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What is the Bear Spirit Animal and Meanings?

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The bear spirit animal has always been a representation of strength power and energy. It serves as an icon for showing our raw strength in the toughest of times.

The symbolism of the bear reminds you to come back into unison with nature.

Most Common Meanings Of The Bear Spirit Animal

The bear symbolism symbolises staying strong and earthed. It’s not only our size physically, but the power of our own conscious mind.

Essentially, there is a sense of confidence through its personal power providing some assurance in the most challenging of times.

You’re the type to be fearless, much like the bear spirit animal. You want nothing else but to protect yourself and those around you.

You’re always fully prepared to defend yourself when others provoke you you’re acting without fear and yet you’re a gentle spirit it protects yourself and those around you. You’re also very patient you know what it takes to be successful you’re prepared to wait around until the timing is just right.

At times you need to go on a long spiritual journey to realise exactly who you are and what your heart desires. And while you might take long naps and sleep excessively you’ll see the authority within your space your larger than life character and those around you respect you and your boundaries and your strength in the most troubling of times. You’re both protected thing and committed to yourself and those around you.

Are bears a representation of love?

Bears are lovely creatures and if you were the type that enjoys the sweeter things in life and powerful protection with masculine energy, then it’s likely that love is coming your way.

This is a great time to sit relax and ponder and decide what you truly want. A bear typically hibernates for several months in the colder months and this is your time to rejuvenate and figure out what is best for you.

Essentially, your time for reflection is now. Give yourself some time to prepare for the next love journey.

Bear Animal Totem: Positive Traits

You’re the type that’s very powerful with your own unique fear. You remain strong even when feeling weak, uncertain or unsure of what the future might hold.

You get to call the shots. Other look up to you as a respected leader with both admiration and confidence.

This leads others to be inspired through your actions. They feel as though even moment with you is one they’ll never forget, even at the most humble of times.

Bear Animal Totem: Negative Traits

You’ll often go into a rage easily, even over the most basic of situations. You might strike or react to things that others would otherwise brush off as unimportant misdemeanours.

As mentioned in the positive traits, you can be very confident but this sometimes gets you into trouble. You try to do things beyond your skill level and react in anger when it doesn’t quite work out.

Your emotions can switch between powerful confidence and powerful anger in mere seconds.

When to call on your bear spirit animal?

When you desire to protect others.
When you’re lacking the confidence and answers to life’s most pressing questions.
When you need to stay strong in adversity and keep fighting until there is nothing left.

It’s always best to call on the bear spirit animal when you need courage to protect not just yourself, but those most closest to you. And while you might not feel such power internally, as long as you show it externally, it’s easy to remain strong.

In Summary

This is a time for grounding and inner work. Take the time to relax and ponder just how powerful you really are.

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