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9 Best Yoga Studios in Noosa QLD [2021 Guide]

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Noosa is the ultimate hub for yoga on the Sunshine Coast! There are several great yoga studios in and near Noosaville worth visiting.

In this list we’ve done the research. If you’re looking for classes that really thrill you and leave you feeling alive and refreshed, then this list is for you.

Let’s jump straight in.

Best Yoga Studios in Noosa

Once you’re done with shopping and beach-life, you’ll want to get yourself a yoga mat and find a suitable studio. Whether you’re a local or a temporary visitor dreaming of living here, Noosa is really a haven for all things natural.

There is a strong culture here of glam as well as authenticity. The year-round good weather and Queenslander vibes means that you can enjoy many great activities and really feel rejuvenated.

After evaluating social media pages, asking the local yoga population within yoga groups and researching ourselves, we’ve come to this conclusion: There are some mighty fine yoga studios in town! It was really hard to come up with this list and decide how to list them, but here goes.

Noosa’s best yoga studios are essentially the following:

1. Aloha Active Noosa

There are several hot yoga studios in Noosa and the one we recommend the most is Aloha Active. Given their huge popularity and positive reviews among the local crowds, we’ve decided to rank them here first. They also offer Inferno Pilates as well as massage and more.

Aloha Active Noosa

This is located in the Noosa Blue Resort so it caters for both tourists and locals alike. Parking is available free on the premises. Head to 16 Noosa Drive and look for the signs.

2. Santushi Yoga Noosa

This is arguably the second best. We say arguably because it was really hard to come to this conclusion.

Santushi Yoga Noosa

Located at 8 Hastings Street, you’ll find several classes here offering hatha, vinyasa and yin.

3. Fit for Birth (Birth & Baby Village)

If you’re looking for pregnancy yoga, then Fit For Birth (aka Birth & Baby Village) in Noosa is exactly the right place. Run by Karen Shlegeris as a passionate birth educator, it’s a wonderful place to feel comfort and support.

The reviews on Fit for Birth are very high which is reminiscent of the high quality of teaching and care that each student receives. If you’re also searching for mums and bubs yoga, then this is certainly the one!

4. Downward Dog Hot Yoga

Downward Dog Hot Yoga isn’t actually in Noosa. You’ll need to go slightly outside of town into Tewantin where you’ll find them at 2 Parkyn Court (it’s a small shopping precinct right at the Noosa Marina.

The views are amazing and you’ll want to grab a bite around the corner afterwards. You’ll find Bikram, Hatha and Vinyasa here as well as slow flow yoga. This place has been running just a couple of years now and so the facilities are very modern.

5. Zenko Yoga

There are 3 Zenko Yoga studios on the Sunshine Coast with the other 2 being in Buddina and Bli Bli. At the Noosa Studio, owner Lauren Verona has been running this magical place for several years.

This place is less touristy so you’ll find some likeliminded locals that keep coming back week after week. And yes! There are both men and women here with no judgement and simply good vibes.

6. Noosa Beach Yoga

Given Noosa’s amazing weather all year long, why not head outside to do yoga? It also makes the practice so much more affordable. That’s exactly what Noosa Beach Yoga is here for!

Noosa Beach Yoga

If you’re looking for Bikram, then you won’t find it here but it’s certainly a great warmer yoga class in the summer months, without he artificial heat! It’s a slow flow (somewhat hatha) class that’s offered everyday at 9:30 at Noosa Woods.

7. Noosa Yoga Centre

Those who love Lyengar yoga will find it at Noosa Yoga Centre. This is one non-pretentious place that’s warm and inviting, while being absolutely perfect for beginners. If you’re new to yoga, then we recommend heading here.

Noosa Yoga Centre

While not so well known on social media, nor are they glamorous, they are actually the oldest yoga studio in Noosa! It was formed over 30 years ago in 1988 before the tourism really kicked off and before yoga was really known outside of India.

8. Noosa Flow

If you’re looking for pilates and yoga, then this is it. Noosa Flow is more of a pilates centre than it is a yoga centre, but still worth the visit and they have a Facebook group that you can join.

It’s a smaller space offering Hatha and Yin so we recommend you get in touch with them prior to book a class. There is lots of ambient lighting and the place is surrounded by lush green nature that Noosaville is known for.

Their location is also so close to the river! Head to 14/203 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville.

9. Engage Yoga

Technically Engage Yoga is in Sunshine Beach and serves an older (less Instagrammy) demographic of people who simply enjoy stretching and networking. This boutique yoga studio is still worth visiting though as the students and teachers are extremely friendly.

Jo has been running this place for a while outside of Sunshine Coast Sports Physio. Parking can be a little limited sometimes so aim to get there 10 minutes early for a good spot.

Kirtan meditation

So what about Kirtan meditation in Noosa? This is closely related to yoga so we thought that we can make a good mention here.

There are regular kirtan chanting in Noosa but these are often closed-door events. Prem and Jethro from Sacred Earth are based here and do a yearly concert at the Noosa Steiner School which is hugely popular. The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga (aka ASMY) also run the occasional concert too.

In summary

There you have it! The best yoga studios within Noosa ready for you to grab your yoga mat and head out the door. Most of these are pretty close and easy to get to within town.

Who would have thought that Noosaville would have so many different studios! Actually there are a few more that we have missed on this list that in the coming months we believe that we can add.

Have we missed any that you believe should be added right away? Then let us know in the comments below. 🙂

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