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6 Best Kids Yoga DVDs [#3 is Awesome]

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Yoga DVDs for kids are certainly available in the market and in this guide we’ll help you figure out the best options available for children of all ages.

Best Kids Yoga DVDs

So you’re looking to use the big TV and get your kids on to yoga early in their life? Great! It’s a fantastic alternative to YouTube and distractions, and much more effective than an iPad on a rainy day.

Best Kids Yoga DVDs Guide Yocean Yogi

We’ve sat down and done the research for you. From this we can conclude that the following are fantastic options:

1. Yoga for Families: Connect with your kids

The most well-known yoga DVD for kids is the Yoga for Families series. This is ideal for kids 4 years and older. The pricing of this series is very affordable for budget-conscious families.

Yoga for little kids on TV

This is 10+ years old now which means it does away with the ‘Instagram yoga’ feel and simply keeps kids entertained without the expectations and judgement that you’d expect to find.

2. Yoga for Kids: Dino-Mite Adventure

A more updated version is this one from Gaiam. Dino-Mite Adventure with Jodi Komitor is very engaging for kids with 3 different kids practices for those aged 5 years and older.

Dino-Mite Adventures

On this you’ll have Baby Brontosaurus, Dino-Mite Yoga, Dino Dog and Dino Duo. All up you’re looking at 1 hour of very engaging and interactive yoga sessions which are fun and educational.

3. Once Upon a Mat

What about the children who are 3 years old whom you want to get into yoga? Well, the Once Upon a Mat yoga DVD is exactly wha tyou’re searching for and this is one is also very affordable.

Once Upon a Mat Kids Yoga DVD

Within this you’ll find 9 very simple yoga adventures. It’s the highest rated and best selling yoga series on Amazon currently with Once Upon a Mat having mostly positive reviews and user experiences.

4. Storyland Yoga: Yoga for Kids and Families

For children who are between 3 and 8 years old, it’s hard to go past Storyland Yoga. It’s one of the best choices for a toddler yoga DVD with this being released only recently to the marketplace.

Through this DVD, children will learn yoga by imitating animals and going on a fantastic adventure which also helps the planet. It was created by Playful Planet and features Ahmed Fahmy with solid reviews about Storyland Yoga posted from big publications such as Yoga Journal.

5. Yoga Basics: Yoga for Kids (Gaiam)

Another great option from Gaiam is YogaKids with Marsha Wenig. Through this kids can learn to live balanced and happy lives and it’s idea for kids aged 3 to 6 years old.

Gaiam Yoga for Kids DVD

This series is still selling but not so many. While there are hundreds of positive reviews, just remember that this has been around for 15 years and there are simply better options in the market today.

6. Rodney Yee: Yoga Journal’s Family Yoga

The last on our list happens to be yet another Gaiam edition. They are the #1 sellers of kids yoga DVDs online currently and have built quite a reputation. Some people buy several different editions at the same time.

Kids family Yoga DVD

Paired with Donna Fone, Rodney Yee and their kids are guiding your little ones through a unique yoga experience. They drill their sequences down to each age group from little kids to big kids with structure and rhythm.

Things to look for

Now that we’ve covered some really good options to get your kids doing yoga in front of the television, it’s time we also help you decide which one would be best to choose. And you know what? That’s best done with a buying guide!

We’re here to help parents find the right choice for their kids today.

Age appropriate

When looking at a DVD, check what age range it caters for. Some are really broad and we recommend that you avoid these. Not only is it about the kid’s age, but also the age of the DVD itself. Some kids won’t be captivated by 15-year-old DVDs.

DVD length

Some kids yoga DVDs go the full length of 60 minutes while others are just shorter. Often you see the shorter ones have negative reviews while full length has 60 minutes or even 90 minutes of content.

Region codes

Are you from Australia? The United Kingdom? Canada? You really should check the region codes because what you buy online because some kids yoga DVDs may not work on your machine.


Some of these featured are a bit expensive while others are remarkably cheap. Generally, you’ll be paying $12 to $15 but under $10 is typical for the budget versions which are many years old. If money is no problem or if you’re buying as part of a school or kindergarten yoga program then consider going for the more expensive editions which are more recent.

In summary

As you can see, children haven’t been left out of their time on the mat! Instead of using the iPad, get them on their feet and into a yoga pose because now there’s literally no excuse not to!

There are also some online yoga platforms which have a kids section associated to them. This way you’re paying a small monthly subscription for a lot of great content.

Also, while you’re there, purchase a great kids yoga mat for them. Just be cautious to get a eco-friendly yoga mat instead of a toxic PVC yoga mat for the health and safety of your child’s development.

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