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4 Best Yoga Studios in Napier NZ [2021 Guide] - Yocean Yogi

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4 Best Yoga Studios in Napier NZ [2021 Guide]

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Napier has a few yoga studios, but they vary. Through our research, here are the best Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram and Yin studios in Napier NZ.

Best Yoga Studios in Napier

There is no need to hide inside or do yoga from home. Grab your mat and start the engines because we’re about to show you where to go.

Based on real student experiences through online reviews, plus auditing of social media channels and studio reputations, we’ve created this helpful list. Here are the best yoga studios in Napier NZ:

1. Modern Yoga Napier

For good vibes, you can’t go past this yoga studio. They offer bikram and non-heated yoga to locals and travelers alike. And yep, in our opinion, they are the best yoga studio within Napier/Onekawa.

Modern Yoga Napier
Students in a Bikram yoga session at Modern Yoga Napier

There is a real community feel here with students often getting together after class for social events. Inside the studio you’ll find the timetable to suit those looking for early morning and evening classes, with some run for those who have done the school drop-off.

Address: 5/46 Holden Street, Onekawa Napier

2. YinYoga Napier

Do you love the relaxing nature of Yin Yoga? Then you’ll love this place! YinYoga Napier is the place to find an escape from the challenges of the modern world right there on your mat.

YinYoga Napier

With yoga, it doesn’t matter where you start. What’s most important is that you start and continue along the journey over the long term to see results. Students continue coming back here week after week for this reason.

Address: 35 Hastings Street, Napier

3. Yoga for Health

There is little known about Jan’s yoga studio, but she does run a few classes each week. These cater for both beginners and experienced yogis within a small studio setting. For senionrs in Napier looking for yoga, this is the place to find it.

Yoga for Health

It’s best to pre-book her classes as they can fill up. You won’t find her on Facebook or Instagram because her older students just aren’t there. It’s an older demographic of retirees generally above the age of 60.

Address: Tamatea Community Church Hall at 1 York Avenue, Tamatea Napier

4. Elevate Studios

Elevate is an aerial arts academy in Napier which offers some aerial yoga sessions. They are the only yoga studio within the entire region to offer this so well worth attending. Some mild prior knowledge of yoga will help.

Elevate Studios

Their timetable only runs evening sessions during the week but they offer kids classes on weekends. On the calendar, look for the classes that mention aerial yoga and you’ll be all set!

Choosing a yoga studio

Now that you’ve seen the best yoga studios and classes that the Napier region has to offer, let’s help you get started. If this is your first class, we recommend:

  • Arrive early. Plan to get there 10 minutes prior for formalities/paperwork.
  • Buy a casual class. There is no value in joining a monthly subscription right away.
  • Try a few studios. You might find one of these yoga studios suit you better than another.
  • Leave the ego behind. Yoga is about your journey and not about judgement towards others.
  • Bring a towel and water bottle. Even in yin yoga, you can break a sweat in the warmer months.
  • Drag a friend along. You’ll feel less nervous and more excited to try other classes.
  • Leave your phone alone. Turn it off before you even step foot inside. Trust us – you don’t need it!

Wear some good flexible clothing and simply plan to enjoy the session: Nothing else!

In summary

So there we have it. Have you visited any of these yoga studios listed? Let us know in the comments.

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