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5 Best Hatha Yoga DVDs (2021 Buying Guide)

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Hatha Yoga DVDs are great to watch and follow along with, making a good change from the YouTube videos. What are the best Hatha Yoga DVDs available today?

A good question to ask. We’ve done the research to find the best hatha yoga DVDs in the market so you can start practicing at home without needing to bring your stuff a studio.

Best Hatha Yoga DVDs

We’ve done the research in the market and have come up with the following:

1. Hatha and Flow Yoga for Beginners by Element

Watching this DVD will really put you in a calm state in which to practice yoga. Their backdrop is the Pacific Ocean so you’ll feel a strong sense of serenity while performing asanas.

world's best hatha yoga dvd

Their DVDs are focused around:

  • Helping you reduce your stress
  • Increase your strength and tonality
  • Vastly improving your body’s flexibility
  • More importantly – reducing your stress

Thousands of people have bought the Element Hatha and Flow Yoga DVD series for beginners with positive reviews left online. However, some elements of this series can be challenging for complete beginners. Stick with the Hatha Yoga side of the DVD for now which is Disc 1.

You can buy this on Amazon here.

As with anything, avoid pushing your body beyond its limits. Go real gentle on yourself.

2. Gentle Yoga by Jane Adams

Now this is an old DVD but it’s also for the older generation too. Those under the age of 40 won’t really like this one.

2nd best hatha yoga dvd

If you want to increase strength and flexibility as well as your posture and grace of movement, then you’re in the right place. This Gentle Yoga DVD focusing on Hatha runs for 3+ hours and is available for the North American and Canadian regions.

The reviews on this series are very strong and clearly people have been happy with Jane Adams as a yoga teacher. Everything on this is filmed outdoors across 7 yoga routines.

As an alternative to YouTube, it’s hard to go past the offering by Jane Adams.

3. Integral Yoga Hatha

Looking for genuine and authentic hatha yoga teaching on DVD? Then Master Sri Swami Satchidananda is the one you’d want to pay attention to.

Hatha Yoga at home DVD

This DVD is old and previously was on VHS. However, a lot of those who want the real forms of yoga, not rehashed western-style forms, will appreciate the wisdom in these trainings.

The training goes for about 80 minutes with the instructions simple enough to follow along with. Those who are aged 40+ will enjoy this relaxed modality of teaching.

4. Yoga for Beginners DVD

If you’re looking for a variety of hatha yoga routines as a beginner, then this is the style you’ll want. There are gentle workouts to get your body warmed up as well as more advanced asanas.

Watching Hatha Yoga at home DVD

This is the top selling general yoga DVD in the United States and Canada. There is 4 hours of content and it often touches on Hatha yoga during the series.

However, since this was published 15 years ago it is a little dated as far as videos go. If you’re over the age of 35 then you’ll still appreciate the authentic tone and feel of this training.

5. Easy Yoga by Pegg Cappy

Here’s another great yoga series and ideally for the person who is 55+. Peggy helps the student to increase their flexibility and mobility with a sense of balance and calmness.

Hatha Yoga DVD at home

What we really liked is her down-to-earth approach to hatha yoga. She just keeps things calm and relaxing. In fact, Peggy Cappy has many 5 star reviews on her other DVDs in the Yoga for the Rest of Us training series which are also available on Amazon.

One of the let downs is the length of training. It’s only 75 minutes while just about everything else on this list of Hatha DVDs goes for between 2 and 4 hours long.

Making your home comfortable

When you’re doing hatha yoga at home, comfort is key. You’ll want to ensure you have set things up correctly.

Here are some guided tips:

  • Set the room temperature before you begin
  • Ensure no one will come into your safe space while performing asanas
  • Remove your distractions such as your pets and cell phone
  • Mood lighting should be adjusted and ready for Savasana afterwards
  • Go gentle and slow for the first few classes while you adjust to the rhythm

One of the best benefits of doing hatha yoga via DVD is that you can’t compare yourself to other class mates. However, you also don’t have other people to practice yoga with and socialise. If you can and you’re not embarassed, invite a friend along to do yoga at home with you.

In summary

Doing hatha yoga is a great way to open up those restricted muscles. Compared to Vinyasa, it’s more gentle and forgiving, while also being very effective.

For a beginner, it’s the perfect segway into the world of yoga.

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