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What is the Baba Nam Kevalam meaning?

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Ever wondered what the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra actually means in the world of yoga wisdom? Well, we’ve got the answer right here.

The Sanskrit Mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam” means to chant the name of the beloved. As an alternative meaning, it says that the essence of love is everywhere and is of everything that we see before us, as well as what is internally surrounding us and our conscious lives.

This is a chant which is very popular in kirtan and meditation evenings across the world. You may have heard this being chanted at a yoga studio, a festival or retreat that you attended.

Origins of Baba Nam Kevalam

The Ananda Marga spiritual organization fo India who teach Tantra yoga and meditation believe that it’s effective because there is no reference to any diety. That is to say there are no gods or goddesses referenced.

By chanting the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra, we’re simply able to focus upon the essence of love. The unity of different spiritual traditions has been noted through the simple chanting of this mantra alone.

By chanting this mantra, you’re able to bring forward positive thoughts and energy and most importantly – inner peace. You don’t need to be in a yoga studio with a group of students to experience this and several meditation apps actually include this mantra.

You might even start slowly dancing and singing this mantra, and don’t be embarrassed. This is just such a beautiful mantra to experience and the tempo and volume is completely your choice.

The Sanskrit Meaning of Baba Nam Kevalam

We’re here to give a deeper meaning to the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra.

Sanskrit NameEnglish TranslationMeaning
BabaBelovedReferenced to the beloved by disciples
NameNameThe names of those referenced
KevalamOnlyKevalam means sole in English
It all makes sense once all 3 words are together.

Yogis around the world hold the firm belief that the Divine is pure consciousness and love. It’s everything surrounding us and all that ever will be. Through repetition of this beautiful mantra, we’re able to remember where we originated from, focus on the present moment while knowing where we are going.

Essentially – love is surrounding us constantly. Sadly, many people in our world constantly forget this as fear has gripped the souls of many individuals who have contrastingly different human experiences.

In most cases, this is merely the ego. One that lives in fear. Through chanting the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra, we can move towards being more enlightened.

4 benefits of Baba Nam Kevalam

So then, can we really feel the effects of this mantra? Well, certainly we can! It all comes down to consistent practice and may experience bliss during your very first meditation.

You’re likely to feel:

  • The purity of the mind. Our constant distractions and notifications can inhibit our mind and distract us from our experiences before our eyes. By drawing our energy inwards and chanting this mantra peacefully, we can refresh ourselves.
  • Bathing in love. Being surrounded in the light of this beautiful ancient mantra is something that many yogis enjoy experiencing. This self-love connection is most commonly reported.
  • Purification of mind. Those negative thoughts and bad self-talk can damage our sensitive mind. By chanting this mantra regularly, we’re able to get behind the conscious filter.
  • Universal connections. Instead of focusing on one god or goddess, we’re able to send love through the whole planet and to all religions and belief systems.

This is often best done with Japa mantra practice or in a group setting.

Getting started

You don’t need to get fancy to recite and chant this mantra, and certainly you don’t need to visit a spiritual retreat centre. You can get started right at home or chant this internally on your way to or from work.

This is one of the many beautiful Sanskrit mantras that are just waiting for you to experience.

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What is the Baba Nam Kevalam meaning?

Ever wondered what the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra actually means in the world of yoga wisdom? Well, we’ve got the answer right here. The Sanskrit Mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam” means to chant the name of the beloved. As an alternative

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