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7 Best Yoga Back Benders and Stretchers

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Yoga back benders and stretchers have become very popular. We’ve got you covered with the 7 best models on the market to stretch and open your back muscles.

Best Yoga Backbenders and Stretchers

Yoga back stretchers and back benders are often forgotten about prop in the studio or just at home, but they can have massive upsides to help you during your practice.

The art of merely laying down on one for several minutes can relieve those muscles from days of staring at your phone or computer screen, or even a book of self-discovery.

What we love most about these is that they are relatively inexpensive. You can often find these for less than $100 online including delivery!

Let’s get started:

1. YogaGoPro Eco Back Bender

Able to handle something solid? The eco-friendly solid wood found in this yoga back bender can really help you to increase flexibility and arching of your back.

YogaGoPro Eco Back Bender

The hard oil coating will help preserve this back bender in your studio or home for years. Weighing only 3kgs (6.6lbs), its’ easy to move around while being strong enough to handle 150kgs.

YogaGoPro Eco Back Bender in studio

Many users have reported that this is an awesome back bender with strong quality with the grips in the right place. It’s quite sturdy as a back bender on both carpet and hard floors.

Using the YogaGoPro Eco Back Bender

More information: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/497704554/eco-back-bender-wooden-yoga-back-bender

2. Yogamatters Back Bender

The Back Benders available from Yogamatters are a unique device which combines a chair with a back bender. You can either buy the bender only or buy the complete kit with the chair.

Yogamatters Back Benders

It’s relatively affordable and simple to use with solid reviews by users of this device.

You can either use it on its own or with the chair which is sold separately (high recommended).

Back Benders by Yogamatters

The feet have non-marketing feet and the entire system is small enough to easily pack away in a closet. If you’re limited with space in an apartment, then this is a great alternative to full-sized units.

More information: https://www.yogamatters.com/yogamatters-back-bender.html

3. Yogikuti Tall Back bender

Looking for something big that gives you the utmost security that it won’t break under pressure? The Yogikuti Tall Backbender is exactly what you need.

The adjustable legs mean that you can progressively stretch further each month as you gain more experience on this solid bench. It’s hand-crafted from wood and allows you to undertake other Asanas instead of just back bending.

Stretching with an innovative yoga back bender

This unit is heavier, but as it’s also taller, you can easily move it around the studio without having to bend over. While it’s more expensive than most other models, it’s also something that will fit right at home or in the studio with the feeling that it will last and serve for years.

Using one of the yoga back benders in a yoga studio

More information: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/760569243/yoga-tall-backbender?ref=shop_home_active_29&frs=1&cns=1

4. Solidback Lower Back Stretcher

Moving away from the Yoga aisle for a moment, we come across the Solidback Lower Back Stretcher which is very popular on Amazon.

Plastic yoga back benders

It’s a basic 1-piece design that helps to improve posture and relieve back pain for sports enthusiasts. It isn’t so popular with yogis and yoginis because of its plastic design and hard spikes, but solid user reviews show that it’s a good investment.

5. Yoga Props Backbending Bench

Have a big budget? Then you’ve found the Rolls Royce of the yoga back benders available internationally. This one happens to be located here in Australia.

Yoga Props Backbending Bench

It’s certainly a big unit so you’ll need the storage space or room in the studio, but it’s also very effective for a complete stretch. You can turn it into a mini yoga back stretcher or pull it out for the full effect.

Yoga back benders

There are minimal reviews on this product as it is new to the market, however, you can see exactly how this unit is used here:

More information: https://iyogaprops.com.au/foldaway-backbender

6. Mysore Backbender Eco2

This back bender is modelled off a children’s balance board. It’s a simple 1-piece design from India and is super simple to use. You’ll notice that one side has a different slant to the other, meaning you can find which side is best for your practice.

Mysore Backbender Eco2

The shine on this model very good and isn’t something that is going to grow mould after you sweat all over it. The eco-friendly glues and materials is a real bonus too.

7. Children’s balance board

As we noted, the previous design reminded us of using a kids balance board for backbends. So we tested this and it works well!

Children's balance board for backbending

You can use these for yoga planks, band benders or to even building stability in normal standing Asanas. Perfect for those who want to stretch the limits.

These balance boards are marketed to children, however, they are also rated up to 200kgs. Therefore, there isn’t any reason that adults couldn’t use these too.

Back Benders Buying Guide: What to look for

Now that you’ve seen what’s on the market, let’s share what you should be looking for when buying your first yoga back stretching/bending device.

Usage frequency

Just how often will you anticipate using one? Because while we’ve shown some really cool options here, the big models will inherently take up a lot of space. If you’re only using these devices casually, then a small model will do just fine.


Most adults who practice yoga look for eco-friendly materials and design aesthetics. That is – we don’t want cheap plastic. It’s an ethical thing. Look at what materials are used and in which country the device as manufactured in.


Buying a cheap yoga back bender isn’t always possible. If you want something to get you by for a little while, then a yoga block is more than enough. Often with back stretchers for yoga, it’s a case of getting what you pay for.

Load rating

Some people are heavier than the typical yoga student. For that reason – you want to look at the load rating before clicking the buy button. And while some might be rated slightly higher than your current weight, always consider a 70lbs buffer.


We recommend checking online reviews from others, as well as who the company is. How long have they been in business? Where does the yoga back bending device ship from? Those are the types of questions you’ll want to research first before buying.

Surface finish

Most of these yoga back benders and props mentioned should have a smooth finish. This will stop sweat from affecting the wood and causing mould/rot over time. If it doesn’t have a good finish, then a trip to the hardware store might be in order.


If you’re wanting to take any type of yoga prop to the studio from home, you’ll want to ensure it’s portable. Not only should it be easy to carry, but it should be easy to lift into the back of your car too. We love models that are super simple to pack away.


You might want to consider buying a backbend device that has handholds. These are built into the structure as noted in some of these examples above. You’ll then have a place to hold and even go deeper into your yoga stretches.


This really depends on what type of surface you’ll be using. For carpet, it’s hard to get a solid grip with any device on the market. However, with wooden floors or tiles, look for yoga stretching devices that have rubber feet. This will stop them from sliding around.

Getting started with back benders

We hope that has helped you in choosing one of the many yoga back benders for you, so you can get a good stretch and relieve those muscles. From there, you can continue developing your yoga practice over time, including the use of yoga straps with your stretching bench.

Remember – this is a marathon, not a race. Yoga is a lifelong practice, not something that can be achieved in just 5 minutes.

Always seek professional advice from a medical practitioner before commencing any type of workout or stretch. They will be able to provide specialist advice to you.

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