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6 Best Yoga Studios in Mackay QLD

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Mackay has some beautiful yoga studios worthy of a visit, whether you’re travelling or a local. Let’s show you the best yoga studios around town.

Joining one of these studios is often your best way to start learning and experiencing all the health benefits that yoga brings. Essentially, there is a big difference between simply doing yoga in your living room or hotel room vs actually taking your mat into a fully kitted-out studio.

So for the best experience and accelerated learning, it’s best to buy a new yoga mat and look around town.

Best Yoga Studios Mackay

We’re here to show you the best studios that Mackay in tropical Queensland has to offer.

Our comparisons, reviews and assessment are based on real student yoga class experiences. Essentially we’re going to compare apples for apples so you can see who has the best studio in town.

1. 8 Limb Yoga Studio

Quite literally the best yoga studio anywhere in or near Mackay happens to be 8 Limb Yoga. The reviews on this place and the volume of students who keep returning each week says a lot about the quality of their studio and facilities.

8 Limb Yoga Studio
8 Limb Yoga gets our award for the best yoga studio in Mackay

As with most yoga studios, you’ll get to choose from Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin. Each class has 2 to 3 variations so you can go deep or light depending on where you are in your journey. In addition, they also have community donation classes for the backpacker crowd who wants something a bit cheaper.

Address: 188 Shakespeare St, Mackay QLD

2. Yoga Fix Mackay

For something a little more toned down and subtle, head over to Yoga Fix in Mackay. They have been running now for 6 years in the same spot just near Coles. The Yin classes here are hugely popular.

Yoga Fix Mackay
A sanctuary for yogis in Mackay is Yoga Fix

You’ll find early morning classes, classes after 9am for once you’ve done the school-run and classes in the evenings. In addition, their Saturday schedule is packed with 4 classes in a row! This includes Power, Strong, Slow and Fit Yoga so you’ll find something ideal for you.

Address: 39 Gordon St, Mackay QLD

3. Sadie Wells Yoga

Another great sanctuary for yogis in Mackay is Sadie Wells Yoga. The community here is quite tight-knit so you can actually get to know other students who are on the same journey over time. Yes – they welcome beginners with open arms.

Sadie Wells Yoga
Sadie Wells in Eimeo is a great alternative for those out of town.

After starting in 2016, this has grown with several different classes on the timetable. You won’t need to bring your own yoga mat with tibetan singing bowls often used during the final asana.

Address: 23 Mowlam St, Mackay QLD (North of town in Eimeo)

4. Yogi Space

The hardest thing about yoga is not doing yoga. At least, that’s the motto at Yogi Space in Mackay. This beautiful yoga studio which has now been running for more than 6 years offers something for everyone.

Yogi Space
Yogi Space draws a crowd and for the right reasons!

You’ll find Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, Flow Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation. Further more, you can join one of their yoga retreats which are held regularly by owner Kathy Mansfield.

Address: 90-92 Sydney St, Mackay QLD

5. Neighbourhood Yoga

Julieanne Bergmann is a born and bred Mackay local who teaches yoga every single day. She teaches ‘yoga yoga’ meaning she doesn’t stick to a specific type of style.

Neighbourhood Yoga Mackay QLD

Her yoga studio is towards the west side of town. Beginners in Mackay who are starting out on the yoga journey will appreciate her studio as there are beginner courses where you can learn the ropes while knowing other students aren’t trying to impress anyone.

Address: 5/45 River St, Mackay QLD

6. Femnasium Health & Fitness for Women

Mackay has a fitness centre reserved for women only and inside, they also run yoga classes! So if you’re looking for a studio where you won’t get awkward stares from men, then this is for you.

Femnasium Health & Fitness for Women in Mackay

They’ll even look after the kids for you while you relax into the mat. You might want to come a yoga class with a fitness class like Zumba while you’re there! Look out for the Matworx class which is held a few times per week.

Address: 118 Wood St, Mackay QLD

Getting started

Now that we can see some great options for Mackay, let’s cover some beginner tips:

  • Get there early if it’s your first time. 10 to 15 minutes is ideal as you’ll need to complete some paperwork.
  • Be prepared to chit-chat a little. People are friendly and you’ll gain connections pretty soon even if you’re new to yoga.
  • Travellers, tourists and backpackers often can’t access the discounted monthly memberships as these are local prices. However, you can buy a 10-class pack in most cases.
  • Bring your own mat. Yes, some places offer to share mats but you’ll need to clean these later. There’s something special about owning your own yoga mat.
  • Try a few studios. Don’t just settle on the 1st studio that you try. Take 3 to 4 classes in different studios over a fortnight period and then decide on which has the best vibes for you.

Have you tried any of these Mackay yoga studios? If so – let us know in the comments below!

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