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6 Best Yoga Studios in Hamilton NZ - Yocean Yogi

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6 Best Yoga Studios in Hamilton NZ

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Hamilton has dozens of yoga studios, but they vary. Through our research, here are the best Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram and Yin studios in Hamilton NZ.

Best Yoga Studios in Hamilton NZ

There is no need to hide indoors or join an online yoga platform! Hamilton happens to have several yoga studios that are worthy of your attendance.

So grab the mat and the car keys, and drag along a friend as well! We’ve done the research based on student testimonials, reviews of yoga studios and general experiences.

By far and large, here are the best yoga studios in Hamilton NZ:

1. Sun Salute Yoga

Sun Salute is just a magical place in Hamilton and the online reviews have shown that this place cares about their reputation and trust within the yoga community. As a result, they’re #1 on this list.

Sun Salute Yoga Hamilton

The timetable is fantastic with ashtanga, hatha and more offered, but it isn’t just yoga here! You’ll find meditation, massage, social events and even some occasional kirtan music being played.

Address: 394 Grey St, Hamilton East (It’s on Lovegrove Lane)

2. Lyengar Yoga Centre of Hamilton

Looking for lyengar yoga? Then you’ll find it here. This place has been popular for years among the locals with some tourists also dropping in for classes from time to time. The demographic is older here and does away with the fancy Instagram yoga stuff.

Lyengar Yoga Centre of Hamilton

You’ll find classes that will suit you whether you’re a morning, lunchtime or evening person. Beginners are more than welcome and the prices here are quite reasonable!

Address: 2 Norton Road, Hamilton

3. Hot Yoga House

Looking for Bikram Yoga in Hamilton? Then this is exactly where you’ll find it. Hot Yoga House cranks the heat offer heated and non-heated yoga classes in their very spacious studio.

 Hot Yoga House

The teachers are knowledgeable and friendly and anyone is welcome to come at any time. No need to book and no past experience required to join a class on their timetable.

Address: 139 London St, Hamilton (It’s upstairs on Level 1)

4. Ara Studios

For a truly beautiful experience, you’ve got to get yourself to Ara Studios. This is a very warm and welcoming studio and the teachers themselves have an infectious smile that we love!

Ara Studios

As for the timetable, there’s plenty on! They even offer yoga teacher training in Hamilton which is rare. Some of their classes really get booked out so get in touch with them prior to your yoga class.

Address: 16 Duncan Road, Hamilton

5. UniRec

UniRec is a gym with swimming facilities located with the University of Waikato premises, but they also have yoga class on several times per week. It lacks the zen-like feeling of a genuine yoga studio, but at least you can get a pumping workout on prior.


This place is hugely popular with university students and the younger crowd. However, those with a few years behind them are still welcome to join the yoga classes with casual passes available for purchase.

Address: Gate 1, Knighton Road, Hamilton

6. The Studio Hamilton

This is an unusual place to feature on our list, but we felt it was worth the inclusion. The Studio is a pole dancing studio but as any good pole dancer would know, you also need to flex and stretch!

The Studio Hamilton

They offer yoga classes on several times per week to their student base. Again – it lacks the zen-like feel with those poles around, but if you’re located nearby, then it’s perfect.

Address: 90 Commerce St, Hamilton

In summary

We hope that has helped you in finding some local yoga studios that are worth of visiting. Consider buying casual passes and visiting a few studios before you finally decide on that casual pass.

Have you visited any of these already? Let us know in the comments.

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