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12 Best Yoga DVDs for Weight Loss [2021 Guide]

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We’re going to show you the best yoga DVDs for weight loss available right now. Today, yoga can become so much easier at home!

You see – instead of driving to a yoga studio or using a small phone screen, you can use your big TV!

We’ve looked around at the market to bring you some real options. As a company, we’ve seen yoga as one of the most effective forms of exercise which can help people lose weight.

After starting in india years ago, yoga has in the last 20 years really exploded in the western world. With numerous different style son offer, choosing the right one can really help you lose calories.

12 of the Best Yoga DVDs for weight loss

In creating this list, we looked at student reviews and purchase volumes as well as seeing what styles of yoga were offered by the instructor. Styles such as Yin or Slow Flow offer very little in the way of tangible value.

Here’s the best weight loss yoga DVDs in the market right now:

1. Yoga for Weight Loss

The reviews of Yoga for Weight Loss are reasonably OK and this is a popular DVD to purchase on Amazon and other online marketplaces. BodyWisdom released this one a few years ago and the pack has 3 CDs with more than 30 asanas that you experience during the 3 yoga sessions.

Yoga for Weight Loss - This is the best yoga dvd for weight loss available

Created by BodyWisdom is also the Flow Yoga DVD and Power Yoga program. These are focused towards building strength for your muscles and improving your flexibility which are perfect for the days where you aren’t doing yoga for weight loss in the living room.

We’ve ranked this DVD #1 on this list as we believe it’s ideal for beginners as well as those who know basic poses. You won’t be rushed through the sequences so can take your time to find your footing.

2. Yoga Sweat for Weight Loss with Julie Schoen

While the reviews on Yoga Sweat for Weight Loss with Julie Schoen aren’t so high, we believe it still offers great value and clearly quite popular. These fat burning yoga workouts found on this DVD has different paces across the 2 30-minute sessions, as well as 10-minute warmups and cooldowns.

So how are the 2 sessions different?

Well, the 1st session is about raising your internal body heat and losing weight. You’ll be helped to burn some fat, trim the body and lose weight. You can also expect some toning and strength training of the legs and glutes.

As for the 2nd session, it’s more about the strength in the core, arms and abdomen. By working on your strength, you actually do lose weight as well while improving balance and stability.

For those with limited time, then buying a copy is a wise choice and the pricing on this is often under $20.

3. Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss by Gaiam

Living Art’s has created the Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss program and it’s a prime example of a viable fat loss yoga DVD. It’s run by Suzanne Deason who takes a real holistic approach through her series of yoga asanas.

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss by Gaiam DVD

This is very much beginner-friendly. Throughout the DVD each pose is quite well explained so you know how to go through each sequence and self-correct your pose. You’ll also learn about using blocks and straps.

Existing people have bought the Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss DVD with an average review rating of 4.5 stars in the last 4 years. Not only is this great for losing weight, but it’s great for your mind and body too. That’s the type of quality we’d expect from Gaiam.

4. Weight Loss Yoga by The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser actually has their own weight loss DVD! It’s a little bit brutal and designed to really get you off the couch and on to the mat to burn a few calories. Despite the expensive cost, thousands of people have bought this since it launched in 2008.

It’s quite clear that Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga DVD reviews show an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. But to us – this one is getting a little old and you also will find other DVDs within their range to better cater for you if you’re looking to genuinely reduce a few pounds. Their bootcamp series for instance simply delivers better results.

5. Beginners and Beyond – Yoga for Weightloss

One of the most famous and popular yoga weight loss DVDs happens to be created by the Body Wisdom Brand. Beginners and Beyond (Yoga for Weightloss) is a great DVD with a solid 4-star review rating.

The thing is though: This one is becoming a little old as it was launched in 2007. It’s great if you’ve never done yoga before and you’re an inflexible person. The lessons are easy to follow and users have reported losing a few pounds especially when paired with weights and bands.

6. Yoga Meltdown – Jillian Michaels

The best selling weight loss DVD on the planet is Yoga Meltdown by Jillian Michaels. It’s also very affordable as it’s priced under $10 in most instances. She claims that you can lose up to 5 pounds per week.

Yoga Meltdown - Jillian Michaels

Her DVD is a combination of strength training and traditional yoga which often leads to a great workout. If you really push yourself, you’re probably going to feel a bit sore the very next day so we would recommend a yin yoga class for the interim.

7. Quick Yoga Workouts (Weight Loss and Toning) by Lindsey Samper

If you have a prime account on Amazon then you can watch Quick Yoga Workouts by Lindsey Samper completely for free. Otherwise, it’s only $2 per episode which represents incredible value!

Her weight loss Yoga video runs for 21 minutes and she recommends that you go through this sequence at least 3 times per week. We would paraphrase that by saying you need additional time on the mat as 20 minutes just isn’t enough to make sizable reductions in your body weight.

8. Weight Loss Yoga Erica Vetra

Erica Vetra has numerous yoga weight loss DVDs available on both her website and on Amazon. There is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd series and we recommend all 3 of them because they’re so affordable.

Weight Loss Yoga Erica Vetra

The reviews on these are excellent. Many have reported how easy it is for beginners and the outdoor setting which is easy to follow and makes a great workout.

9. Total Body Yoga – Sanela Osmanovic

Sanela Osmanovic previously had numerous yoga weight loss DVDs available, and she’s now made these digitally so some of these are totally free, while she charges quite minimal for others. You’ll find them predominantly on Amazon.

Given that you can access her entire video series via Amazon Prime, you’ll find her flexibility and cardio sessions to go very well hand in hand!

10. Element: Yoga for Weight Loss

For something much mroe calming, we love the Element series. They have the Yoga for Weight Loss (Mind and Body Experience) DVDs available on Amazon. These are a little dated though as the reviews point out.

Element: Best Yoga DVDs for Weight Loss

In their series there is also the Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners which we can highly recommend.

11. Yoga Zone – Yoga for Weight Loss

The reviews on Yoga Zone – Yoga for Weight Loss average just 3.5 stars unfortunately and the price on this series is quite expensive. However, we believe it offers great value and you can get the 3-pack series which includes flexiblity and stress release.

This is less of an Instagram-style series and something that’s just more…real. They also have this weight loss series on VHS tape for those who want something even more traditional.

12. Deepak Chopra Yoga Transformation: Weight Loss & Balance

Another old one is Deepak Chopra’s Weight Loss & Balance series which he did with Tara Stiles. This is going back 10 years ago now which is old in the world of yoga collaborations.

While you’re there in Amazon, pick up some of the yoga philosophy books from Deepak Chopra which are very much mind-provoking.

Common Questions around losing weight with yoga

We often get questions from total beginners asking if doing yoga is actually effective to lose weight. These are the typical questions:

Can yoga help you lose weight?

Yes. Yoga can help you lose weight but it depends on the type of yoga. Styles such as Bikram yoga and Vinyasa are most effective as they elevate your heartrate.

Other forms of yoga such as Yin have minimal impact on losing weight, because the body has limited movement and the heart-rate is often merely stationary.

Should you go to a yoga studio to lose weight?

It’s ideal to go to a yoga studio to lose weight as DVDs often lower the commitment of the individual. However, in the modern world we’re pressed for time and the convenience of popping in a DVD and watching the big screen is difficult to pass up.

Also, some people live in rural areas where no yoga studios exist. Others live in city areas and due to medical reasons, can’t really leave home that regularly to attend a real studio, so the 2nd best option is to do yoga at home. You’ll still make solid progress especially if you can get a friend involved.

Is it better to do yoga and cardio at the same time?

Yes. For true weight loss, it’s much more effective to do both cardio and yoga as part of your fitness program. Your body will use yoga to recover as well as build strength and flexibility for your muscles.

Some good cardio activities to include with a yoga routine include walking, hiking, cycling, jogging and swimming. Running can also be effective though it can place greater strain on the lower body.


Now that we’ve found some great videos where you can practice yoga to lose weight after purchasing a yoga weight loss DVD, it’s time to actually get started.

Aim to go for at least 3 times per week for reasonable results. In the off days, we recommend relaxing yoga poses and stretches to allow your muscles to recover.

Do you need a yoga mat? We’ve covered a lot of the best makes and models in the market.

If you’re a beginner, you should be starting slowly and then increasing the intensity as time goes on.

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