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15 Best Yoga Studios in Perth, Western Australia

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Perth has many yoga studios, but which are worth the visit? Today we’ll explore the best yoga studios that the capital city of Perth has on offer.

Best Yoga Studios in Perth

Western Australia isn’t well known as a hot spot for yoga when compared to the likes of Byron Bay’s yoga community, but the capital city itself happens to have dozens of great studios worthy of your stillness.

Here are the best options out there:

1. Myall Yoga & Wellbeing Studio

If you want the best yoga studio in Perth, it’s arguably the Myall Yoga & Wellbeing Studio which you’ll find at 55 St Georges Terrace right there in the city centre.

Myall Yoga & Wellbeing Studio in Perth, Western Australia

Despite being limited with space, they offer hot yoga, hatha yoga, Yin and Vinyasa right there in the CBD. Not only this but Pilates, Meditation and Massage for those who need to relax after a 50-hour working week.

2. Urban OM

If you want to head for a yoga class AND have coffee afterwards, then it’s hard to go past this spot. In fact, many of their students drop into the cafe after class provided it’s still open.

Urban OM

The pricing is quite affordable and they provide discounts off the cafe and retail offerings. You can select both heated and non-heated classes. Located at 42 Bennett Street, East Perth.

3. Yogahub Perth

With so many 5 star reviews surrounding Yogahub Perth, it’s difficult to skip past this gorgeous studio. It’s located at 75 Coogee Street which is just off Scarborough Beach Road.

Yogahub Perth

They also run yoga teacher training in Perth if you’re ready to move up to the next level in your yoga journey. The pricing here is a little higher than most studios but still represents great value given the range of classes and caliber of teachers.

4. The Yoga Space

Not to be confused with the Melbourne studio, The Yoga Space Perth is a beautiful spot with some really wonderful teachers. In fact, with their weekend yoga teacher training, you have a chance to become apart of the team.

The Yoga Space

They are located within the fringes of the CBD at 6/79 Colin Street. It’s one of the better and alternative studios that does away with the commercial vibes.

5. The Yoga Vine

Looking for inner peace and an escape from the busy corporate life? Then The Yoga Vine is the retreat for you right there in Perth’s CBD.

Their timetable is quite diverse with classes operating in the morning, daytime and evenings so they can fit all schedules. You’ll find them at 187 St Gorges Terrace within the Ashton Chambers.

6. Perth Yoga for Everybody

Looking for affordable and…ahem…cheap yoga classes in Perth? Then this is what you’re looking for. With the aim to expand affordability as a social enterprise, Perth Yoga for Everybody is helping people discover asanas for the first time.

They run their classes in the park with Raja, Hatha, Ashtanga, VInyasa and meditation provided. The cost? By donation of just $10 making this extremely accessible. With yoga meant to be a return to nature and stillness, why not get away from the cramped studios with creeky floors and judgemental mirrors, and into your flexible spot on the grass!

Given their community ethos, we’re linking to them here: https://perthyoga.org

7. EN. Yoga

This might sound like a strange name, but there is a strong reason for that:

“EN” is an English prefix for “en-“, to enable one or many into another state, such as enrich, envision, enable, engage, empower, enyoga! Also, “EN” (えん、縁) in Japanese, is a word to describe a connection of people, place and series of events that is meant to be connected.

EN Yoga Perth website

We love that! And you can tell from their studio, this is something they truly live by.

EN. Yoga
Mai runs the EN. Yoga Studio in Perth

If you want to join in such an experience, then head to 242 William Street Northbridge WA. They also run yin yoga meditation sessions which are a feast for the soul.

8. Yoga Harmony Perth

Another magical spot on our list is Yoga Harmony in Perth. This wellness studio has good vibes from both their students and teachers alike.

Their timetable is quite immense with multiple classes offered in the early mornings and evenings during the week. Head along to one of their workshops to help you go deeper on your practice both on and off the mat.

9. The Yoga Garage Perth

Everyone has heard of The Yoga Garage! It’s one of Perth’s best yoga studios, except that it’s located in Scarborough. If you’re prepared to do a drive away from the city center, then this beach escape is the way to go.

The Yoga Garage Perth

This spot is definitely popular with beach vibes and surfers alike. Head around the corner to one of the numerous good-vibe cafes in the area. Better yet – go for a swim between the flags right on the beach!

10. Beyondbeing

Head over to 32 Townshend Rd, Subiaco and you’ll find Beyondbeing which is a gorgeous yoga studio located in a tranquil setting.


In addition to their full yoga timetable, you’ll find teacher training and numerous events on offer for those that want to get to know others in the class a little more.

11. Mala Yoga

This yoga studio will require a drive over to Fremantle, but Mala Yoga is definitely worth the commute. The staff are very friendly and welcoming while providing a great atmosphere to let go of your tension physically, mentally and emotionally.

Mala Yoga

They run classes right on the beach front (on the grass) or right there in their studio. You’ll find them at 10 Wray Avenue which is a short walk to the beach.

12. Wild Thing Yoga

Popular with the younger crowds, Wild Thing Yoga is a beautiful place for yin and vin yoga. Given Perth’s beautiful climate, you can choose to do yoga in the park or within their gorgeous studio setting.

Wild Thing Yoga

A strange ‘twist’ is their love of wine. Owner Christina Haviland often runs classes followed by a glass of wine afterwards for her students. A bit different, but don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!

13. The Yoga Clinic Perth

Jump in the car and head to 220 Carr place, Leederville for a beautiful spot to release the tension of everyday stress. They take a holistic approach with a lot on offer for their visitors.

The Yoga Clinic Perth

Their approach is certainly different which resonates with us here at Yocean Yogi. They provide therapy as well as training and mentorships to help you during challenging times.

14. Yoga West

Sometimes we’re looking for a studio that’s a little less known. You know – the type that’s off the beaten track. Yoga West in Shenton Park has that place covered for you.

Yoga West

You’ll find here at Yoga West a mixture of beginner’s yoga, teacher training as well as retreats for the serious enthusiasts over in Bali. This is one of the best Lyengar yoga studios in Perth for those ready to really open up.

15. North Perth Yoga Room

For an intimate yoga studio that caters for yogis in a different approach, then head to the North Perth Yoga Room. You can choose between the Foundation Stream, Developing Stream, Restorative Stream or the Established Stream. Completely new to yoga? Then head along to their community stream offering free yoga classes in Perth.

North Perth Yoga Room

Of course, you’re welcome to drop into classes at any time or head along to one of their 5-day yoga immersions. I’ll find them at 5 Black Street, North Perth.

What to look for in a studio

Now that we’ve seen the best yoga studios that Perth has to offer, let’s have a think about what you should consider when choosing a studio.

Types of classes

If you’re new to yoga, you may not know yet what each of the classes really mean. Our suggestion? Pick between beginners, Hatha or Yin classes. Each of these are beginner friendly for the most part and just let the teacher know ahead of class that you’re new.


You might work odd hours so look for a yoga studio that can cater for you. All of these Perth yoga studios have their timetables online on their websites or Facebook pages. Some of them even offer private classes if you can’t make it to a group session.

Teachers and students

The vibes of the teachers and students definitely impacts your flow through a yoga class. Don’t judge by photos online but instead head into a yoga studio and experience it yourself with a casual pass. If you do find the energy is helpful for your journey, then you’ve found a good spot to call home.

Location from home

Driving 20 minutes through peak-hour traffic to attend a yoga class isn’t a lot of fun. Instead, we can recommend that you find one that’s close enough to home or work so that you can drop in on the way. Keep in mind that after a yoga class, you might feel “out of it…” for a little while, especially after a Yin class, so long drives aren’t recommended.

Getting started

Perth might not be known for its yoga scene but there are thousands of yogis and yoginis still heading to the studios each and every week. The best part is that most of them teach a range of yoga forms so you can find one that best suits you.

Mix your practice with both indoor and outdoor classes, while also partaking in meditation from time to time.

Have you attended any of these yoga studios? Then let us know in the comments below.

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