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11 Best Yoga Studios in Wellington NZ

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Wellington has dozens of yoga studios, but they vary. Through our research, here are the best Hatha, Vinyasa, Bikram and Yin studios in Wellington NZ.

Best Yoga Studios in Wellington

There’s no need to hide at home! Wellington has places where you can roll out the mat and find your peace.

We’ve done the research! Through our homework, we audited the reviews, social media channels and student experiences to devise this list.

Here are the best yoga studios for yogis in Wellington:

1. Awhi Yoga & Wellbeing

Without a doubt, the most beautiful and best yoga studio in all of Wellington has to go to Awhi. Strange name? It’s actually pronounced “uffy” (verb) and means to support, cherish, hug and embrace yourself and your community. The owners and their teachers certainly live this message!

While only a few years out of the gate, locals and those visiting Wellington have flocked to this studio because of the great vibes and hospitality. People simply feel welcomed and often don’t want to leave after class!

Awhi Yoga & Wellbeing

As far as class go, you’ll find heated and non-heated offerings of yin, vinyasa and pilates. Hang back for one of their live music events with kirtan meditation to really soak in the goodness of this space.

Perhaps you want to develop your practice further? They offer regular yoga retreats and yoga teacher training right here in Wellington. Owners Jase and Justine have done a wonderful job and you’ll find this spot ultra central, though parking can be problematic during the daytime.

Address: Level 2, 15 Johnston Street (Look for Leuven)

2. Empower Studio

It was hard to put Empower Studio at #2 but someone had to be the runner-up in this list. Yes, this place truly has Instagram written all over it.

Empower Studio

Classes include both yoga and TRX training. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from – it just matters that you actually start! While the studio is gorgeous, they still welcome all types of people here.

Address: 107 Customhouse Quay, Wellington

3. Urban Yoga Wellington

Sometimes you want a little more hippy, and that’s where Urban Yoga can really serve you. They are the alternative to the perfect Instagram-magazine-style shoots and simply get back to raw yoga.

Urban Yoga

On offer is a lot of yin and meditation for those needing calmness in their lives, as well as kirtan from time to time. If organic vegetarian lunch and a beard is your thing, then this is your haven.

Address: L3, 160 Willis Street, Wellington

4. Te Aro Astanga Yoga

Looking for the right Wellington yoga studio to complete your 108 sun salutations? Then this is essentially the place to do it. The space is large and the vibes are even larger from the established student base who returns here week after week.

Te Aro Astanga Yoga

Parking here is a bit challenging. This spot is actually more popular with the corporate crowd with classes being held in the early mornings and early evenings to catch people at both ends of their day. Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin are all offered at this inner-city sanctuary.

Address: Level 1, Left Bank, Cuba Street, Wellington

5. Yoga on Thorndon

Here’s another yoga studio that’s worthy of a visit! Grab your mat and your keys and find your way over to Yoga on Thorndon, a place that’s full of great energy and no distractions, situated just outside the CBD.

Yoga on Thorndon

While their yoga classes and timetable are wonderful, it’s their yoga philosophy talks and meditation evenings that are worth exploring. They also run Yin Teacher Training once or twice per year.

Address: 202 Thorndon Quay, Wellington NZ

6. Mysore Yoga Wellington

Another great place for yoga and kirtan meditation in Wellington is Mysore Yoga. While not as established in terms of a social following, they certainly do draw a good crowd.

This is another yoga studio right in the central part where you’ll ideally need public transport as parking can be tricky. Most students do walk in before or after work.

Address: 88 The Terrace, Wellington

7. Yoga for the People

The most beginner-friendly yoga studio in Wellington is the Yoga for the People hub. They are very much non-judgemental and welcome complete beginners to the world of yoga every single day.

Yoga for the People Wellington

You won’t get awkward stares. Most people are new like you and the teachers don’t single-out people to adjust. Instead, everyone know where they’re starting and where they will finish.

Address: L2, 133-139 Tory Street, Wellington (Te Aro)

8. The Yoga Studio

If you’re looking for Beginner Yogi Yoga Studio, it has recently changed names to The Yoga Studio. Very simple name and very simple premises, and that’s what we love about their haven!

The Yoga Studio

They offer a range of different yoga styles including hatha, aerial yoga and yin. Enrol in the beginners course if you’re new to yoga. This place is a bit of a drive as it’s in Marsden Village.

Address: 6/149 Karori Road, Wellington

9. Lyengar Yoga Centre of Wellington

Wanna guess what type of yoga is offered here? Well, no guess! The best lyengar yoga centre around the city is clearly this one. Parking is easier than the city studios as well which is welcoming.

Lyengar Yoga Centre of Wellington

This place has been running for more than a decade now making it also one of the oldest studios around. Not only can you join in one of their regular classes, but also head to their yoga retreats in Bali.

Address: 6 Swan Lane, Wellington

10. Hot Yoga Wellington

Let me guess – you’re searching for a good bikram yoga studio in Wellington, right? Well, this is the spot that’s ideal. Hot Yoga Wellington offers numerous weekly classes of both heated and non-heated yoga.

Hot Yoga Wellington

They’re also big on social events. Their studio is part of the ‘Hot Yoga’ brand which has several studios around. Just make sure you find yourself at the right one. 🙂 There are 2 studios alone in the city.

Featherston St address: L2, 139 Featherston St, Wellington

Wakefield St address: 250 Wakefield St, Wellington

11. Space Studio

We’ve actually saved one of the best until last! Get yourself to Space Studio for the best view of the city! This place is absolutely stunning and well worth the trip, even just for a casual class.

Space Studio Wellington

You’ll easily find parking here and public transport can be hit and miss. If you really want to zone out, head along for one of their yin yoga or mindfulness classes and events. This place doubles as an alternative health and holistic events space which you can book out if you wish.

Address: 8 Lookout Road, Wellington

In summary

So there we have it! 11 great yoga studios in and around the city worth visiting.

Have you visited any of these? Let us know in the comments below.

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