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11 Best Yoga Studios in Christchurch NZ

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Christchurch has dozens of yoga studios, but they vary. Through our research, here are the best Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram and Yin studios in Christchurch NZ.

Best Yoga Studios in Christchurch NZ

It might be cold, but that’s no excuse not to do yoga! There are dozens of yoga studios around even for those who want to undertake yoga teacher training.

So bring a friend or simply go solo! Here are Christchurch’s best yoga studios:

1. Flow Hot Yoga

Given how cold it gets in the city, the best yoga studio in Christchurch and the most frequented by the yoga community is Flow Hot Yoga. They also run non-heated classes and are beginner-friendly for the most part.

Flow Hot Yoga

Yes – that’s 3 different temperatures of hot yoga: 38c, 36c and 30c. They also do non-heated yoga.

Flow Hot Yoga

What we love about Flow Hot Yoga is their community vibes. You’ll find some like-minded friends to catch up with after class quite easiliy. Not only this, but the volume of weekly classes means you’ll find the right timing whether you’re a 6am person, a lunchtime stretcher or an after-work relaxer.

Address: 25 Mandeville Street, Riccarton (Christchurch, NZ)

2. Grassroots Yoga

Another fantastic yoga studio worthy of consideration is Grassroots Yoga over in Woolston by The Tannery. The natural light of this studio is so refreshing and there is plenty of space to stretch out.

Grassroots Yoga

Just like Flow Hot Yoga, the reviews on this place really make it special. Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa are offered as well as meditation nights and weekend workshops.

Address: 3 Garlands Road, Woolston

3. Apollo Power Yoga

Looking for something a bit more inside the city centre? Apollo Power Yoga is the one you’re looking for. This yoga centre has been established for almost a decade to serve locals and tourists alike.

Apollo Power Yoga

The owners Hamish and Margo offer something a litle different here. It’s a Baptistie style power, vinyas and slow flow yoga in an environment which is supportive of both beginners and experienced yogis.

Address: 26 Salisbury Street, Christchurch

4. Bikram Yoga Christchurch

Bikram Yoga Christchurch is run by the beautiful Kate Lillian(Burford). Unlike the commercial studios, hers is more intimate with only 10 or so mat spaces. This way you can get more attention.

Bikram Yoga Christchurch

Her classes do book out as her students continue coming back week after week. For that reason you’ll want to book ahead and let her know that you’re new. Funnily enough, she’s only down the road from Apollo Power Yoga.

Address for Kate’s studio: 46 Salisbury Streeet, Christchurch

5. Adapted Yoga and Pilates

Looking for a yoga studio that also offers personal training? Then this is a great spot! Adapted Yoga and Pilates unsurprisingly also offers pilates classes.

Adapted Yoga and Pilates

As a beginner-friendly studio, you’ll find plenty of floor space. The class numbers are restricted so students get more support and adjustments with their teacher.

Address: 345 Yaldhurst Road, Christchurch

6. Uprising Yoga

For an Instagram-feel within a yoga studio, it’s hard to go past Uprising. This truly is more boutique but still welcomes people from all backgrounds. It’s a younger crowd over here and if Christchurch kirtan is also on your radar, then this is where you’ll find it.

Uprising Yoga Christchurch

In addition to offering yoga, you’ll also find fitness classes, a Cafe/Bar area and even bouldering. What is bouldering? It’s rock-climbing without the ropes. Unlimited yoga classes here are $39 per week.

Address: 199 Ferry Road, Christchurch

7. Heart and Mind Yoga

Another favourite among Christchurch locals is Heart and Mind Yoga located right by the city area. There is ample natural lighting and owner Jo Jarden has done a sensational job here after launching just over a year ago.

Heart and Mind Yoga

It’s a mixed crowd here of both young and old. For those looking for yin or gentle yoga, then this is the spot! Affordability is one of their driving forces with really cheap yoga classes in Christchurch compared to the more-so commercial offerings above.

Address: 13/21 Bealey Avenue, Christchurch

8. Yoga by Karma

Yoga by Karma over in Rolleston is a very nice looking studio that’s modern, clean and gets lots of praise from their loyal student base. It’s surrounded by green countryside and worth the drive out of the city.

Yoga by Karma

This place is all about self care and nurturing. The classes have more of a relaxing flow to them and the chilled-out vibes are certainly an inviting way to let go of the stress in our everyday lives.

Address: 804 Waterholes Road, Rolleston NZ

9. Affinity Fitness Christchurch

Right – this isn’t really a yoga studio, we’ll admit that! However there are some people that really want a fitness program and to build their cardio and strength, while having yoga on the side. If that’s you, then get along to Affinity Fitness.

Affinity Fitness

Unfortunately the noise is a little off-putting and Yin isn’t really as serene as other studios. But if you can put that aside, there is certainly upsides for those needing to sweat instead of just flex.

Address: 107 Blenheim Road, Riccarton

10. O-Studio

Right – back to the genuine yoga studios. O-Studio in the CBD is hugely popular with the city corporate crowd who either come early morning or early evening. Some even come during their lunch breaks!


Given it’s in the city, there isn’t as much space as other great Christchurch yoga studios on this list. However, it’s super convenient though parking can be a challenge.

Address: 14/26 Welles Street, Christchurch

11. Room to Breathe Yoga Studio

We’ve actually saved one of the best until last! Room to Breathe Yoga Studio in Mairehau is definitely worth the drive. It’s not so well known and that’s one of the best parts.

A Room To Breathe Yoga Studio

The studio isn’t packed full of students. Instead, you’ll simply find people who are friendly, warm and welcoming where social connections can be formed. If you’re a beginner, this place is so forgiving.

Address: 422 Innes Road, Mairehau Christchurch

It’s time to start

So there you have it! 11 very good yoga studios that you’ll find across Christchurch. If it’s your first time, plan to get there 10 minutes early for a good car spot and leave your phone in the glovebox.

Also – it’s generally best to bring your own yoga mat for your first class. You just never know if they do have mats ready for you.

Have you visited any of these studios before? Let us know in the comments.

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