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10 Best Yoga Studios in Adelaide, SA

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Adelaide might be the city of churches, but it also has some gorgeous yoga studios around. We have examined who has the best yoga studios around the city.

Best Yoga Studios in Adelaide, SA

We all need a retreat and escape from the day-to-day life and the stress that comes with it. Luckily, Adelaide has dozens of yoga studios that will take you a million miles away.

We’ve curated this list based on user experiences and evaluated their Facebook pages.

Let’s begin:

1. Power Living Yoga Adelaide

Without a doubt, the best yoga studio anywhere in Adelaide has to be Power Living Yoga. Located at 1/60 Halifax Street right there in the city centre is where you’ll find this majestic yoga studio with dozens of 5-star reviews.

Power Living Yoga Adelaide

Power Living is a franchise with numerous studios around Australia, with most of these in Sydney. The Power Living Yoga studio in Adelaide is in the CBD while there is another studio owned by the same family in Glenelg.

While being commercial in nature, they do try to retain the essence in yoga and acceptance of the world. Beginners are more than welcome here.

City address: 1/60 Halifax Street (paired with Active Bodies Physiotherapy)

Glenelg address: 1/118 Jetty Road, Glenelg (You’ll find the entrace right off Cowper St)

Both offer intro passes of just $49 to complete beginners with specific classes designed to ease your way into the practice.

2. Yogafusion

If you’re looking for something slightly outside of the city center, then head over to Norwood for Yogafusion. This place is definitely an experience to enjoy!


There are numerous forms of yoga here from warm and hot yoga, to yin, classical and prenatal. If you’re a new mum, then there are mums and bubs yoga on offer.

Want to develop your skills even further? Head along to one of their workshops or enrol in teacher training in-house. Their Adelaide yoga studio really caters for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced yogis and everyone in between.

3. Adelaide Yoga Flow

Adelaide Yoga Flow is for those who are ready to breathe, move and shine. They are an urban sanctuary on Unley Road in Malvern who specialize in Vinyasa Flow.

Adelaide Yoga Flow

With classes 7 days per week, you’ll definitely find space in the timetable to get to a class or two. At the same time, join them on a retreat or enrol in yoga teacher training without needing to head to Bali or India.

4. Bikram Hot Yoga Adelaide

Ready to sweat it out? Then there are several studios that offer this, with the main one being Bikram Hot Yoga who have 3 studios.

City: 211 Pulteney Street

Glenelg: 74 Brighton Road

Modbury: 32 Smart Road

Each of their Bikram yoga studios have merchandise on sale too including yoga mats, clothing, books and snacks for an after-class peak.

The prices here are quite affordable and the timetable allows people to attend regardless of their work schedule.

5. Movement Halo

If you’re seeking a unique experience on your yoga journey, then Movement Halo is the place for you. This absolutely beautiful studio is the place to find inner transformation where you can connect, revitalize and thrive through your experience on and off the mat.

Movement Halo

You’ll find them at 53 Gilbert Street in Adelaide with their class offerings quite unique. Ever tried HipHop Flow? Then you should! Certainly this is more of an upper class experience for those looking for that premium-quality yoga session.

6. Yoga Spirit Studios

One of the biggest challenges that beginners face when finding a yoga studio in Adelaide is selecting one that caters for complete beginners without the commercial aspects.

Luckily, Yoga Spirit Studios is exactly what you’re looking for. Their students are often new to yoga and aren’t the type to pass judgement to each other. Better yet – their yoga hall is massive and provides plenty of space to stretch out.

7. Hatha Yoga Shala

For something a bit intimate, head over to Hatha Yoga Shala located at 172 Hutt Street. This is a beautiful spot which is walking-distance from Town Hall and popular with the after-work crowd.

Hatha Yoga Shala in the Adelaide CBD

What’s so different? This studio encourages yoga without the mat. Yes – right there on the carpet, paired with a yoga bolster and cushion. No mat? No problems at all! We love their back-to-basics approach.

8. Cosmic Yoga Studio

Make the 20 minute trip to West Lakes and you’ll find Cosmic Yoga Studio located on Brebner Drive. This place is an amazing sanctuary with workshops, events, teacher training and retreats.

Cosmic Yoga Studio West Lakes

If you’re searching for Yin Yoga in Adelaide, this is definitely the place for you. They also run some unique style sof yoga including Cosmic and Slow Flow, with kids classes on Mondays.

9. ASMY Adelaide

The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga has various premises across Australia with their Adelaide-base being found at 20 Chapel Street in North Adelaide. They run weekly yoga classes, meditation and devotional kirtan.

ASMY Adelaide

If you’re looking for a community spirit where you’ll actually chat with fellow students after the class, make connections and otherwise soak in transcendental meditation at their weekly live Kirtan sessions which draw a crowd, then this is for you. And if you’re just there for Asanas, then their huge studio gives you plenty of space to stretch out.

10. Coast Yoga

Glenelg is the place to find several new yoga studios that routinely open and close again. With Coast Yoga, they’ve been in the same spot for years and continue to help people evolve through their journey.

Coast Yoga in Glenelg near Adelaide

It’s certainly a more traditional approach that does away with commercial ties, bringing you back to the true essence of yoga, both on and off the mat. You’ll find them at The Warehouse, 1-5 Sussex Street in Glenelg, SA.

Finding a yoga studio

Now that we can see what the best yoga studios in Adelaide have to offer, let’s help you decide which one would be right for you. Essentially, there are some things you should consider and think about when deciding.


Some yoga studios provide free yoga mat hire for students whilst others charge. Some don’t even have mats for hire nor will they let you store yours there for when you’re away.

It’s ideal that you look for a studio that has the amenities that you’re needing. That can include clean toilets, non-stairs entry, easy car parking and minimal disruptions from traffic.

Class schedule

Yoga timetables and class schedules can be all over the place. Look for a yoga studio that caters towards your work times so you can make a class when it bests suits you.

You might find a studio that runs most of their workshops and classes on weekends. Likewise, some studios run the bulk of their classes in the mornings so you can start the day refresh, sometimes even before the sun rises!

Teacher experience

It goes without saying that your yoga teacher should have experience. This includes the 200-hour yoga teacher accreditation as well as ongoing study.

It’s good to check online first with their corresponding websites to ensure they do have the experience that you’re looking for. This includes specific training on the forms of yoga that you’re specifically interested in, such as Yin and Bikram.

Studio appearance

Does their studio look grim and run down, or bright and airy? Have they maintained the entrance way and is their shop area looking neat and tidy?

Aesthetics go a long way to present a yoga studio to be a clean and holistic place for which to switch off from the headaches of everyday life.


Some places charge expensive prices for their yoga classes while some are simply more cheaper. You shouldn’t decide but on cost alone but by actual value, considering that some classes run longer than the usual 60 minutes.

Often the best way to save money is the annual yoga pass but this should only be taken up after you’ve stayed at the same studio for 12 months and enjoy the good vibes there.


The location of the studio is certainly important. While Adelaide does have good public transport and less hectic traffic than say Melbourne and Sydney, you still don’t want to be driving for more than 10 minutes to a class.

Not only that, but there should be easy car parking and the studio itself should be away from the main road frontage. The last thing you’ll want to hear is traffic! The entrance should also be well-lit so you don’t slip when we get those rain storms.

In summary

Adelaide does indeed have some great yoga studios to choose from with various forms of yoga on offer. From Ashtanga to Yin and Vinyasa, you’ll certainly find something suitable for you and not far from home either.

Find a studio that speaks to your soul with nourishment and appreciation. That might entail using casual passes and trying out several yoga studios before you find “the one” that you call home. After some time, consider going on an Adelaide yoga retreat or joining yoga teacher training for which numerous of these yoga studios offer.

Have you visited any of these Adelaide yoga studios? If you have, then let us know your experiences using the comments below.

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