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6 Best Yoga Shorts for Men [2021 Guide]

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Men’s yoga shorts are something that has been largely forgotten about in the market until recently. We’ve now found the best yoga shorts for men!

Luckily today, that has really changed. As men have made a presence at more and more yoga studios globally, their needs have increased.

Fact: Most men just don’t like lycra. They want something a bit more ‘manly’ and luckily the brands have listented.

Best Yoga Shorts for men

It’s not so difficult now for men to find the right shorts for them. You’ll find a pair that is both functional and durable which can be washed at least 100 times over.

Now these are good for yoga but will serve well for gym use, jogging and waterfall swims as well.

1. Alo Men’s Yoga Shorts

Alo has numerous yoga shorts for men and we believe they’re both the best brand with the best products in the market. The reviews and customer feedback are very strong based on the quality and the fact that most of their products are manufactured right in the United States.

This company really has you covered with long and shorter varities. You can even get shorts with compression on the inside for when you’re doing a head stand. For most of these, you’ll still need to wear underwear for safety. The sizings are quite accurate.

Check prices: www.aloyoga.com

2. Lululemon Men’s Shorts

Did you know that Lululemon makes shorts for men? Their range is small but we’ve picked out their best seller. It’s the Pace Breaker Short which retails between $70 and $100 online.

Best Yoga Shorts for men

With these shorts, you can do a yoga lunge, stretch into a downward dog or simply go for a run. They are very much multi-functional and the classic feel makes them perfect for a range of activities both on and off the mat.

There is a pouch so you’ll feel ‘supported’ on the inside but wearing underwear is still recommended. You’ll also like the zippered pocket for your keys.

3. prAna Mojo Short

Coming up 3rd on our list is the prAna Mojo Short. These shorts feel at home on the running track as they do on the yoga mat. For the eco-conscious person, they are made from 100% recycled materials.

prAna Mojo Short mens yoga shorts

One of the benefits is that these are cheap men’s yoga shorts but do lack the features of the other two models above. There is no string to tighten the waist so you’ll need to rely on accurate sizing. The negative reviews on the prAna Mojo Short are predominantly based on the lack of adjustments.

4. 4-rth Mens Transition Yoga Shorts

Looking for great quality but don’t want to spend a fortune? Then these shorts are for you.

4-rth Mens Transition Yoga Shorts

These are more of a hybrid between shorts and tights. They aren’t shorts and they aren’t tights!

What we love is that these are made in California. For those looking for mens yoga shorts not made in China, then this is exactly what you need! Talk about sustainability here.

5. YogaAddict Long Shorts for men

For those needing longer shorts that cover the knees during their yoga practice, the shorts you’ll want is the YogaAddict Mens’ Yoga Shorts. There are pockets, drawstrings and the length is perfect, however you’ll be reluctant to wear these during hot yoga practice.

YogaAddict Long Men's Yoga Shorts

These shorts double as a casual/trendy pair for the cafe after class. As in – people won’t realize that you’re actually wearing yoga shorts at all. Neat! With 700+ positive reviews, these drawstring shorts have proven themselves to be the perfect purchase for the knee-length individual.

6. YOGA CROW Men’s Yoga Shorts

We’ve left one of the best models until last! We really love the Swerve Shorts from Yoga Crow for their sheer comfort. Some yogis actually sleep in these as pyjamas as they’re so comfortable.

YOGA CROW Men's Yoga Shorts

These are exclusively yoga shorts and you’ll be less inclined to use them for other athletic activities. That said – they are super flexible and light where you might feel like you’re not wearing anything at all!

Buying guide for mens yoga shorts

Now that we’ve shown you the best yoga shorts for men available in the market, let’s help you refine your buying decision. There are some factors to consider when deciding which is best.

The look and feel

Aesthetics are quite important. You don’t want something that looks too feminine if you’re looking for shorts. If you were looking for feminine, we believe yoga tights would be better.

Look for designs that combine form and function into one neat little package. If you’re shopping online then it’s hard to do a stretch-test but if you go into stores you can certainly try this.

Your budget

We actually wouldn’t recommend a budget when shopping for shorts to use in a yoga studio. The difference between $40 and $80 in terms of dollars isn’t much. Often those who bought cheap yoga shorts do regret the decision and should’ve spent that bit extra on a better quality set.

Instead – we propose that you look for value for money. Often the most expensive products are also the best, but not always. You won’t find any mens yoga shorts that cost more than $100 on this list nor will you find any in the world.

The fit

It’s very important to find good-fitting yoga shorts. You don’t want something too tight or too baggy. Yes, this is hard to do by looking at online photos but all manufacturers do provide measurements that you can use to help you make a decision.

Go for a size larger if you’re between sizes. Likewise look for shorts that have a drawstring. If you do lose a few pounds over the coming months and the shorts start feeling loose, then at least you can tie them up. Additionally, it provides more security for those who like to do headstands.


We believe the best quality comes from the United States, however this also comes at a price. Spend up a little as we’ve mentioned prior for better quality as you don’t want any embarassing situations in the yoga studio when your yoga shorts become ripped.

As for the materials, cotton, nylon and polyester are quite common to achieve stretch. Unlike other shorts on the athletic market, mens yoga shorts do need to stretch given the wide range of asanas found within the numerous types of yoga classes available.


I bet you didn’t expect this? We only recommend brands that have established social media followings and have hundreds of user reviews. There is no value in recommending shorts that are cheap and Made in China.

Reputation is everything inside the yoga community. Look for shorts that are built on trust and reputation with brands like Alo, prAna and Lululemon Athletica being our favourites.

Got a question?

Ask us! We’re more than happy to help you in finding the right shorts for you.

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