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12 Best Yoga Studios in and around Cairns

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Cairns has some wonderful yoga studios, but how do you know which is actually worthwhile? We’ll show you the best studios around the CBD.

Included in this list are also 4 studios outside of Cairns, including Clifton Beach, Port Douglas, Daintree and Kuranda.

Best Yoga Studios in and around Cairns

Cairns is popular with tourists from around the world with some coming here for a yoga retreat and well-deserved break from the constant work stress that big cities bring.

Whether you’re a local or traveller, you should pause for at least once per month and hit the mat for that inner solitude that we all need right now given the challenges of the world.

In this guide, we’re ranking the studios based on user experiences. Our guide is unbiased and unpaid by any of these places that we mention.

Cairns best yoga studios right now are:

1. Hartig Yoga Cairns

It was hard for us to find a winner…but we finally did! Hartig Yoga in Cairns CBD takes the award for the best studio anywhere in Far North Queensland!

Hartig Yoga in Cairns
Hartig yoga wins the award for the best yoga studio in Cairns. Congratulations!

Unlike the dim-light yoga studios common in the southern states, this one is completely open. They either do yoga on the deck or outside on the grass right there on the foreshore.

After running now for 7 years, the owner Beth Hartig has built quite the community. Even if you’re from out of town, drop into this studio for some zen-time on the mat.

Address: 1 Veivers Rd, Cairns QLD

2. Wild Heart Yoga Tribe

While not as zen-like as Hartig, Wild Heart still pulls a strong following of devoted students who return each and every week. You can bring your own mat or hire one of theirs.

Wild Heart Yoga Tribe
The close runner-up is Wild Heart in Cairns.

This space is a little more alternative and hippy-like. Hatha, Vinyasa and Vin are some of the most popular classes here which are also quite affordable. While you’re there, look at their upcoming workshops and events.

Address: 7/132 Collins Ave, Cairns QLD

3. Dagmar Yoga

If you can make the trip to Trinity Beach, then you’ll find Dagmar Yoga. This is a beautiful place run by Dagmar Hirsch and her small team of yoga teachers.

Dagmar yoga

Beginners are certainly welcome here and it’s not just meditation either. The classes here are quite intimate with around 6 to 8 students each so you’ll get some more personal attention.

Address: Bluewater Lane, Trinity Beach QLD

4. Happy Pain

This is an odd name to call a yoga studio, but that’s all that’s a bit odd here. The studio is well equipped to handle you whereever you are on the journey.

Happy Pain Cairns

What’s unique about Happy Pain is that they are one of the very few yoga studios in Cairns offering aerial yoga classes on a regular schedule. These classes often get booked out so book one in advance.

Address: 3/74 Ishmael Rd, Earlville QLD (Near the big shopping centre)

5. Cairns Beaches Yoga (Core Life)

Jen Hamilton created Cairns Beaches Yoga several years ago given the humid and tropic climate of the region. Because of the warmth, there is no need for a traditional studio with heating and so those cost-savings are passed on to students.

Cairns Beaches Yoga (Core Life)

You’ll find hatha and yin yoga as well as meditation classes offered. For those looking to extend their knowledge and wisdom, you can enroll into one of her short courses.

She runs the beachside yoga classes in Kewarra Beach, Trinity Park and Palm Cove for the tourist and local crowds. Backpackers are welcome here.

6. The Yoga Doctor

While not a doctor herself, Kimberly the owner has built The Yoga Doctor to offer cheap yoga classes in Cairns which are suitable for backpackers on a tight budget.

The Yoga Doctor Cairns

She offers a mix of ashtanga, lyengar, kundalini, bikram and vinyasa. You’ll find her classes in both Freshwater and Stratford in Cairns. BYO mat, water bottle and towel.

7. The Yoga School

The Yoga School provides ample opportunity for beginners in Cairns to start their yoga journey while also providing an avenue for experienced yogis to undertake teacher training.

The Yoga School Cairns

Their space is quite large as it’s located in Piccones Shopping Village. The best part is that everything is supplied so you won’t even need to bring a mat. Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha are offered routinely during the weekly timetable.

Address: 159-161 Pease St, Cairns QLD (Inside the Piccones shopping centre)

8. The Deep Retreat and Yoga Studio Port Douglas

Right – it’s time for a drive up north. Everyone who visits Cairns eventually makes a daytrip or overnight adventure into Port Douglas and a yoga class is often what we all need to get over the jetlag and average airplane food.

The Deep Retreat Port Douglas

The Deep Retreat runs yoga retreats so you can stay there on site. Likewise you can drop in for casual classes in hatha, yin or vinyasa, They are accustomed to travelers and locals alike so it’s no problem if you’re only staying for a few days in a nearby resort.

Address: Studio 1A, 51 Macrossan St, Port Douglas QLD

9. Mossman Yoga Studio

Yes! Mossman might be a small town but there is definitely a yoga studio here. It’s more-so known among locals in North Queensland rather than a place for travelers to stop into.

Mossman Yoga Studio

The facilities are clean and modern with several yoga styles being taught. This includes general yoga, hot yoga and yoga for beginners who are starting their journey and want a great studio in Mossman to help them today.

Address: 2/63 Front St, Mossman QLD

10. Prema Shanti Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Imagine the dream of moving to the Daintree Rainforest and living or owning Prema Shanti Yoga & Meditation Retreat. We believe that’s the dream of many yogis and lucky for these owners, they are living this right now.

Prema Shanti Yoga & Meditation Retreat Daintree Rainforest QLD

This is the place to go to and spend a week doing yoga, going for swims and then doing more yoga. Let’s not forget the spa treatments and wonderful vegetarian food. Since 1998 people from around Australia and in fact, from around the world have dropped into Prema Shanti Yoga and Meditation Retreat in the Daintree and it’s obvious to see why.

This is one very safe and nurturing experience that everyone should experience at least once in their life. In order to get there, you will need to have a car since public transport isn’t really popular. Driving from Cairns you’ll need to catch the ferry across.

Address: 183 Turpentine Rd, Daintree QLD

11. Yorkeys Yoga

Over on Trinity’s Beach you’ll find Yorkeys Yoga. This is a beautiful spot for yoga, meditation and kirtan/drumming events which are held quite regularly.

As for the yoga timetable, you’ll find your hatha, vinyasa and yin. The students are mostly locals who want to get away from the crowds. With space for just 9 mats, you certainly won’t feel like a neddle in a haystack.

12. Fairyland House

Doubling as a retreat centre and BNB accommodation in Kuranda, go along to Fairyland yoga for their occasional classes during the week. Note: The reviews are negative based on the accommodation and vegetarian retreat centre, not the yoga classes or studio.

Fairyland House Kuranda QLD

Often this is a place where workshops and spiritual healers use to run events. It’s a smaller venue but one where you can really focus and hold a stunning event.

Address: 13 Fairyland Rd, Kuranda (now we know where the name comes from!)

In summary

Whether you’re a backpacker, experienced traveler or local, it’s evident that Cairns features some of North Queensland’s best yoga studios. It’s a welcome change from swimming, snorkling, hiking and otherwise exploring this pristine area.

Which of these yoga studios have you attended? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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