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Best Non-Slip Yoga Straps | 2021 Buying Guide

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Non-slip yoga straps are the one thing that I often reach for in the class. They have helped me numerous times in achieving a truly deep stretch. I can do this without the risk of injury or without the embarrassment of slipping out of a stretch.

As someone who is super tight, having a yoga strap nearby is compulsory. Even today when I struggle to touch my toes, being able to reach for a non-slip strap is a godsend.

Best Non-Slip Yoga Straps of 2020

I really struggle with rounding my back. I don’t like the feeling and it certainly feels like something is about to break.

Through using a yoga strap, I’ve been able to transcend this very well.

Best Non-Slip Yoga Straps of 2020

In this guide, I’ll be showing you how to choose the right strap for you while also improving your yoga practice.

Let’s begin.

1. Hugger Mugger D-Ring Non-Slip Yoga Strap 8′

The Hugger Mugger yoga strap is not only very affordable, but it also lasts a long time and the 4 colors mean that you’ll have plenty of options in the market.

Hugger Mugger D-Ring Non-Slip Yoga Straps

Given that this has a lifetime warranty, we simply had to rate it #1. While being rated to 500lb, it’s very unlikely that anyone will break this anytime soon.

At 8 feet long and with 2 light but very strong buckles, it’s one model that we highly recommend to total beginners and experienced yogis.

2. Manduka Unisex Align Non-Slip Yoga Strap 8′

Manduka’s Unisex AligN yoga strap is well known. Their brand is synonymous with eco-friendly yogis around the globe, though are more pricey than others in the market.

Manduka Unisex Align Non-Slip Yoga Strap 8'

The strap itself is well made and lightweight. The durable cotton is designed to last for many classes while the buckle is made from zinc alloy, not stainless.

What we like the most are the strap softness and anti-slip feel. It’s thick so it won’t cut into your hands, but also won’t slip when you’re pulling a deep stretch.

3. Gaiam Yoga Strap Non-Slip Stretch Band 6′

If improving your flexibility and deepening your stretches is what you’re looking for, then it’s hard to go past Gaim’s shorter 6-foot yoga straps.

Gaiam Stretch Band 6'

These straps are more affordable but don’t let that fool you – they are still strapped with a secure buckle and durable fabric. You can also get these straps in 8′ and 10′ varieties depending on your requirements.

Many yogis and yoginis have reported a great experience with these straps. Basic in their nature but do the job very well.

4. Yoga Design Lab Yoga Strap

Let’s put the boring monotone color designs aside. These vibrant styles from Yoga Design Lab are bound to get your attention during any class.

Yoga Design Lab Non-Slip Yoga Straps

What we really love is that these straps are recyclable but are also heavy duty. Commonly recycled materials don’t last a long time which is disappointing, but this company has clearly done its best to turn this around.

However, as this list showcases the best non-slip yoga strap, we need to mention that there is a slightly reduced grip. It’s mind, really.

Essentially, you’ll need more strength to hold your yoga strap while performing an asana. But for all the upsides, this strap is definitely worth the price you pay.

5. Yansyi Yoga Strap

If you can get past the slightly Chinese-feel of these straps, they are very strong with a beautiful design and pattern. You’re bound to get some compliments with this one while on the mat.

Yansyi Yoga Straps

A lot of users have reported that it’s slightly less grippy than the typical fabric yoga strap. This is due to their skin-friendly fabric used in production.

It’s the best yoga strap as a gift that money can buy, especially with the attractive tin that it arrives in.

Buying guide

Honestly, choosing a yoga strap is often a 5-minute adventure. You find one that you like and you click to buy because the prices are very affordable compared to mats.

However, there are a few things that you should look out for. These include:

  1. Materials. Look for cotton primarily as these are more non-slip than anything else, especially with sweaty yoga hands.
  2. Buckle. The type of buckle used and quality. If it’s slipping while stretching then you’ll quickly get frustrated and head straight for Savasana.
  3. Length. Go for 8 feet long as this will suit most people while 10 feet straps often just get in the way with so much slack.
  4. Origin. We like straps that are made ethically and sustainably. Each company will have a process on how they address this.

Often it’s both the design and brand that most people are buying. We would recommend sticking with the common brands while looking for user experiences mentioning non-slip.

In summary

Using specifically non-slip yoga straps is a necessary way to improve your stretches on and off the mat. You certainly can use the strap for other means such as stretching your shoulders and upper back while standing.

The best yoga strap is one that doesn’t slip and has a soft feel. On this list, that’s the top 3 designs which are all designed to last for several years.

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