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The 4 Best Yoga Studios in Surfers Paradise

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Visiting Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast and need your yoga fix? This list of the best yoga studios in Surfers Paradise will have you covered.

Best Yoga Studios in Surfers Paradise

The team here at Yocean Yogi wanted to create this guide because we’re locals. We wanted to help you in finding a studio which is easy to access for both residents and tourists.

You’re either looking for yoga studios because you want to unwind or simply continue your practice. You might also be looking for some meditation or a sanctuary to escape from our hectic day to day life.

Best Yoga Studios in Surfers Paradise

These Surfers Paradise yoga hotspots will have you covered for Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa at the very minimum. Best of all – these establishments have been operating for years with loyal teachers and students alike.

Let’s begin:

1. Chameleon New Age Salon Surfers Paradise

You can’t do yoga in Surfers Paradise without checking out Chameleon New Age Salon. There is so much to love and do in this venue. For most people – all you need to do is to walk or simply jump on the Gold Coast tram.

Chameleon New Age Salon Surfers Paradise

This isn’t just a yoga studio – it’s also a hair salon and crystal shop. There is a strong community focus despite the troubles that Surfers Paradise tends to attract.

You’ll love the new age products, crystals and classes – but most importantly – the good vibes! Be sure to get a hug and get a dose of Byron Bay on the Gold Coast.

You can also get Psychic Readings, Healings and Aura Photos or simply just attend a workshop or meditation evening. Like we said – so much to do!

More information: https://chameleonnewagesalon.com.au

2. Yoga in Paradise

If you’re looking for a heart-centred yoga studio in Surfers, then Emma Walkinshaw’s studio ‘Yoga in Paradise’ has you covered. It’s located just outside the CBD in Chevron Island.

Her weekly timetable is very active and no doubt draws a solid crowd. Not only that but the pricing for her classes and workshops is very reasonable.

Yoga in Paradise has Yin Yoga, Yoga Flow, Pilates, Restorative Yoga and Yoga for Strength. She has a range of teachers on hand so you can find one which suits you.

More information: http://yogainparadise.com.au

3. Grounded Holistic Fitness Studio

Admittedly this is a little outside Surfers Paradise but definitely Grounded Holistic Fitness Studio is worth the mention. While many other studios work on building up your strength and stamina via yoga, this studio takes a different approach.

Yoga is seen as a meditative tool so they mostly offer Hatha and Yin. However, there is also Boxing and Functional Fitness classes for those who need to have a sweaty session prior.

Grounded Holistic Fitness Studio

For parents, you’re going to love the Creche so you can exercise without needing to watch over your little one(s). Clearly, this studio has really thought of everything.

At less than $40 per week, we think that what’s offered here by this lovely crew is extremely good value considering it isn’t just yoga classes.

More information: https://groundedhfs.com.au

4. Emmanuelle Brown Yoga and Pilates

Recently opened after operating in Southport/Chirn Park for several years, Emmanuelle Brown’s Yoga Studio is ideal if you’re looking for an intimate experience. Her new studio is wonderful, clean and certainly draws a crowd of good vibes.

At this time of writing, her studio is only running Pilates Circuit Classes while she does touch at Soul Centre in Southport on Wednesdays and Fridays. She also runs private classes if this is your first time to yoga.

More information: http://www.emmanuellebrown.com

Getting started

There we have it! 4 very good yoga studios to choose from. If you’re without a car then we can highly recommend Chameleon New Age Salon.

However, for a quieter and more intimate approach, the other 3 studios offer a retreat from the madness of Surfers Paradise.

Looking for something else? Let us know in the comments below.

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