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10 Best Yoga Studios in Byron Bay (Which Are Genuine)

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Looking for a place to do yoga in Byron Bay? We’ve got you covered with the best Byron Bay yoga studios that suit both locals and out-of-towners alike.

Because we know just how hard it can be to find the right yoga studio. There are dozens of studios and schools around and you just don’t know which one is right for you.

We’ve done the homework and the results are in.

Byron Bay’s best yoga studios

Creating this list wasn’t easy. In fact, it took several weeks of testing out yoga studios to see which one would even make this list. We even spoke to the Byron Bay Council to see what their take on things are.

So here’s what the best in town are:

1. Byron Yoga Centre

Located at 6 Byron St, the Byron Yoga Centre is simply the best yoga studio anywhere in Byron Bay for good reasons. Firstly, they are located right in the middle of town so you can walk straight into a class very easily. Following class, you can then drop into your local organic vegan cafe for a bite to eat.

Byron Yoga Centre

If time permits, head over to 50 Skinners Shoot Road and you’ll come across their absolutely beautiful retreat centre. This is where they run some of the best yoga teacher training courses in Byron Bay for those ready to move up to the next level. In addition, they also have a beautiful organic farm and Permaculture gardens that yield seasonal produce for their own kitchen.

Also, if you need your dose of Kirtan, then they hold regular devotional chants for those both new and experienced in the art of transcendental meditation. Needless to say, we love this place!

2. Creature Yoga

Creature Yoga is a little gem of a place and perfect for the younger person who’s new to yoga. They follow a very traditional path and their approach is very authentic.

In additional to casual classes, you can enrol in yoga teacher training. While Byron Bay has a few schools out there, Creature Yoga is one of the better ones. They also attract popular international yoga teachers such as Patrick Beach.

3. Byron Yoga Lounge

For Lyengar yoga in Byron Bay, you’ll need to head to Byron Yoga Lounge. This is a fantastic spot that has a chilled-out offering.

Their teachers have years of experience and retreats are offered. There are two yoga studios: One in Byron Bay and one in nearby Alstonville. The timetables for each aren’t as busy as other studios, but this one does without the crowds.

4. Heat Yoga Byron Bay

Heat Yoga in Byron Bay is the only place in which to practice Bikram or simply hot yoga. In fact, Bikram Yoga Byron Bay has renamed to Heat Yoga recently.

There are other studios that offer the much cooler Ashtanga Yoga style. In terms of a venue, there are plenty of spots to stretch out with enough spots for about 20 mats.

5. Space Foundation

If you’re looking for a very beautiful spot, then drop into Space Foundation. They are located right in town at 144 Jonson Street with very positive reviews online.

Space Foundation

This is one of those sacred spaces paired with a dash of Instagram. They take a holistic approach to your well being as a wellness centre and advocate doing what feels right for your body. Their teachers are some of the most experienced in town!\

6. Bende Byron Bay

The highest volume of positive reviews has to go to Bende Yoga. At this time, almost 40 people have left testimonials about the quality of this yoga studio, given how unique it is.

Bende Byron Bay

Their timetable includes barre, reformer pilates and mat pilates. So if you’re looking for an alternative to everyday yoga, then this is for you. Vinyasa flow and yin yoga is popular here.

7. Sattva Yoga and Massage Byron Bay

For a tranquil oasis right by the beach, it’s hard to go past Sattva. It’s right on the foreshore in Byron Bay and perfect for travellers who don’t want to drive or cycle around.

Sattva Yoga and Massage Byron Bay

In addition to their multiple daily classes (Hatha, Vinyasa and Slow Yoga), they also offer massage right there with the ocean views. Magical!

8. Bamboo Yoga School

For a totally alternative tribe that does away with slick Instagram looks, head out towards 74 Bangalow Road in Byron Bay. After starting a few years ago, Bambo Yoga School has really brought with itself a touch of Bali right here in Northern NSW.

Their studio is actually a big tent made from bamboo! There are so many weekly classes held here so you’ll find Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Hatha Flow to help you develop your flexibility on the mat. Needless to say this place is popular with the rainbow/hippy crowd with teacher training also offered.

9. Ashtanga Yoga Shala Byron Bay

While not so popular, you can head along to 11 Black Butt St in Byron for the Ashtanga Yoga Shala.

Owner Rafael (pictured above) is just getting this one started so we’re excited to see where this unfolds over time.

10. Vita Yoga Byron Bay

Editor’s note: Vita Yoga in Byron Bay has since transformed to only offering astrology forecasts and classes. This was previously running in the Heartspace complex.

If you want to learn more about Astrology in Byron Bay then head along to this place.

Yoga studio vs Yoga retreat

There is a difference between going for casual classes in a yoga studio vs joining along with one of the multiple yoga retreats in Byron Bay.

Byron Bay Yoga Studios
and Drop-in Casual Classes
Attending a Byron Bay
Multi-Day Yoga Retreat
Cost$20 to $35 per class$1,000+ per retreat
StudentsMostly localsMostly travelers
TeachersHave different students within each yoga classHave same students for each class
NetworkingSome casual friendly chatterReally engaging with the other attendees on a deeper level
FoodNot providedOften provided (organic vegetarian)
VibesVery positiveVery positive

Even if you’re just visiting the area, start with some casual classes which welcome visitors. You don’t need to commit towards a full retreat just yet, especially as there are so many other great things to do like visiting Crystal Castle.

What to look for in a yoga studio

When you’re looking for a yoga studio in Byron Bay or anywhere else in New South Wales, there are inherently things you should be looking out for. Because you see, we are all different creatures seeking a different evolutionary experience.

By knowing up front what to think about, you can go into a yoga studio knowing that you’ve found the right place. Some elements include:

The type of class

You don’t want to go into a class that’s beyond your skills. Check the timetables and find a class that fits within your level of progress and comfort.

Luckily, with the sheer number hippies in the area and yoga studios in Byron Bay, you’ll have many options to choose from. Get yourself a casual pass for each studio and check ’em all out.

Atmosphere of the studio

There is nothing worse than a yoga studio with bad lighting or is located so close to a busy road. With the increased traffic in Byron Bay over recent years, this is very much a possibility.

Look for yoga studios that are a little away from the hustle and bustle. Literally, this original surfing town is more like a CBD and tourist haven nowadays. However, there are still studios that are tucked away on back streets for locals.

The yoga teachers

We know pretty quickly if we actually vibe with the teachers themselves and that’s generally within the first 5 minutes of a yoga class. That doesn’t mean you jump and leave. Put your objections aside and enjoy what you can, remembering that you can always check our list again for another yoga studio.

Better yet, just look at their timetable and find another teacher. Most yoga studios have 3 to 5 different teachers at least. And pro-tip: Don’t judge by their photos online, because they’re often much nicer in person.

Closeness to Byron Bay

Some of us don’t have the luxury of a car. Or even if we do, once we’re in Byron, we simply don’t want to drive. Some of the yoga studios mentioned here won’t require driving at all, or at the very least, will just need a quick bike ride.

After a yoga studio, you might want to get a bite to eat and that closeness will certainly come in handy. Most yoga studios are located very close to the beach for a quick run on the sand afterwards or beach-side Asana session.

Teacher training

It’s important to know that your yoga teacher has been trained professionally and that they also have multiple years of experience. This is the #1 reason for someone’s bad experience in a yoga class.

The best way to approach this is by looking at their websites and corresponding Facebook and Instagram feed. They will have their yoga teacher training certifications for you to check out.

In summary

Byron Bay has some true characters and it certainly has some very beautiful yoga studios as well. There are elements that separate the best from the rest.

That can include:

  • The number of different classes they run each week
  • The vibes of the teachers who run their yoga classes
  • Where the studio is located for reduced noise distractions
  • How much love, effort and energy was used in creating the space

The most important thing is finding a yoga studio that serves you at the heart. One that connects with you at the deeper core of your well-being and that might take ‘studio crawling’ a few times to find ‘home’.

Approach any space with love, intention and gratitude and you’ll find your place.

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