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4 Best Yoga Studios in Launceston, TAS

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Launceston has several fantastic yoga studios with regular classes and timetables. We’ll show you the best-rated studios around town.

The town is smaller and the best yoga studios in Tasmania are found in Hobart. However, that’s quite a drive and there certainly are a few good local options around.

Best Yoga Studios in Launceston

While we can do yoga at home, sometimes we really want to head out to a real studio for genuine connections in person and a chance to escape the distractions of social media.

So instead of being stuck at home, grab your mat, towel and a water bottle and find yourself in an inner CBD sanctuary. Here are the best yoga studios in Launceston, Tasmania:

1. House of Prana

Our award to Launceston’s best yoga studio currently goes to House of Prana and their students certainly agree. This place is gorgeous and you’ll feel the vibes from the moment you walk into their reception area.

House of Prana Launceston
House of Prana is Launceston’s best yoga studio by far.

It isn’t just about yoga here. They have meditation classes, workshops and float tanks. If you’re searching for a true escape, then it’s hard to find anything better.

Address: 127 Gorge St, Launceston TAS

2. The Yoga Loft Launceston

The Yoga Loft in Launceston is a very close contender for the #1 position on this list. The teachers here are very holistic and the space itself is bright and welcoming without the use of fluorescent lighting for daytime classes.

The Yoga Loft Launceston

Given the size of the space, there is room to really stretch properly without clipping hands with your neighbour on the mat next to you. You’ll find hatha, vinyasa and yin yoga classes offered here routinely during the week.

Address: 43 Brisbane St, Launceston TAS

3. Satsang Yoga Sanctuary

If you’re looking for a true escape right in the heart of town, then Satsang Yoga Sanctuary is what you’ve been waiting for. This is another beautiful yoga studio that doesn’t pack students in like sardines.

Satsang Yoga Sanctuary

You’ll love the Hatha, Vinyasa, Pilates and Tai Chi classes to begin with with 3 to 4 offerings per day in the earning morning, after the school drop-off and in the evenings. For those looking to develop further, they offer aerial yoga classes for beginners so you can really go in for a deep stretch and build your confidence.

Address: 70 Elizabeth St, Launceston TAS

4. The Tiny Yoga Space

If you’re looking for something smaller with less intimidating group sizes, then pay a visit to this studio. And yes, it’s certainly small! The Tiny Yoga Space has regular students who keep returning week after week.

The Tiny Yoga Space
What a beautiful outlook at The Tiny Yoga Space!

The studio has 15+ yoga classes per week while also running yoga retreats and workshops quite regularly. Beginners are more than welcome and Tina will help you feel at ease.

Find your mat

We recommend buying your own yoga mat instead of using class-provided mats. It’s simply more clean and you can also use your mat for practice at the beach, at the park or at home in the living room.

Most studios do provide cushions and blankets which are helpful during Savasana which is the last pose of any yoga class.

For total beginners:

  • Arrive early to class. 10 to 15 minutes is ideal to complete formalities.
  • Leave your phone in the car as you’ll be too distracted otherwise.
  • Remember that nobody is judging your own yoga practice or journey
  • Let the teacher know that you’re new. They won’t pick on you at all.
  • Don’t push yourself! Ease into each pose and remember there’s always another class.
  • Bring a towel and water. While Launceston is cold, the studios can certainly warm up within the first 15 minutes with everyone moving around.

Have you tried any of these Launceston yoga studios? Then let us know in the comments below.

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