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23 Best Yoga Podcasts [2021 Guide]

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Yoga podcasts are the perfect thing to listen to when you’re on the go yet need your dose of yogic wisdom and inspiration to get between classes.

Like literally! When you’re not listening to kirtan or meditative music, it’s time to turn on a podcast. In 2020 there are so many new and incredible yoga podcasts available for both teachers and those on the spiritual quest.

Best Yoga Podcasts
Finding a new yoga podcast is certainly a treasure hunt!

Topics include scaling your yoga business, spirituality and sequencing of classes, as well as meditation, dieting and kirtan. What we’ll show with you are podcasts that will help enlighten your journey ahead.

Best Yoga Podcasts

These have been hand-picked based on high reviews and customer listen rates. We have no bias here and none of these are in a particular best order, and we’ve intentionally left some really great listens until last.

1. Here and Now with Ram Dass

Ram Dass has one of the best yoga spirituality podcasts around. His talks on the popular Here and Now Podcast cover the practice of bhakti-yoga and the spiritual enlightenment he has personally experienced over the last 30+ years.

If you’re feeling a bit lost or in an unknown space and need some guiding light, then this is the podcast you’ll want. The stories that Ram Dass shares within his hour-long podcasts are those that resonate with his audience to bring us back to the essence of our true selves, in both our heart and mind.

2. M.B.Om | Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast

If you’re a new yoga teacher looking to create a success career or business in the yoga or holistic wellness space, then this is for you. Amanda Kingsmith who is a business graduate brings on regular inspiring and successful yoga teachers who have walked that same journey.

M.B.Om | Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast

Her guests include those who have created yoga studios from scratch, those who work across a range of yoga studios, have created freedom-based businesses where they get to travel and teach yoga, as well as those who have branched off to build their own yoga schools.

3. From The Heart: Conversations With Yoga Girl Podcast

Every week you’ll find Rachel Brathen (known as Yoga Girl) sharing her wisdom and dives deep into common topics such as finding balance in our hectic lives, overcoming challenges and adversity and wellbeing for the hipster.

From The Heart: Conversations With Yoga Girl Podcast

Every year she inspires millions of people to enhance their trust and love both by herself and her regular guests that make an appearance on the show. Her shows generally last for 60 minutes through some are up to 2 hours long for the longer drives to and from the office.

4. The Yogipreneur

Do you have entrepreneurial pursuits? Then you’ll love The Yogipreneur. It’s a podcast run by Rachael Cook (yes, another Rachel!) and is geared towards the business and marketing for yoga professionals. She also has a course called Digital Yoga Academy which we reviewed previously.

The Yogipreneur Yoga Podcast

The entire premise of the show is conscious profits. Too often the newer yoga teachers are worried about pushing too hard as yoga becomes more and more monetized. Rachael treads very carefully and her wisdom is based on the experience of having walked that path multiple times.

5. 10% Happier with Dan Harris

Sometimes it isn’t about yoga asanas but more about the philosophy. We practice yoga in most cases to open the mind and distill the dailiy stress, and that’s where 10% Happier with Dan Harris can be a fantastic source of inspiration.

The podcast based on the popular book of the same name is where he shares his stories, intereviews and philosophy that helped him transcend past the panic attacks through meditation and yoga.

6. On Being With Krista Tippett

With more than 300 episodes now on the podcast, Krista Tippett ponders some of lives biggest questions. While not specifically a yoga or meditation podcast, it’s still full of wisdom.

On Being With Krista Tippett

There have been more than 200 million downloads and her show goes out to more than 400 public radio stations across the US each month. Clearly that’s a big thing!

7. Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Lucky #7 on this list is, of course, the famous and fabulous Brene Brown! Her very popular mindfulness podcast called Unlocking Us garners a monthly fanbase of listeners totalling thousands.

As a very popular author, she has spent 20+ years studying the emotions and experiences of human life and has learned that we are hard-wired for connection. This requires vulnerability and courage.

8. Yoga is Dead Podcast

Yes, this is a real podcast that’s somewhat controversial. Ever noticed how “Instagrammy” yoga has become? It’s essentially a billion-dollar business these days with many companies cashing in on the opportunity. This podcast exposes this very industry.

Yoga is Dead Podcast

Due to capitalism and other factors, yoga has been “killed” from its ancient roots. The practice in small parts is still traditional and Tejelly Patel and Jesal Parkh aren’t holding anything back here as Indian-American hosts and teachers themselves.

9. Redefining Yoga | Movement by Lara

Lara Heimann is the host of the Movement by Lara podcast which is listened to thousands of passionate yogis each and every month. Her background is that of a physical therapist.

Redefining Yoga | Movement by Lara

The philosophy of this podcast is about being kind to others, taking a stand for what we believe in and having the courage to change. If you’re looking for a general yoga philosophy podcast, then this is it.

10. The Yoga Hour

The Yoga Hour by Unity Online Radio features Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian each week. She dives into spiritual principles which touch our lives with very practical aspects. If you’ve got a deep yearning for acknowledgement and enlightenment, then this is for you.

You’ll find inspiration not based on theory but ancient principles to handle the challenges of today’s world. Whether that’s experiencing the consciousness of our inner world, living abundantly through yoga wisdom or simply finding compassion and resilience, you’ll find it all here.

11. The Mindful Kind

The Mindful Kind run by Rachael Kable shares some wonderful alternative health wisdom with new ideas, experiences and practical mindfulness exercises discussed each week. This includes topics such as managing stress to improving the quality of our sleep and raising our vibrational energy.

The Mindful Kind

The reviews and listener experiences are overwhelmingly positive. She has 200+ episodes and has been running this podcast for several years now with a loyal listener base and includes regular guest speakers.

12. Jivamukti Yoga with Jessica Stickler

Prepare to get ignired! The Jivamukti Yoga podcast by Jessica Stickler is one of our favorites here at Yocean Yogi! She combines topics such as spiritual scriptures, meditation and the music of yoga.

Her shows are quite long but also quite engaging too. With 100+ episodes now, she’s starting to gain a solid following.

13. Yoga by Nature

Yoga by Nature is another one of our favourites. These classes are very short and are ideal for those wanting a quick yoga class by listening to a podcast in the mornings.

Yoga by Nature

This show is still growing and we look forward to seeing more episodes and more depth within each release.

14. Abundant Yoga Teacher Podcast

For the yoga teachers out there, this is for you! Amy McDonald from Australia created this podcast not too long ago and has a regular panel of guest speakers which help yoga teachers through a nurturing audible experience.

Abundant Yoga Teacher Podcast

You won’t feel like this is a pushy podcast that asks you to buy something at the end, nor is it fake. It’s simply about helping you build a better yoga business by people who have actually done it.

15. Yogaland Podcast

Andrew Ferretti has a very highly rated podcast with 5 star reviews, and it’s easy to see why! She inspires listeners with her weekly shows where she goes into the topics of emotional mastery, inspiration and creating meaningful lives.

Yogaland Podcast

She also regularly interviews change-makers who are quite insightful. These creative thinkers who she has found through being an editor at Yoga Journal have spent years on the journey and really unveil the pathways towards self-awareness and inner mastery.

16. Vinyasa Yoga with Nathan Johnson

It’s great to see men having their own yoga podcasts and Nathan Johnson’s is certainly a great choice. With just 40 episodes we do look forward to seeing Nathan transition to more episodes.

This isn’t a talk show but a way to get into an at-home yoga class without the visual distractions. His podcasts are audio yoga classes which are good for beginners and mixed-level students.

17. Peter’s Podcast

Yes! Another male yoga podcast. Peter’s Podcast by Peter Ferko is about real yoga and genuine happiness while inspiring us to go into conscious living. His podcast includes personal musings and interviews with those who have transcended challenges in their lives.

The average episode is about 30 minutes long and some people do listen to episodes a second time. Peter is an old soul who brings to this wonderful podcast his depth of experience and knowledge within the space of yoga wisdom. Highly recommended!

18. Ashtanga Yoga Dispatch

Remember how we said we were saving some of the best yoga podcasts until last on this list? Well, Ashtanga Yoga Dispatch is one such example. Their beautiful podcast features conscious conversations directly and interviews with those on the spiritual path.

Their whole premise is to support you both on and off the mat. Whether you’re juggling responsibilities or challenged with the noise of the world, this mum and daughter duo will help you. Peg and Meghan are committed towards bringing the inspiration and warmth through their weekly episodes.

19. Chat & Chai Podcast

The Miami Life Centre has its own podcast featuring several well-known yoga practitioners such as Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann. Their listeners are yoga students, teachers and those interested in living a more peaceful life.

Chat and Chai Podcast Miami Yoga

Yogis need more personal inspirational and connection. This is exactly what this podcast stands for. Each episode is well crafted and not duct-taped together unlike others which we haven’t included on this list.

20. Triyoga Talks

Triyoga Talks is a new podcast by Triyoga in the United Kingdom. Genny Wilkinson Priest runs a weekly show which runs between 40 and 50 minutes discussing inner work, emotional self-care and goal-setting for their audience.

You’ll find this isn’t as popular yet as it’s still gaining traction locally. Some controversial topics are also covered such as the influence of social media on the ancient art form of yoga.

21. Reiki Radio

For something more alternative, you have to tune into Reiki Radio! It’s been running since 2013 as a beautiful outlet to experience the challenges, excitement and the truth towards energy healing.

Yolanda as The Energy Alchemist is a coach in the intuitive space of self development and works to help her listeners deepen their understanding of healing, energy activation and bringing everything together. When you’re off the mat, this is a great alternative!

22. Meditation in the City!

This yoga podcast is very engaging and is based within the Shambhala Meditation Center in New York City. While they’re covered by their urban jungle, the hosts are also quite relaxed and down to earth.

Topics include mindfulness and meditation as well as the state of shambahala communities globally. Thought provoking while practical, this is one podcast that we’ll stay subscribed to!

23. The Inner Work with The Yoga Couple

Mat and Ash have a beautiful and alternative podcast which is light hearted and insightful. They discuss topics such as self-realiszation and spiritual transformation.

Their platform is an open discussion board where we can find true happiness in our lives. Guest speakers are well qualified and this is certainly one of the better alternative yoga podcasts that are trending right now.

Getting started

There we have it! 23 fantastic yoga podcasts in our list and all of these offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something more commercial or more about yoga wisdom, we’ve certainly given you some options.

Have you listened to any of these before? Let us know in the comments below.

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