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4 Best Yoga Studios in Lismore NSW

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Lismore is a huge part of the rainbow region and certainly has some great yoga studios, but which are the best? We’ll shine some light for you.

Yocean Yogi has done the research and has audited several yoga studios in town. Essentially, we just want to show you the best choices out there in the region.

Best Yoga Studios in Lismore

By going through social media channels and asking people in the local Lismore Facebook yoga groups, we were able to figure out where people were going. Essentially, people want good value for money and less of the Instagram-feel.

Student reviews were taken into account as were social media channels. As a result, we’ve come to this conclusion. We’re non-judgemental and feel that all yoga studios are doing an excellent job with the resources that they have at their disposal.

Here are Lismore’s best yoga studios and classes:

1. Mandala Garden Yoga and Wellness

Head to 161 Dawson St where you’ll come across Mandala Garden. This is a beautiful spot that’s everything that Lismore stands for! Alternative and natural healing created by yogis and for yogis.

Mandala Garden Yoga and Wellness

This place feels like the zen-like space that you wish for, and the students love it. There are also frequen tkirtan and meditation evenings and yes, children are more than welcome.

Note: This place looks like a normal house but it’s definitely a proper yoga studio offering yoga, paranayama, workshops, kirtan, sound therapy and essentially a community space that’s very welcoming.

2. Lismore Yoga Studio

If you’re looking for a space that’s a bit less hippie and more commercial (and neither is a bad thing!) then head to Lismore Yoga Studio. Yes – that’s exactly the name of this place.

Lismore Yoga Studio

They offer Lyengar yoga as well as Hatha and Yin. Their teachers are fully certified and very passionate about student progress. The studio is indoors, airconditioned and very clean.

Head to 142 Keen Street in Lismore then go upstairs. Their front door is right next to the Shoe Box Cafe. Their timetable is quite diverse with morning and evening classes offered during the week.

3. Dynamic Yoga Lismore

This studio came in at 3rd position yet it’s certainly a strong contender for spot #1 or #2. Dynamic Yoga in Lismore is a beautiful spot that’s popular with the locals.

Dynamic Yoga Lismore

Wanna know where this is located? Literally downstairs from Lismore Yoga Studio. You can double up on classes but just make sure you find the right studio as sometimes it’s confusing.

4. Pulse Yoga

There isn’t much known about Pulse Yoga in Lismore which supposedly offers Vinyasa and Prenatal classes in town for expectant mothers, as well as mums and bubs. Watch this space!

Another option is Curves in Lismore which offers some occasional yoga classes and pilates. Pure Fitness Studio is also one worth visiting.

Getting started

Are you new to yoga? Don’t stress! None of these yoga studios will judge you unlike those in Sydney or Byron Bay. Remember you’re in Lismore and anything goes.

Just aim to be 10 minutes early to class as well as bringing your own yoga mat, towel and water. It’s ideal that you don’t eat anything for 2 hours prior to a yoga class but that’s a personal choice.

Regarding bikram yoga in Lismore, we haven’t yet found any options but there is talk of a new studio opening soon. For now you may have to make the trip to Byron.

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