Needless to say, Hatha will be no problem at all, though it does slip a little. Unfortunately, you may have to wear yoga socks or gloves to get the best ‘stick’ in your far-reaching poses.

Cleaning this yoga mat was relatively easy and we haven’t yet had to do anything too difficult. We wrote a guide on how to clean Lululemon yoga mats and we can recommend the same practices for this mat too.

Overall thoughts

We believe they have found that sweet-spot between weight and functionality, as well as sustainability. There is a 2-year warranty here and we imagine very few people take them up on this offer.

The main complaints we read prior to purchasing surround the fact that you may slip if you’re in Vinyasa or Bikram classes and you may want to choose a different mat instead. Such negatives were mild and for us as it held up to expectations in 95% of asanas.

Aurorae have built a quality yoga mat here. It isn’t for everyone and doesn’t pretend to be, but if your’e looking for something that sits well in the mid-range…then you’ve found the right one.

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