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82 Best Yoga Studios in Sydney (As Voted by Yogis)

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Sydney has a seriously massive amount of yoga studios for all yogis. We’ve found the best if you’re serious about rolling out that yoga mat for some asanas.

Best Yoga Studios in Sydney

Given Sydney’s superior public transport system, you’ll find yoga studios to be easily accessible with most also providing car parks for their clients.

From Lyenger to Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa, Bikram and Barre to Meditation and Kirtan, Sydney has really covered all bases for the urban yoga enthusiast. In other words, you can really shop around.

Here are the best yoga studios that Sydney has to offer:

1. Modo Yoga Sydney

Easily the best yoga studio in Sydney in our experience is Modo Yoga located in Rosebery. The 170+ 5 star reviews simply can’t be faked because they really do go the extra mile.

Modo Yoga Sydney
Modo is the best yoga studio in Sydney CBD

They have Modo Yoga which is warm to hot yoga where the room is heated to 37c. In addition, they have Modo Yin, Modo Fit and Flow (Vinyasa) paired with a wonderful community.

Address: 55 Mentmore Avenue, Roseberry NSW

2. InYoga Surry Hills

Head over to Surry Hills where you’ll find InYoga. If you’re looking for more community-spirit then you’ll definitely find it here. They run an extensive class schedule and teacher training.

InYoga Surry Hills
InYoga Surry Hills is truly an urban sanctuary for the daily yogi

The yoga space itself is absolutely beautiful. For those looking for a space filled with natural light and greenery, yet located well inside Sydney’s concrete playground, then this is the place to be.

Address: 2/137 Devonshire St, Surry Hills NSW

3. Power Living Bondi

There are actually two studios located in Bondi which are owned by Power Living Australia. Just back from the Esplanade is one and the other is in Bondi Junction.

Because of this confusion, the Bondi Junction studio is now called ‘This is Yoga’ yet still bears the passion and vibes that Power Living Australia’s brand and teachers bring to the practice.

The classes in both studios are sensational and now you can do yoga online with Power Living. Their platform is called Yogaholics which we reviewed positively as an alternative to studio sessions.

Address for Bondi Beach: 2A Jaques Ave, Bondi Beach NSW

Address for Bondi Junction: Level 1, 420-422 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction NSW

4. Power Living Manly

We simply love the Power Living team, and no, we’re not sponsored by them. The power of a brand like this and the reputation in the industry holds true across all their yoga studios.

Power Living Manly

Power Living Manly is no exception. With Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa and so much more on offer (including Kirtan!) you’ll love this northern Sydney yoga studio for all the right reasons.

Address: 1/15 Sydney Road, Manly NSW

5. Jivamukti Yoga Newtown

Newtown has numerous yoga studios which isn’t surprising and one of the best studios is the Jivamukti Yoga studio. It’s a gorgeous place with strong reviews and a loyal fan base.

Jivamukti Yoga Newtown
Newtown wouldn’t be Newtown without a yoga studio!

The space is natural and open with plenty of space between yoga mats. They are inclusive of beginners while offering some more advanced classes including headstands.

Note: Carparking in this area is severely limited. Ideally, look for the early morning classes if you are planning on driving to Jivamukti yoga in Newtown. Alternatively, public transport is abundant in this area.

Address: 2/407-409 King St, Newtown.

6. YogaBar Sydney

YogaBar has numerous yoga studios in Sydney. You’ll find them with two studios in the CBD which is perfect for the city dwellers, while Burwood, Rouse Hill, Hurstville and Five Dock are also serviced by this beautiful yoga franchise.

YogaBar Sydney

So why do people love YogaBar so much? Because of the vibes and variety. You can practice Vinyasa Flow, Barre and Pilates with most of their studios also offering some of Sydney’s best Yin Yoga classes around.

You can use your membership to move between the 6 different YogaBar studios across Sydney.

YogaBar Westfield Address: 5001/188 Pitt Street (Inside Westfield shopping centre)

YogaBar Liverpool Street: 3/127 Liverpool St

Burwood YogaBar: 8/1-17 Elsie St

Rouse Hill YogaBar: 78/10-14 Market Lane (In the new shopping arcade)

YogaBar Hurstville: 1/8 Crofts Ave

YogaBar FiveDock: 49 Queens Road

7. Be One Yoga

Be One Yoga in Sydney has a few negative reviews but that didn’t stop us from listing them near the top of this Sydney yoga studio guide. After all, their staff and facilities, and more importantly, their ethos, is right on point.

Be One Yoga Sydney

As with most studios, you can choose between Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. They also run Ashtanga with some heat and Hot Flow which is similar to Bikram but with milder heat.

Address: 20 Hargrave Street, Darlinghurst NSW

8. City Yoga Studio

They could’ve thought of something more original as a name, but if you’re looking for a beautiful yoga studio right by QVB, then it’s gotta be this one. The classes are smaller and intimate so there is less of a corporate or brand-sponsored feel.

City Yoga Studio Sydney

This studio is very community-driven and offers more affordable (read: cheaper) yoga classes than most other studios across Sydney. The students appreciate this approach and often stay loyal for many years.

Address: 203/127 York Street, Sydney NSW

9. One Hot Yoga & Pilates

If you’re looking for a very Insta-grammy yoga studio, then check out One Hot Yoga & Pilates. This place is seriously beautiful and high quality for those who demand cleanliness.

One Hot Yoga & Pilates

Pilates is a good focus of this studio, but yoga comes first. They offer Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Yin. This is a more expensive studio but it’s for the right crowd who requires something special.

Address: 34 Kellett Street, Potts Point NSW

10. Sky-Lab

If you’re looking for aerial yoga in Sydney, then we’ve found the best studio in the city. For those who like to hang and fly, then this is the perfect place for you.

Sky-Lab Sydney yoga studio

With Sky-Lab offering a range of classes including Pilates, Barre and Yoga Stretch with their aerial gear, you’d think it’s only for women…but you’d be wrong! They cater for men with the Core class (a high intensity workout) being very popular to build strength and muscle.

Address: 405/342 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills NSW

11. Flow Lab Yoga

Looking for yoga right in the heart of Sydney’s CBD? Then you can’t go past Flow Lab Yoga. This is a beautiful studio and one that is popular with both men and women who work in the city.

Flow Lab Yoga

Essentially, this is like an urban sanctuary. A chance to reconnect away from the crowds, pollution and cell phones. If you’re catching the train (and you should) then get off at Synard station for Flow Lab.

Address: Level 2 and 3, 295 Kent Street, Sydney NSW

12. Yoga To Go Studio

If you’re prepared to drive, then head over to Petersham where you’ll find Yoga To Go. This beautiful little haven serves beginners to advanced students which are mostly the older crowd.

Yoga To Go Studio Sydney

Their timetable might seem basic, but they are one of the few yoga studios offering Lyengar classes in Sydney in a small and friendly setting. In addition, their Pilates classes are hugely popular.

Address: 106-108 Crystal St, Petersham NSW

13. North Sydney Yoga

North Sydney Yoga focuses on Mysore and Yoga Flow. The classes are intimate as is the studio itself. If you’re looking for a place where you can chat to fellow students afterwards without the crowds, then this is for you.

Owner Angelika has been running this studio for years and is passionate about teaching her students, paired with her other 10 or so other teachers who often drop in for a class.

Address: 144 Blues Point Road, Sydney NSW

14. Balance Yoga Sydney

Balance Yoga now has 2 studios in Sydney, with one being right there by the city in Glebe and the other in North Strathfield. Both of them are absolutely worth the visit!

Balance Yoga Sydney

The timetables here are quite impressive with beginner yoga, parents yoga and even yoga teacher training on offer. Clearly there’s quite a ‘balance’ (pun intended) with their class offerings. You can also go deeper into your practice by signing up to one of their course offerings.

Glebe studio: Australia Post Building, 181a Glebe Pt Rd, Glebe NSW

North Strathfield studio: 2/5 George St, North Strathfield NSW

15. Luxe Yoga Sydney

If you’re able to, head over to Brookvale and check out Luxe Yoga. This is certainly a magical place which doubles as a fitness studio with solid timetable, but the focus is on yoga.

Luxe Yoga Sydney

For those who need a clean yoga studio with good energy, you’ll certainly find it here. You could even look at their timetable and do a double class with a spin cycle.

Address: 162 Harbord Rd, Brookvale NSW

16. ASMY Chippendale

The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga has studios across Australia, with their Sydney studio being located in Chippendale. This is a good place for both yoga and Kirtan.

The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga Chippendale

Public transport is recommended as carparking spots are tough to find in this area. Also, despite being located on a busy road, it’s surprisingly quiet as the studio is located underground.

Address: 154-160 Broadway, Chippendale NSW

17. Hatha Yoga Space

If you have a car then head down to Hatha Yoga Space down in Kogarah. The reviews on this place provide that this studio is worth the commute.

Hatha Yoga Space Sydney

What you’ll find is plenty of classes on offer daily, but more importantly, excellent vibes. The teachers and students both bring warm energies unlike those studios in the heart of Sydney.

Address: 62 Railway Parade, Kogarah NSW

18. Life Source Yoga

If you live in North Sydney, then you’ll love Life Source Yoga and their fantastic timetable. They cater for beginners to experienced yogis as well as those seeking yoga teacher training.

Pilates, Yin, Power Flow and Hatha Yoga are all offered here. As is their wellness clinic and pre-natal yoga to assist you with pregnancy.

Address: 2/83 Walker St, North Sydney

19. BodyMindLife

BodyMindLife has numerous studios located across Sydney, from Redfern to Bondi Beach and Potts Point to Kirrawee. Because of that, their timetable has 400+ weekly classes.

If you get a BodyMindLife membership then you can attend an unlimited amount of yoga and pilates classes. We see this as quite generous as other multi-location studios don’t allow this at all. By allowing you to access all BodyMindLife yoga studios, you’ll be able to find the place and teacher(s) that most resonate with you.

Surry Hills: 1/84 Mary St

Bondi: 40 Hall St

Redfern: 15/245 Chalmers St

Kirrawee: 1 Village Pl (inside South Village Shopping Centre up on level 1)

Head to one of these yoga studios 10 minutes early to purchase your 1-month casual membership then try them all out!

20. Woke Yoga Potts Point and Mosman

For those wanting a beautiful yoga escape, then it’s hard to look past the Woke Yoga studios located in Mosman and Potts Point right on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. The people who run this place are definitely ‘woke’ on their journey.

Their philosophy is that, given our short lives, we shouldn’t be asleep at the wheel. Instead, we should awaken and synthesize through ancient wisdom paired with modern science. We’d agree with that philosophy. Note: The prices here can be a little higher, but as can the calibre of students.

Potts Point studio: 2/20 Darlinghurst Rd

Mosman studio: 2/52 Ourimbah Rd

21. Mother Nurture Yoga

Mums! This is the yoga studio for you. Mother Nurture Yoga has been designed for expecting and new mums to help everyone through this new journey and phase through life.

Mother Nurture Yoga

This is certainly a place where you won’t feel the judgement and can finally connect with others. Who knows? This could turn into playdates in a couple of years with the mothers you’ll meet here.

The Castlemaine studio is private and the best way to find the address is to get in touch with Lauren.

22. The Yoga House

Over in Gladesville there is a yoga studio literally called ‘The Yoga House’ and we think it’s fantastic. They are primarily a yoga teacher training studio and one of the best in Sydney from all that we’ve researched.

The Yoga House

While they’re geared for teaching, there is no reason why you can’t drop in for a class or two. Their timetable offers hatha as well as yoga for seniors and for children.

Address: 1/245 Victoria Road, Gladesville NSW

23. Oski Yoga

Want to stretch out? And by that we mean actually have some generous space between your yoga mat and your partners? Then Osi Yoga is the one you’re looking for as their studio offers plenty of space so you aren’t touching hands with those next to you.

Oski Yoga Sydney

What’s on offer is plenty of Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Meditation. For those that enjoy aerial yoga, you’ll also love this place for the challenges they dish out to students. As a studio, it’s the student experience that is their main driving force.

Address: 15 Blue Street, North Sydney NSW (Inside the Fujitsu Building)

24. Sydney Yoga Collective

Have you noticed that yoga in Sydney is becoming too commercial? Where are the hippies? Well, you’ll find them in abundance at Sydney Yoga Collective.

Sydney Yoga Collective

There’s something about this space that feels more real and tangible. Where the essence of yoga rings true. Certainly they aren’t your average yoga studio and don’t cater to the masses. Now if you’re a beginner, then this is a great spot for you.

25. Earth & Sky Yoga Studio

For an intimate space that also is quite zen-like, it’s hard to go past Earth and Sky. This yoga studio is an inner-city sanctuary serving those who, again, don’t really want to see the commercialisation or self-importance of yoga. Those that attend here are here for practice and nothing else.

Earth & Sky Yoga Studio

There are limited class sizes here but they do offer a good range for both beginners and experienced yogis. You can further your journey by joining one of their workshops, going on a retreat or becoming professionally trained as a yoga teacher. They even offer natural therapies for the holistic individual.

Address: 1/137 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW

26. Balmain Lyengar Yoga Studio

Shouldering Balmain and Birchgrove is the Balmain Lyengar Yoga Studio offering workshops literally around the world. Pixie Lillas owns this place which has been running for years.

Balmain Lyengar Yoga Studio

They run a very non-judgemental space which is perfect for beginners. In additional to routine yoga classes, you can advice your progress by joining in one of the numerous developmental workshops which are run in-house.

Address: 84 Phillip St, Balmain NSW

27. Yoga Synergy Bondi

Yoga Synergy in Bondi is the place to be if you want online yoga courses, teacher training as well as traditional hatha yoga classes in the studio. You know what we love about this place? Authenticity. They have taken less of a commercial and Instagrammy approach.

Yoga Synergy Bondi

Inside the studio, you’ll find it clean, warm and inviting. The timetable is unfortunately a little bare with just one or two classes per day at this time.

Address: 17 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction NSW

28. Black Lotus Yoga Studio

Head into Marrickville’s Black Lotus Yoga Studio for Lyengar as well as hatha and beginners yoga. Need a bit more? Then you can register for advanced workshops.

Black Lotus Yoga Studio

What we love about this studio is their close-knit feel. It simply feels more holistic and genuine given the smaller size of the studio.

Address: 61 Warren Rd, Marrickville NSW

29. Yoga Synergy Newtown

Newtown is where Yoga Synergy started all those years ago with the Bondi studio we mentioned above coming later. This still has its roots in simple-mindedness.

The timetable at Newtown’s studio is slightly better than the Bondi studio with Vinyasa classes happening twice per day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

Address: 196 Australia St, Newtown NSW

30. Hatha Yoga Desha

Most people have never heard of the yoga studio in Leichhardt. It’s actually been there since 2003 in the same spot with Penny Cuthbert and her small team teaching Hatha yoga to a small group.

Hatha Yoga Desha

The studio has plenty of space so you won’t be tight and knocking over your partners. They use a Shadow Yoga approach which is slightly different using the guiding principles of Marmasthana.

Address: 220A Norton St, Leichhardt NSW

31. Divine Flow Yoga

If you can handle the drive up to Brookvale, then you’ll come across the beautiful Divine Flow Yoga studio. This hall is massive so you won’t be bumping into the person next to you or touching hands in a downward dog.

Divine Flow Yoga Sydney

From restorative and Yin to Hatha, they really have it all. While they are surrounded by industrial warehouses, you’ll certainly feel like you’re a million miles away here.

Address: 22 William St, Brookvale NSW

32. Inhale Life CBD

If you’re looking for yoga close to Martin Place, then Inhale Life is the yoga studio that you’re looking for. The teachers are wonderful and the studio itself is quite natural despite being right in the middle of the CBD.

Inhale Life CBD

Not to be confused with their Horsley Park studio, the CBD studio right in the heart of Sydney’s downtown area is sure to delight the person seeking an urban sanctuary.

Address: 1/99 Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW

33. Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst

Finally! We have a Bikram yoga studio in Sydney that has made this list and it happens to be one of the best studios around the city. Head to Darlinghurst to check out this awesome studio.

Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst - Sydney

Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst is hugely popular with many great reviews. People are pleased with the teachers and the timetable, and more importantly, pleased with their results after several months at this studio.

Address: 2/256 Crown St, Darlinghurst NSW

34. Redfern Yoga Room

Redfern has several yoga studios and one of our favourites is the Yoga Room. They teach a Mysore-style Ashtanga Yoga as well as yoga for beginners and community yoga.

Redfern Yoga Room Sydney

We love their timetable and vibes. They do away with the big classes where everyone is a stranger, and instead make themselves more like a group of friends. Winning!

Address: Level 1, 141 Redfern St, Redfern NSW

35. Yoganic

We love the name of this yoga studio! You’ll find Yoganic in Willougby offering a range of yoga and fitness classes including Yin, Barre and Pilates. They also provided pregnancy and new mums and bubs yoga.

Yoganic Sydney

We love the vibes and clean nature of their studio. Parking can be problematic at times so get their early. They also have a Yoganic App so you can do yoga from home. This is certainly one of the better yoga studios on Sydney’s North Shore.

Address: 1/551 Willoughby Rd, Willoughby NSW

36. Qi Health & Yoga

Qi Health & Yoga is one of Manly’s best yoga studios. The actual premises are so beautiful and calming with a loft-style presence and is rather quiet, despite being in the heart of Manly.

Qi Health & Yoga Manly

As far as what’s on offer, the Qi Health timetable offers multiple yoga classes daily as well as courses, workshops and massage. You can also book yourself in for an alternative health treatment.

Address: 1/9 The Corso, Manly NSW

37. Dancing Warrior Yoga

Dancing Warrior is a beautiful yoga studio based in St Peters. They put away the fanciness and instead step into authenticity (and a sense of hippy silliness) through their small studio with a loyal student base.

Dancing Warrior Yoga

You can choose from Beginner’s Yoga, Warrior Yoga and Yin. After a few months, you might want to take things a step further by enrolling into their yoga teacher training.

Address: 11 May St, St Peters NSW

38. Mantra Yoga

Living in Crows Nest? There is little stopping you from getting a weekly yoga fix with Mantra Yoga. For authentic yoga without the commercial branding, this place is doing very well.

Mantra Yoga

The energy here is quite soulful and the way it should be. Simply friendly and community-driven. It’s the type of yoga studio where everyone knows each other, but beginners and newcomers are welcome at any time.

Address: 1 Holtermann St, Crows Nest NSW

39. Central Yoga School

Surry Hills in Sydney has several yoga studios and this is one of our favourites. The facilities are clean and the noise is minimal despite being so close to the train tracks.

Central Yoga School

You’ll find plenty of space between yoga mats so you won’t feel so tight. In addition, their timetable has 3 to 4 classes per day even on weekends! Needless to say you won’t have any excuses to get along to a yoga class.

Address: 18 Cooper St, Surry Hills NSW

40. Seaforth Yoga and Pilates

Seaforth Yoga and Pilates is less well known in Sydney’s yoga community and that’s what we love about it! It’s a newer studio that only opened in early 2018.

Seaforth Yoga and Pilates

Unfortunately, their timetable doesn’t offer early-morning questions. Plus there are only classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Perhaps a good reason why this one isn’t so popular, but still worth attending.

Address: 550 Sydney Rd, Seaforth NSW (Inside the Seaforth Village Community Centre)

41. Pyrmont Yoga

If you’re looking for a beautiful yoga studio in Sydney’s CBD area, then head over to Pyrmont for authentic yoga. Pyrmont Yoga keeps it as simple as it gets.

Pyrmont Yoga

This little boutique studio offers Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa. Nothing fancy. Just a warm and friendly environment with quality yoga mats available complimentary for students.

Address: 2/123 Harris St, Pyrmont NSW

42. Egg Of The Universe

Yes – Egg Of The Universe is a legitimate name for a yoga studio which you’ll find in Rozelle. Their timetable is impressive as are their student reviews based on what’s on offer. So then, what makes this place special? Their unique yoga studio.

Egg Of The Universe

They also have a wholefoods cafe right there on site. Essentially, you can go to one of their numerous yoga classes on offer then drop in the cafe straight aftwards for a warm bite and a juice to go.

43. Marrickville Yoga Centre

For those who love Hatha yoga and live near Marrickville, then you’ll be served well by this studio who has been in the same spot now since 2008. Their studio is smaller and friendlier too.

Marrickville Yoga Centre

They generally run 2 to 3 classes per day which are often general yoga. For the beginners, there’s a free beginners course which you can take online. Likewise, both yoga and kids and teenagers may enjoy this studio and potentially make some new friends.

44. Yoga Pavilion

Artarmon has a beautiful yoga studio called Yoga Pavilion. At this time, it is closed and may reopen again soon.

Yoga Pavilion

They teach Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga as well as aerial yoga for both new and experienced flyers.

Address: 15 Elizabeth St, Artarmon NSW

45. Hot Dog Yoga

Now this is a cool yoga studio! Hot Dog Yoga is all about the heat. And yes, dogs do come here from time to time. There is a resident dog named Pavlova!

Hot Dog Yoga

You’ll find Vinyasa Flow in the mornings and evenings. The student community is small and intimate with a sense that most people know each other.

Address: Level 1, 15 Knox St, Double Bay NSW

46. CE Yoga and Massage for men

A yoga studio for men in Sydney? Head along to CE Yoga and Massage for a different experience without the ladies. Yes – this is primarily yoga for gay men but straight men are also welcome.

CE Yoga and Massage for men Sydney

The class sizes are small meaning you can network with other like-minded men of all ages and fitness levels. They also have naked yoga given the clientele who visits here. Beginners are most welcome anytime.

Address: 9 Earl Place, Potts Point NSW

47. Yoga Hotspot Chatswood

Head over to Chatswood for hot and unheated yoga with Vinyasa, Yoga and Power Flow Yoga on offer. You’ll find them very welcoming to beginners of all ages.

Yoga Hotspot Chatswood

This place is actually quite popular with many 5-star reviews. The prices are reasonable and the relaxing environment really does help you melt away the stress of the week prior.

Address: 31 Albert Ave, Chatswood NSW

48. The Yoga Factory

Imagine a yoga studio where it’s yoga for everyone, not just the elite. That’s where The Yoga Factory comes in. There are numerous classes within their Annandale timetable catering to real people.

The Yoga Factory Sydney

They also run regular events where you can engage with other students on a more personal level. In addition, you’ll find teacher training including the 350hr and 200hr yoga teacher training courses.

Address: 1 Booth St, Annandale NSW

49. YogaRuka

YogaRuka has been teaching people for years and is run by Rua Hvitulv. The community here is very friendly and partakes in out-of-studio activities quite often.


In terms of classes, there is a solid variety that you can do both online and offline. From Yin to Flow and Slow Fusion with multiple classes held daily.

50. Naked Yoga Sydney

Yes – there is a place in Sydney that you can do naked yoga. The main studio is located in St Peters though there is the gay men’s studio located in Potts Point which we referenced above.

Naked Yoga Sydney

Again – this is another studio offering men’s classes for those who want a different experience and to get to know others in this space. This isn’t the place for you if you’re looking for a guaranteed something.

Address: 31 Princes Highway, St Peters NSW

51. Yoga in Motion

If you’re searching for a beautiful and relaxing space, then this is for you. They very much welcome beginners and for those who need a stronger yet more flexible back.

The pricing and timetable are quite affordable given how beautiful the facilities are. Natural light is abundant and so are the vibes of fellow students, because their classes aren’t packed full of students.

Address: 2/24 Birdwood Ln, Lane Cove NSW

52. Burwood Community Yoga

We love community here at Yocean Yogi. Head over to Burwood where you’ll find one of the most magical experiences around with simply authentic teaching without the high price.

This place isn’t so popular and you won’t find a fancy social media follow. But what you will find is a nice timetable and regular events where you can connect with others.

53. Bikram Yoga Five Dock

Five Dock has a Bikram yoga studio that is hugely popular. The room is huge which means you have plenty of space to stretch and sweat it all out. And yes – they crank up the heat.

Bikram Yoga Five Dock (Sydney)
This is one of the better Bikram studios in Sydney

One of the best things is that it isn’t just yoga. They regularly run events here and have a strong community-vibe which is rare in the Bikram space.

54. Soul Flow

Soul Flow Yoga and Meditation is a beautiful place to find yourself. The environment and the teachers really do make this space ultra special.

Soul Flow

They are very family-minded and are big proponents of children’s yoga. There are also regular events held to help you connect with others and go deeper with your yoga journey.

55. Newtown Yoga Room

Yes, we have yet another Newtown yoga studio on this list! And with a stock standard name ‘Newtown Yoga Room’ but it’s anything but normal.

What we love is that this isn’t in the mail drag so you won’t hear so much noise. It’s a sanctuary away from the hustle and the strange people that you often find in the area.

Address: 35-39 Dickson St, Newtown NSW

56. Yoga Light

Yoga Light, run by owner Dianne, is a beautiful and captivating place where students stay loyal for years. They do away with the big yoga studios and go for limited students, so you may have to book a class first.

Yoga Light

Beginners are very welcome here and you can even attend the general level classes which are open for those who live in Randwick and surrounding suburbs.

Address: Level 1, 165 Alison Rd, Randwick NSW

57. Simply Yoga

Some of these yoga studios are charging expensive prices. Instead, Simply Yoga has made it affordable and accessible for everyone to come and attend yoga classes.

Simply Yoga Sydney

You can always get a free trial for their 10-week beginner course. They also have classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners. You can also enrol into a therapy class and private session.

Address: 104/4 Clarke St, Crows Nest NSW

58. Yogatime Bondi

There are some beautiful classes to experience at Yogatime Bondi. And it’s not just the class either. If you’re looking for Reika or Meditation in Bondi, then Yogatime also has it.

Yogatime Bondi

As for the classes, they aren’t into the high intensity flow or asanas. Instead, you’ll find plenty of mellow and Yin on offer for those wanting a gentle approach to yoga.

Address: 3/290 Bondi Rd, Bondi NSW

59. Urban Soul

Urban Soul isn’t really well known as a yoga studio but it’s certainly a great spot! The teachers are kind, the classes flow well and with so much space, it leaves plenty of room to stretch out.

One thing we really like is their location. It’s located right there in Alexandria so those coming from the Sydney CBD will find plenty of parking and away from the crowds.

Address: 105 Belmont St, Alexandria NSW


Mosman has a few yoga studios and one of our favourites has to be Kai Yoga. They have a very clean studio with beach vibes paired with an abundance of natural light.

There is a range of classes which Kai Yoga offers, in addition to their workshops and teacher training. Right now they’re also offering live streaming online of their classes.

1/942 Military Rd, Mosman NSW

61. Transform Yoga Pilates Barre

Transform is a beautiful yoga studio in Balgowlah with people driving from Manly, Fairlight, Allambie, Mosman, Frenchs Forest and Seaforth to get their fix.

The timetable is quite extensive with aerial, yin, hatha, pilates and so much more. You can also join in their regular events to get to know others who frequent this beautiful studio.

Address: 1/52 Balgowlah Rd, Balgowlah NSW

62. Beyond Fitness Australia

For an aerial yoga studio right in the heart of Sydney CBD, you’ll find need to visit Beyond Fitness Australia. They also run Vinyasa Flow and Yin if the hammocks aren’t your thing. (Did you see what we did there?)

Beyond Fitness Australia

The timetable suits those who work in the city with both morning and evening classes offered. In addition, they’re located a little far back in Crows Nest so you’ll find plentiful parking.

Address: 131 Alexander St, Crows Nest NSW

63. Lyengar Yoga Space

Lyengar Yoga Space is one of the most beautiful and in our opinion, one of the best yoga studios in Sydney. Paddington is spoiled to have this yoga studio located in their own suburb.

Lyengar Yoga Space

Run by Tamar Kelly, this space is well worth the visit for yoga as well as kids yoga and teacher training. You’ll find plenty of parking on the back streets.

Address: 3b Victoria St, Paddington NSW

64. Dharma Shala Yoga

Head to Bondi and right by Ben Buckler is the Dharma Shala Yoga. For those who are traveling but feel a little home sick, then this is the place to get some care and self-joy.

Dharma Shala Yoga

This yoga studio is all about nourishment with classes happening several times per day. In addition, you can join one of their regular live events.

Address: 108 Brighton Blvd, North Bondi NSW

65. This Is Yoga

This Is Yoga has 3 core locations across Sydney and serves the yoga community well. You’ll find these in Clovelly, Randwick and Coogee with Power Living opening a 4th studio in Bondi very soon.

This Is Yoga

Given the commercial nature of this business, you’ll find the class sizes to be bigger but also more regular. If you’re struggling with any of the other yoga studios on this list, then you’ll appreciate this one as you can choose from better timings.

66. Mayoga Australia

Sometimes yoga just gets way too commercial and we need to return to the grass roots. You know – we shouldn’t be doing yoga for the sake of ‘looking cool’ but for the origins.


Luckily, Mayoga Australia is holding on to the true authentic nature of yoga giving Sydney dwellers an alternative to the packed yoga studios with branded yoga pants and makeup. They run outdoor classes as well as use their beautiful wellbeing studio located in Northern Sydney.

Address: 64 West St, North Sydney NSW

67. Coogee Yoga

Coogee Yoga is one of Sydney’s best Lyengar yoga studios and the students agree. After all, look online and you’ll find dozens of reviews and testimonials based on the pedigree of their studio and teachers.

Coogee Yoga

Head along to one of their yoga classes or even attend a workshop. They also serve teenagers while giving free events called ‘Monthly Mindfulness’ based on the meditation practices of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Address: 135E Brook St, Coogee NSW (Within St Brigid’s Parish Grounds)

68. The Livingroom

So that’s one Coogee yoga studio, so how about another? As an alternative, you could also check out The Livingroom if you’re searching for hatha, meditation and pilates.

This beautiful space overlooks the Pacific Ocean with views to some of the most prominent houses in Sydney. Why not go for a quick swim in the ocean straight after?

Address: 1/62 Carr St, Coogee Beach NSW

69. Ashtanga YogaMoves

Ashtanga YogaMoves owned by Eileen Hall is a beautiful spot in Paddington for those looking for a beautiful environment and great teachers to help them along the journey.

Ashtanga YogaMoves

The timetable/schedule is quite developed and provides several classes per day. This way you can fit a class in during the morning or evening, depending on your work schedules.

Address: 30 Alma St, Paddington NSW

70. Wendy Millyard Yoga

Redfern hasn’t been forgotten about! There is a beautiful spot called Hatha Yoga Sydney which we’ve covered on this list. You can head along to special classes by Wendy Millyard.

Wendy Millyard Yoga

She runs exclusive experiences with her yoga classes which cater to both newer and experiences yogis. Bookings recommended as her classes can fill up.

Address: 6/15 Woodburn St, Redfern NSW

71. My Asana

Serving the more affluent suburbs of Sydney, My Asana is a beautiful studio where you can literally melt for hours. We simply love the zen space and energy that they bring.

My Asana

You’ll find the space to be inclusive of everyone, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned veteran on the mat. Just bring your gear and a smile to share in the good vibes of this place.

Address: 1 Norton Ave, Vaucluse NSW

72. Prana Space

Do you like a yoga studio that’s a little more playful? You know – like the type of space where you can return to a child-like state? That’s what you’ll find right here at Prana Space.

Prana Space
Small classes at Prana Space which is one of Sydney’s most beautiful little yoga studios.

You can join in the acroyoga fun or simply attend one of their more regular hatha yoga classes. We love the simplicity of this place and the natural light paired with good vibes.

Address: 1/696 New South Head Road, Rose Bay NSW

73. Quro Pilates Yoga Broadway

We almost didn’t know about this studio until a friend reminded us of how fantastic Quro is. If you live in Sydney’s CBD or just on the fringes, then Glebe and Ultimo residents generally head to Quro on Broadway for their weekly asana fix.

Quro Pilates Yoga Broadway

You’ll find more than 20 classes on each week. Unfortunately, the reviews aren’t so hot but Quro is committed to raising the reputation. The space itself is so beautiful!

Address: 1/86-90 Bay St, Ultimo NSW

74. OM Collective Sydney

For anyone living in or near Alexandria, head along to OM Collective which is a very natural yoga studio. Just look at how beautiful their yoga studio is!

OM Collective Sydney

So much natural light resorting in an urban sanctuary worth visiting. If you’re needing an escape from the busyness of Sydney’s corporate life, then make an attendance here real soon.

Address: 40b Birmingham St, Alexandria NSW

75. Earth Sky Yoga Vaucluse

Not to be confused with the Brisbane studio, the Earth Sky Yoga studio in Vaucluse is a tucked-away secret that few people actually know about. Case in point: There is only space for about 8 yoga mats.

Earth Sky Yoga Vaucluse

Because it’s less popular, people tend to know each other well. It’s less a back-packers den like many of Sydney’s popular yoga studios, and more like a place to actually escape.

Address: 8 Jesmond Ave, Vaucluse NSW

76. flow mOcean

Looking for SUP Yoga in Sydney? Then we’ve found the best spot for you. This isn’t a yoga studio with walls and instead they choose to run all their classes outdoors. If the whether turns bad, then they resort to beach yoga!

flow mOcean

The timetable is fantastic with classes often running at sunset and sunrise. It’s the perfect way to either start or finish a hectic work day and truly spend some time out there on the water.

Address: West Esplanade, Manly NSW (Just look for their branded vehicle in the carpark)

77. Randwick Yoga Space

Randwick is back on this list again with their beautiful yoga studio. It is located on the main road but the noise from traffic is surprisingly not too bad at all. Fellow students have left this studio a unanimous 5-star rating.

Randwick Yoga Space

The timetable is wonderful, but you’re invited to take things up a notch with their workshops which they hold regularly. Better still – head along to one of their retreats.

Address: 1/126 Avoca St, Randwick NSW

78. Urban Grace Yoga

Sometimes we really look hard for a yoga studio which has a holistic viewpoint and doesn’t try too hard. Urban Grace is exactly that.

Urban Grace Yoga

For those needing back support, then this is their main focus. With their specific yoga classes, you can improve your well being, posture and confidence and when you’re ready, upgrade to their teacher training classes.

Address: 72/74 Shepherd St, Marrickville NSW

79. West Street Wellbeing

Both a wellness centre and yoga studio, North Sydney is spoiled to have West Street Wellbeing right there in the middle of the busyness. And why not? Those in the fire need to breathe sometimes.

West Street Wellbeing Sydney

In addition to a great yoga studio, you’ll also find acupuncture, massage and naturopathy services. Certainly this is the place to find everything under one roof.

Address: 64 West St, North Sydney NSW

80. Selph Health Studios

Again, on this list we have a holistic healing centre. Head along to Selph Health Studios where you can experience a range of services on offer from yoga, pilates, meditation and acupuncture.

Selph Health Studios

The timetable is reasonably OK but you will find a better timetable with other studios nearby. However, many people go here for the yoga and drop in for a treatment with the chiropractor or massage therapist straight after or before a class.

Address: 2H Hayes Rd, Roseberry NSW

81. Body Ethos

Yet again we have a Balmain yoga studio making this list and one that certainly has been there a long time! The owner of Body Ethos is Kylie Matthews Morello with this studio running since 2003.

Body Ethos

You can start with Stretch/Gentle Yoga or Yin, before moving your way up towards Hatha and Vinyasa. If you’re new, start with the more gentle classes and let the teachers know that it’s your first time.

1B Booth St, Balmain NSW

82. InnerFit Wellness

Petersham has InnerFit Wellness which is a beautiful yet simple yoga and fitness studio with limited space. We personally aren’t a big fan of huge classes so this sits well with us.

InnerFit Wellness

There are heaps of classes during the week and on weekends you can join in to one of their regular events to help develop your spiritual and mental wellbeing, as well as building physical strength through their group fitness programs. It’s on Parramatta Rd but surprisingly there isn’t much road noise here.

Address: 718 Parramatta Rd, Petersham NSW

The rejects

While we’ve shared a lot of the best yoga studios in Sydney, there are some who simply don’t make the list. It’s essentially these based on their negative reviews:

  • YogaBar with their expensive cancellation fees across Sydney leaving a bad taste in the mouths of individuals.
  • Sweaty Soul Sydney
  • Elixr Health Clubs
  • Bikram Yoga Inner WEst
  • Zen Warrior Studio
  • Art of Yoga
  • Concord Yoga Studio
  • Chatswood Yoga Centre
  • All Fitness First Studios offering yoga classes

Unfortunately, these fewer yoga studios shown above were rejected from this list because their bad reviews online didn’t quite make it to 4 stars.

We do look forward to seeing them improve their performance in the future.

In summary

Clearly Sydney is spoiled for choice when it comes to yoga studios. You literally have so many options to choose from! Plus many of them are praised with positive reviews.

The best advice is to try a few of Sydney’s yoga studios with a casual pass which you can buy online. Often it does take a few different studios before you finally find peace with the right one that takes into account your goals on the journey ahead.

Have you tried any of these yoga studios in Sydney that we’ve listed? If so – let us know your experiences below.

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