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7 Best Yoga Studios in Newcastle

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Newcastle might not have a reputation for yoga, but there are certainly some fantastic yoga studios around. We’ll show you the best studios around town.

Sometimes you just want an escape. Whether that’s from the challenges of work or the rabbit hole of social media, either way the practice on your mat can take you a million miles away.

Best Yoga Studios in Newcastle

There is no need to make a 2-hour community to use a Sydney yoga studio. Right here in town are about 10 fantastic studios worthy of your consideration.

We decided to summarize this list to make it easier for you to work out who has the best options around.

So without any further ado, here are the best yoga studios in Newcastle:

1. Yoga for All

Yoga for All is a wonderful place where you pay what you can. Essentially, it’s accesible yoga that does away with the commercial aspect that other studios are famous for.

Yoga for All Newcastle

Not only is there a well-built yoga timetable, but you can also attend their workshops and courses. The owners of this place have their priorities right with yoga coming before profits. In Newcastle you’ll find 2 Yoga for All studios.

Charlestown: Head over to Pearson St and you’ll find the Yoga for All Charlestown studio opposite from Chemist Warehouse

Newcastle: The main Yoga for All Newcastle studio is located at 39 Bolton St.

2. Yoga Loft

Yoga Loft has studios across Australia with one being located in Newcastle. It’s a beautiful studio premise which is very light-filled and a strong contender for the #1 spot on this list.

Yoga Loft Newcastle

There is a strong touch of both luxury and eco-sustainability here. And yes, a touch of Instagram too. This is Newcastle’s hub for hot yoga, power yoga, kids and athletic yoga with Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa offered routinely during the week.

Address: 5/50 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW

3. Infuse Health – Yoga and Movement

Over in Adamstown is Infuse Health which is a yoga studio and gym combined. They have been there for almost 10 years now serving both locals and travellers coming up from Sydney.

Infuse Health - Yoga and Movement

From personal training to lyengar yoga classes, you’ll find this haven to suit people who want some options. In addition, they provide holistic health advice to their regular students.

Address: 4/10 William St, Adamstown NSW

4. Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle

This yoga studio lives by the mantra of teaching what is appropiate for the student. We’re all on different journeys and so Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle is there for you whenever you’re ready to start.

Ashtanga Yoga Newcastle

You’ll find the students here are seeking a more authentic experience on the mat without the glossy Instagrammy feel. It’s simply yoga here the way it was initially intended – you, your mat and your mind at ease.

Address: 2/372 King St, Newcastle NSW

5. UNITE Yoga

Looking for kirtan and meditation in Newcastle? Then you’ll find it here. Oh! And they are a fully-equipped yoga studio as well with several classes on each week.

UNITE Yoga Newcastle NSW

The space is quite big allowing you to really move around without touching hands with the persons nearby. From hot yoga to gentle flow and yin, you’ll find something just right for the seasons.

Address: 286 Main Road, Cardiff NSW (Inside Cardiff Arcade, simply go upstairs)

6. Living Peace Yoga

If you fancy a short drive south, then Toronto just outside of Newcastle has a beautiful studio called Living Peace Yoga. And it isn’t just yoga classes and asanas either.

Living Peace Yoga

This is one of the few places in Newcastle where you can get yoga teacher training. On offer is also kirtan, meditation, workshops and kinesiology. After starting in 2011, the owners have built this up with a strong reputation and loyal student base.

7. Hamilton Yoga

For lyengar yoga in Newcastle, it’s best to make the trip to Hamilton for the Hamilton Yoga School. This place (previously called Novacastrian School of Yoga) has been running since 1996 making it one of the oldest yoga studios in all of NSW.

Hamilton Yoga

You can drop in for casual classes, buy a membership or even go through their yoga teacher training. There are daily classes and courses designed for total beginners.

Address: 21 Steel St, Hamilton NSW

The extras

While these didn’t make our best yoga recommendations of Newcastle, they are still worth the consideration:

  • Newcastle Yoga Space in Merewether
  • Yoga Body Works in Newcastle CBD
  • Twine Yoga Studio in Adamstown
  • Earthie Yoga and Meditation in Mayfield
  • Verve For Life over in Warners Bay
  • Yogic Wisdom which you’ll find in Teralba
  • Karen Nicoll in Adamstown
  • Yoga-dendrum in Mayfield

We do look forward to seeing the reviews and user experiences improve with these studios over the coming months.

Getting started

Now it’s time to grab a mat and head out the door. By going into a real yoga studio instead of at-home classes, you can truly escape from the distractions of kids, your phone and the energies holding you back.

Have you attended any of these Newcastle yoga studios mentioned here? Then we’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below. 🙂

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