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7 Best Yoga Studios in Caloundra QLD

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Caloundra and Kings Beach have great beaches, but they also have great yoga studios for asanas, classes and meditation. We’ve found the best spots!

We’ve done the research to find you the best options around town. Essentially, we’re here to find a great class whether you’re searching for Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin or just Hatha.

Let’s beign.

Best Yoga Studios in Caloundra

Perhaps you’ve just moved to Caloundra or perhaps you’ve been living there a long time. Or even you’re someone on holidays who wants to do something other than bushwalking, beaches and exploring.

For that reason, you can certainly do yoga. The studios we’re listing here are all beginner-friendly and aren’t the type that you’ll find up north in Noosa.

Essentially, they’re just great environments run by good people, many of which are true locals.

Here are the studios we would recommend:

1. New Standard Yoga and Fitness Centre

Head over to 121b Bulcock Str for a truly incredible experience. We believe that New Standard Yoga and Fitness Centre in Caloundra to be the best yoga studio around town and the reviews certainly back up this claim.

This place has only been opening for a couple of years and the locals absolutely love it. They offer Vinyasa, Yin, Interactive yoga workshops and even fitness/strength training (to a degree) within their studio.

2. Bikram Yoga Sunshine Coast

Not to be confused with the Sunshine Coast studios, the Caloundra studio offering hot yoga is located at 4A Lynne Street. There is plenty of parking on the premises.

The teachers are very experienced and the studio itself is quite spaced out so you’ll definitely find some room. In addition, they run regular events where you can get to know others in the class.

3. Om Shanti Yoga Studio

Another fantastic place to get yourself to is Om Shanti Yoga Studio. This place is as genuine as they come and the student experiences have typically been extremely positive.

It’s a very non-judgemental place and slow flow yoga is offered. The studio itself has heaps of space so you won’t be clipping arms with the person on the mat next to you.

4. Powerlife Whole Health Studio

Powerlife Whole Health Studios is yet another incredible place worth visiting. This yoga studio is all about not just being flexible, but actually being strong. If you’re looking to build strength through yoga, then this is your hub.

Powerlife Whole Health Studio

They’re in Moffat Beach and promote having a positive mindset and mindful movements so you can restore your wellbeing. Essentially, they bring in ancient wisdom for modern day eco warriors.

5. Inflow Pilates and Welllness

Sometimes you’re looking for a yoga studio that’s really a haven. One that combines pilates with simply being very clean and a touch of Instagram. That’s what you’ll find at Inflow.

The weekly timetable is pretty much arranged for busy mums. You’ll find classes in the morning after the school drop off as well as in the evenings before dinner. Perfect for getting your daily fix in!

6. Bella Bliss Studios Caloundra

Yes! There is aerial yoga in Caloundra and you’ll find it at Bella Bliss Studios. This is a great place that’s almost exclusively women only. There are also pole dancing classes for the more adventurous.

Bella Bliss Studios Caloundra

They also run aerial yoga for kids as well as burlesque and using the hammocks. If you want to build confidence and feel good, then head to 23 Caloundra Rd where you’ll find their busy studio.

7. Thai Yoga Massage by Dani

The last on our list is still a great option! If you’re looking for mindfulness, pregnancy massage, mums and bubs yoga as well as restorative yoga, then this is the place for you.

It’s a great spot if you’re looking for some likeminded people in a safe space who all also live in Caloundra. The space is really quite and intimate with only 8 or so mats per class. Perfect!

Getting started

There we have it! The best yoga studios around town that offer a wide array of classes. These places are all established and are welcoming of all people from all diversities.

If you’re new to yoga, then consider arriving 10 to 15 minutes early for your first class. This is a great way to get to know the teacher before the other students pile into class.

Have you tried any of these yoga studios? Let us know! We’re also on the look out for any new and developing studios around town.

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