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6 Best Yoga Studios in New Plymouth NZ

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New Plymouth has dozens of yoga studios, but they vary. Through our research, here are the best Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram and Yin studios in New Plymouth NZ.

Best Yoga Studios in New Plymouth

It might be a little cold but there’s no reason to hide inside! Grab your keys and your yoga mat and head along to one of these friendly studios that welcome beginners to yoga.

We’ve done the research to find the better yoga studios that New Plymouth has to offer. This is based on student reviews, social media signals and feedback among local Facebook groups.

You might be a tourist visiting this beautiful reason or a local. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

We recommend the following:

1. The Wellness Project

Without a doubt, the best yoga studio in New Plymouth is The Wellness Project on Egmont St. The place is full of natural light and is designed to help you through your on-mat and off-mat journey.

The Wellness Project Yoga Studio in New Plymouth

After opening in 2016, this yoga studio has grown to offer craniosacral therapy, massage and mindfulness meditation to its members. Beginners are welcome to choose one of the casual classes on offer which include hatha, yin and vinyasa.

Address: 55A Egmont St, New Plymouth

2. The Yoga Space New Plymouth

If you’re looking for something less Instagrammy, then head along to The Yoga Space. This is a beautiful spot which is more popular with hippies who want genuine yoga without the makeup.

The Yoga Space New Plymouth

This space has a true zen-like feel to it based on the students that frequent its floors. Hatha, Bikram and Yin Yoga are offered as well as regular kirtan and meditation events for those who want to go a little further.

Address: 15 Liardet St, New Plymouth

3. Yoga Club

Head along to Devon St West where you’ll find a mixture of the two studios listed above. Ria Simmons and her team are very community-driven here with everyone offering a safe space for beginners to start their yoga journey.

Yoga Club

The studio itself has ample natural light so you won’t be stuck under office lighting. The students here really connect beyond the class so if you’re looking for like-minded friends, then this is a great place to find some!

Address: 110 Devon Street West, New Plymouth

4. Taranaki Yoga New Plymouth

To find yourself to Taranaki Yoga, you’ll need to get yourself to Flex Fitness in New Plymouth. This is where you’ll also find pilates, hot pilates, Bikram yoga and hatha.

Taranaki Yoga New Plymouth

This is a fitness centre as well as yoga studio, so you just won’t get the same stillness and vibes. However – you can do an intensive class followed by a slow-flow yoga session aftwards and fell like you’ve earned it!

Address: 42 Molesworth Street, New Plymouth

5. Alchemy Yoga & Wellbeing

Returning back to normal yoga studios, a visit to Alchemy is worth the visit. It’s a low key place that was started up a few years ago by Rebekah Bell and welcomes beginners with open arms.

Alchemy Yoga & Wellbeing

The team here have done well to combine the best from The Yoga Space and The Wellness Project into one cool place. We loved the harmonious combination of mind, body and spit here.

Address: 1/74 Powderham Street, New Plymouth

6. Sanctuary Hill

The last on our list isn’t ‘bad’. In fact, it’s a very good studio that we look forward to see growing over the next few months. Student experiences at the Sanctuary Hill yoga retreat are quite positive.

Sanctuary Hill

This really is an oasis in a beautiful location. The studio brings in plenty of natural light and is well heated during the cooler months. Beyond yoga, there is sound healing and meditation sessions for attendees.

Address: 109 Veale Rd, New Plymouth

In summary

As we can clearly see, there are some great yoga studios around the region with some being located right in town while others will require a short drive. They all welcome beginners and we advise being there 10 minutes early for your first session.

It’s always best to try a few studios out first with casual passes before deciding to go further. Bring your own yoga mat, towel and water bottle just to be safe. Let the teacher know that you’re new and they will be less judgemental.

Have you visited any of these spots? Let us know in the comments below.

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