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What Does Being Chased In A Dream Mean?

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Having just woken from having dreams about being chased or running away from something makes us feel really uneasy. What could it mean?

Generally speaking, your dream of being chased stems from deeply-rooted insecurities and fears. You may have some vulnerabilities and you struggle with being confronted in daily life. It can be difficult to turn around so you attempt to avoid the situation by running away.

Everyone has a different type of dream. You could have had a dream about being chased by a monster, an ex-fiance or some unknown figure. Often you know it’s something but you’re trying to avoid.

Why Did I Get Chased In My Dream?

Often it means that mild to moderate anxiety is infecting your everyday life. A person or group of people are attempting to pursue us causing heightened emotions and thus, nightmares of being chased.

In years gone by, we had very real threats. It was a natural instant to run away if you were being chased and such thoughts have stuck with us for a very long time. Science calls that evolution.

At times, dreaming about being chased is based on environmental factors. If you’re someone living in a place of moderate to high crime rate, or you’ve watched a lot of horror movies recently, it’s more likely that you’ll experience dreams of being chased from time to time.

Additionally, if your childhood wasn’t stable and your experiences meant that you often had to get away, this can continue affecting you in adult life. Your subconscious mind can recall moments of a kid that your conscious mind simply cannot. This is where professional support certainly would be helpful so you can move on from your days as a child.

Most Common Dreams About Being Chased

Not all dream interpretations are the same. Sometimes you’ll be chased by an animal, but in other dreams, it’s a person chasing you. The context of the dream is also just as important such as the environment (where exactly were you being chased?) and your feelings at the time.

This is what individual dreams may mean:

Being Chased by a Monster

A dream where you’re chased by a monster happens to be one of the most difficult there is. Chances are that this monster is bigger than you are, and this could mean that you’re fearful of the things you cannot see. Someone has been bothering you in your day to day life which you question often, but you can’t quite put your finger on the pulse.

Being Chased by a ‘Bad Guy’

Running away from someone who’s out to hurt you means that you are going out of your way to avoid someone. You’re afraid of what they’ll do and their intentions not being so sound. Instead of dealing with this situation head-on, you’re simply trying to escape given that it’s causing you such distress which later manifests in your dream of being attacked with a weapon.

Being Chased by Police

If you’re feeling guilty about something you’ve done recently, or even something from years ago, then this is likely to manifest in your dreams. It’s more likely where you might have broken the law and have to attend court in the near future with a charge likely. Such fears and information overload can certainly lead to recurring dreams.

Being Chased by Animals

One of our primal fears is being chased by animals such as dinosaurs, wild dogs, bears, wolves or lions. While we’ve evolved as a species over the last 2,000 odd years, such fears are still an instinct of ours as our brain may struggle to differentiate between reality and nightmares. If you just woke from a dream about an animal who chased you, then this represents our personal anger towards ourselves or others close to us.

Chasing Someone

Instead of being chased, you become the chaser. What does this mean? Well, this one is significantly more positive representing your ambitious side. Perhaps you’re seeking to make big changes in your life including relationships or career. Likewise, you may wish to chase after someone to remind them that everything will be OK.

Chasing Yourself

Did you dream about being chased by your own figure? Well, this can represent personal guilt about being a perpetrator in someone else’s downfall. This could’ve happened in your schooling years or most recently. Likewise, you might be running away from the baggage that you hold in your life.

Recurring Dreams About Being Chased

If you’re constantly either chasing someone or being chased in a dream, then our first recommendation is professional help through a registered and licence psychologist or councillor. The dream itself may mean you have unconscious challenges that need to be resolved especially if it’s a recurring nightmare leading to daily stress and a lack of energy.

Closing Thoughts

Did you just experience a dream where you were chased by a person? Tell us at Yocean Yogi in the comments section and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Everyone has a different dream interpretation and collectively, we can all help you consider what a dream may mean.

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