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9 Best Yoga Studios in Hobart, Tasmania

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Hobart has some beautiful places to roll out the yoga mat and soak into the goodness of a yoga class. Let us show you the best yoga studios around town.

And yes, it’s a small city, but seems to have an abundance of yoga studios around. In fact, there are 7 studios within 5 minutes walk of each other. Crazy! (but in a good way. 🙂 )

9 Best Yoga Studios in Hobart

We’ve asked the yogis and they have done the research with us. We’ve audited reviews, experiences and history of each of these studios for those who live or are visiting the capital of Tasmania.

Essentially, the best yoga studios in Hobart are:

1. Equalise

The award of the best yoga studio in all of Hobart simply goes to Equalise owned by Ben Korkmaz. He’s built this place from the ground up and tey are miles in front based on student experiences, their timetable and teacher experience.

Equalise Yoga Hobart
Equalise wins the best yoga studio in Hobart award!

The Equalise timetable features Vinyasa, Pilates, Bikram Yoga as well as Hatha and Yin. They serve the early morning crowd, the mums crowd (classes after the school drop-off) as well as the typically very popular evening classes. If you’re looking for holistic mind, body and spirit rejuvination regardless of the time of year, then head along to one of their beginner classes.

Address: 73 Bathurst St, Hobart TAS

2. Alceme

This yoga studio is absolutely gorgeous. Alceme really has the traditional Tasmanian venue with plenty of natural lighting even in the colder months. The studio is very open so you won’t feel clustered together and struggling for space to stretch those arms. Not just that but the classes do vary from Vinyasa to Kundalini Yoga and Pilates to Ballet for adults and HIIT workouts. For beginners, we recommend the beginners classes as well as Yin Yoga and sacred sound baths.

Alceme yoga hobart studio

David Lienert created this studio only a few years ago and already it has created a reputation as an inner-CBD sanctuary that’s ideal for both beginners and experienced yogis. Parking is sometimes a little challenging during the day time but there are plenty of classes in the evenings where parking is no problem at all.

Address: 6 Victoria St, Hobart TAS

3. Loosen Up Yoga

For a simple yet friendly yoga studio, head over to Loosen Up. They actually have several yoga studios in Hobart so you won’t really have to drive far at all.

In addition to general yoga, this is one of the very few places where you can do aerial yoga in Hobart for those ready to fly. And for those who a traveling, they run yoga retreats!

Like we said, there are multiple locations where you’ll find them:

Industrie Performing Arts: 62 Cambridge Rd, Bellerive TAS

Montague Bay Primary School Hall: 10 Conara Rd, Nontagu Bay TAS

Yoga From The Heart: 221 Macquarie St, Hobart TAS (Antigravity Yoga is also run from here)

4. South Hobart Yoga and Meditation

Looking for a place who accepts everyone? You know, like somewhere without the Instagram-fame? Then you’ll find it right here at South Hobart Yoga and Meditation. Classes are more holistically geared with Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Retreats as well as casual classes on their timetable.

South Hobart Yoga and Meditation

This is simply a great place to go for yoga and also chat to real people. The community here is quite small and also one where lifelong friendships can be formed. If anything, it’s a great place to go for meditation after a long week at work.

Address: 14 Weld St, Hobart TAS

5. Bija Yoga and Sacred Seeds

Here’s another place where you’ll find yourself in a zen-like state within minutes. Bija Yoga is one of Tasmania’s most heart-driven yoga studios which also offers kirtan meditation quite regularly.

Bija Yoga Tasmania

More-so popular with hippies than the corporate crowd, you’ll find a timetable that’s more gentle to the body and the soul. This place has been running for years with the same students coming back week after week.

Address: 45-47 Victoria St, Hobart TAS

6. Hara Yoga Studio

Hara Yoga Studio is an up and coming yoga studio which we hope to place higher in this list within coming months. Clearly they’re moving in the right direction and serve an enthusiastic crowd paired with natural lighting and breeze in their studio.

Hara Yoga Studio

Unlike some of the other studios listed here, this one is very quiet and away from the traffic with parking being super easy. Men are welcome here and you won’t feel intimidated. Just like Bija, this place is popular with the alternative and hippy crowd of Tasmania.

Address: 25 Weld St, South Hobart TAS

7. The Fourth Floor Movement

Just because The Fourth Floor Movement doesn’t mean it’s bad at all. This place only started up recently so it takes time to build traction and gain students who trust your flow and processes.

In addition to their regular and balanced yoga timetable, you’ll find mindfulness meditation and massage on offer. They also run dance classes from time to time.

Address: 65 Murray St, Hobart TAS

8. The Studio HQ

The Studio HQ has multiple studios in Hobart. They are a fitness studio with a focus on cycle, yoga, pilates and barre. Therefore, it isn’t specifically a yoga studio but does have classes on offer.

The Studio HQ

This is the type of place you’ll visit to try all the classes that they offer! It’s more-so popular with the corporate crowd and city workers looking to get a workout and a flex in the same session.

Salamanca address: 2/4 Gladstone St

South Hobart address: 273 Davey St (SoHo)

Getting started

Clearly Hobart has some very holistic options when it comes to yoga. As a city, they’ve rejected the ‘picture-perfect’ style that you’ll often find in the bigger cities in exchange for the true essence of yoga.

That said – there are studios that suit and speak to each individual at the core. Our recommendation is to try a few out on this list before buying a monthly membership as they all offer casual passes and classes for beginners.

And another thing – there is no perfect time to start yoga. It might be the middle of winter or the hottest of summer (not that it’s hot in Hobart, right?) and either way, you should be starting the journey that you’ve put off for so many months or years.

Have you tried any of these yoga studios that we’ve listed here? Then let us know by leaving a comment as we’d love to know about your experiences.

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