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5 Best Toowoomba QLD Yoga Studios

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Toowoomba might not have a reputation for yoga, but there are certainly some great yoga studios in town! We’ll show you the handpicked studios.

There is no need to make the 2-hour commute into Brisbane as in the last 2 to 3 years, numerous yoga studios have opened in Toowoomba. The industry is absolutely booming with now online yoga platforms also becoming quite popular.

Best Toowoomba QLD Yoga Studios

Most of the Toowoomba yoga studios are centered around the CBD area. That said – they are off the main roads so you won’t hear the trucks going through town.

We’ve got the Yocean Yogi team to do the research and looked at user experiences. From our audit, here are the best yoga studios in Toowoomba:

1. Zama Yoga & Pilates

Amy the owner of Zama Yoga and Pilates was voted as the best yoga instructor in town. For that, we believe she’s worth of the award of the best yoga studio in Toowoomba.

Zama Yoga & Pilates Best Yoga in Toowoomba
Well done Amy on having Toowoomba’s best yoga studio!

Her studio is absolutely beautiful with lots of natural lighting. The timetable is quite full with barre, pilates, hatha, yin and vinyasa all offered. Occasionally you’ll find aerial yoga as well! She also runs Zama Institute which is the only Toowoomba based studio offering yoga teacher training.

Address: 67 Ramsay St, South Toowomba QLD

2. Grace and Joy Wellness

For Kundalini yoga in Toowoomba, the sanctuary you’re looking for is Grace and Joy Wellness. Jenny & Charlie (Charlie is her dog) look after this beautiful studio and the last place that you’d expect to find in this country town.

In addition to a great timetable with casual/relaxing classes, you’ll also find gong sound meditation and more. If the term ‘Sat Nam’ makes sense to you, then you’ve found your haven right here.

Address: 10 High Ct Dr, Wilston Heights QLD

3. Lesleigh’s Yoga Classes

For the person searching for a large yoga studio in Toowoomba, then this is the place for it. Lesleigh has been running this place since 2013 and it offers traditional yoga, mudras and relaxing meditation workshops.

 Lesleigh's Yoga Classes

The space is rather quiet despite being located on busy Ruthven St. Students have reported to have had great experiences with many 5 star reviews left online.

Address: 663-667 Ruthven St, Toowoomba QLD

4. BrikMan Yoga (Men’s Yoga in Toowoomba)

Previous to the opening of BrikMan, men in Toowoomba often had to join the ladies at any of these other studios listed. Fortunately they now have their very own yoga studio thanks to the work of Greg Cawley.

BrikMan Yoga (Men's Yoga in Toowoomba)

Is BrikMan popular with gay men? In short – yes. However, straight men do often visit and it isn’t the place that you’d expect it to be. No nudity or anything ‘weird’ happening. At the core – they simply offer yoga and a chance to connect with others. The best part: No lycra allowed!

Address: 14 Kirk St, Toowoomba QLD

5. Pure Pilates and Wellness Studio

Coming in at #2 is Pure Pilates and Wellness Studio. This is more-so a pilates studio with some yoga offered. For this reason it’s at the bottom of this list as we catered this towards yoga studios specifically.

Pure Pilates and Wellness Studio

The class you’re looking for is Strech & Tone Reformer Pilates. This is where they combine yoga and pilates in a very gentle way to stretch and lengthen your muscles.

Address: 6/353 Ruthven St, Toowoomba QLD

In summary

That’s it! We’ve now covered 5 of the best Toowoomba yoga studios around and some that offer both retreats and yoga teacher training too.

Have you tried any of these studios that we’ve mentioned? Do you need help deciding on which type of class to take as a beginner? Then let us know in the comments.

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