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4 Best Yoga Studios in Mullumbimby NSW

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Mullumbimby is the new capital of hippies in the northern NSW region and there are certainly some great yoga studios around. In fact, we’ve found the best!

Through this list, we’re going to help you find some great Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa options. There is no need to head across the Byron Bay when there’s so much on offer here.

Let’s begin.

Best Mullumbimby Yoga Studios

Looking to really get away from the craziness of the world? Then you’ll have to head into this place! Just the town itself is soothing and full of those who live the alternative lifestyle. Naturally, as you’d expect, there are some great yoga studios around town.

We’ve done the research and talked to those within the rainbow region Facebook groups. Through our analysis, we’ve identified these as the best yoga studios around:

1. Rainbow Centre

The Rainbow Yoga Centre is very well known as being as hippy and zen-like as they come. They run yoga teacher training here and their beautiful space is also used during the Byron Bay Spirit Fest which rolls into town each year. If you’re looking for very positive vibes, then it’s all right here.

Rainbow Yoga Centre Mullumbimby
The magical Rainbow Yoga Centre Mullumbimby doing what they do best!

The loving owners Angel and Gopala also run international yoga teacher trainings as well as kids yoga classes throughout the year. They are held not just in Mullumbimby but in other parts of the world. This crew is all about family-friendly yoga while being safe, nurturing and loving to all species.

2. Seeker + Kind

Head to 108 Dalley St in Mullumbimby where you’ll find Seeker + Kind. There is a variety of yoga classes on here with amazingly positive vibe teachers and students alike. The place is a little more Instagrammy but not so much either. It’s still true to the art of yoga unlike say some of the big city yoga studios we’ve attended.

Seeker + Kind

This place has been around for a few years and is a bit more commercial than when compared to Rainbow Yoga. It’s a little more Byron than it is Mullumbimby but it still draws a great loyal fan base of committed yogis to each class. Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa are all offered here and the space feels very grounded to be in.

3. Takara Yoga Therapy

Over at 28 Mill Street is Takara Yoga Therapy. This is yet another beautiful Mullumbimby yoga studio (let’s admit it…they are all beautiful!) which is uniquely based around Japanese yoga therapy.

Takara Yoga Therapy Mullumbimby

They focus on a meridian based practice that moves with the seasons. Essentially the classes that you’ll experience will change every 90 or so days so as to help with rejuvenation and longevity.

4. Living Yoga Sanga Mullumbimby

The last on our list is Living Yoga Sanga. This is a beautiful place that’s absolutely worth adding to your yoga bucket list. Admit it – you want to try everything out on this list, right?!

Living Yoga Sanga

This place can get busy and they do offer hatha, general, yin and lyengar yoga in town. Try to book ahead especially in the busy tourist season as the numbers pretty much double overnight.

Getting started

We’ve no doubt missed quite a few yoga studios on this list. We’re aiming to build this list even further over the coming months, but at least for now, we’re pretty well set with these 4 yoga studios.

Each are unique and are offering something unique for the specific yogi. If you’re into the alternative healing crowd then Rainbow Yoga is certainly the best experience. However, despite their great reviews online, they aren’t perfectly matched for everyone so consider one of the alternatives here.

If it’s your first time then consider the following too:

  • Bring your own yoga mat, towel and water bottle
  • Plan to be 15 minutes early for your class
  • Let the teacher know that you’re new to yoga
  • Stick to the back of the class. Trust us – it’s just easier
  • Be mindful that yoga is a journey and one that is individual
  • Avoid eating 2 hours before any yoga class
  • Leave your phone at home or in the car. You won’t need it

Most importantly – come in with a non-judgemental mind and simply plan to do the best you can.

Have you visited any of these Mullumbimby yoga studios on our list? Have you got recommendations for some more? Then we would love to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below.

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