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5 Best Yoga Studios around Wagga Wagga

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Wagga Wagga has yoga studios! In fact, there are numerous Yin, Vinyasa and Hatha classes that are run routinely across town.

We’re going to show you the best yoga studios in the region which also serves Junee and Gundagai. If you’re ready to take a mat to class, then we’ll direct you in the right place.

Best Yoga Studios Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga is known for being quite remote with a strong farming and freight industry. While not known as a yoga hotspot, you’ll find a few spots here that over the years have been created due to a lack of options anywhere in town.

We believe the following Wagga Wagga yoga studios are ideal:

1. Simp-Lee Yoga

If you’re looking for the best yoga classes and experiences in Wagga, then it’s hard to look past this great studio. The venue is clean and well airconditioned.

Simp-Lee Yoga Wagga Wagga Yoga Nsw

Not only is it a great spot, but the timetable has several classes on each day with both general hoga and hot yoga. There are no windows on this studio so you won’t be distracted nor will anyone be looking in. Also, Karen from SHARE Yoga teaches here often.

Address: 24 Baylis Street, Wagga Wagga NSW

2. Divine Wellbeing-Yoga Wagga Wagga

Divine Wellbeing is a great spot for general yoga classes. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable to help beginners in the region to experience asanas for the first time.

Divine Wellbeing-Yoga Wagga Wagga

In addition, get yourself booked in for a massage. They are connected with Siam Massage to help you relieve even more tension from those stiff muscles and bones.

Address: 140 Hammond Ave, Wagga Wagga NSW

3. Synergy Healthworks and Bounce Yoga Wagga

Head along to Synergy Healthworks where you can experience Bounce Yoga. This place also features pilates, massage, personal training, tai chi and exercise physiotherapy.

Synergy Healthworks and Bounce Yoga Wagga

The classes on offer vary but you’ll certainly find Power and Gentle Vinyasa. These classes often run early in the morning before school.

Address: 221 Kincaid St, Wagga Wagga

4. Down to Earth Birth

Looking for prenatal yoga in Wagga? Then get in touch with Jenny Storrier who can certainly help you out during this important stage in your journey.

Down to Earth Birth Wagga Wagga

The classes are typically private or small groups. She’s also a birth support doula as well as offering Postpartum support packages.

Address: 40 Morrow St, Wagga Wagga NSW

5. Workout Wagga Gym

A couple of days per week the Workout Gym in Wagga offers yoga classes to its members. You can alternatively buy a casual class pass to try out what they have to offer. This would have to be the biggest yoga class anywhere in Wagga Wagga, right?!

Workout Wagga Gym

There is some noise from the nearby weights and cardio area so it isn’t so zen-like compared to other yoga-only studios, but still a good option. They offer Vinyaha Flow at this stage.

In summary

As we can see, there are certainly a few good options in town for those ready to stretch and flex on the mat. Whether it’s to build muscle, enhance your posture or simply help energy move through your body, practising yoga a few times per week can be immensely helpful.

For beginners starting their yoga journey, try out a few studios first before you decide to take out a monthly membership. They all offer casual passes and welcome beginners with open arms. In fact, most people in yoga studios across Wagga Wagga are completely new and are learning just as you are.

So take it easy on yourself and remember that results often take years. It’s consistently over the long term that really creates results.

Have you used any of these yoga studios before? Let us know in the comments below.

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