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4 Best Yoga Studios in Wollongong NSW - Yocean Yogi

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4 Best Yoga Studios in Wollongong NSW

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Wollongong has some great places where you can stretch, flex and relax in a yoga class. We’ll show you the best yoga studios to take your yoga mat.

The yogis have voted and have found the studios worth visiting! Whether you’re a local, a visitor or just making a day trip down from Sydney, this list is for you.

Best Yoga Studios in Wollongong

Rolling up your mat and heading into a studio is the perfect escape from the trap of daily life and social media. What we crave in the world right now is a genuine connection and a chance to breathe.

Compared to the yoga studios in Sydney, there aren’t so many down south but there is an established alternative/hippy community that enjoys kirtan and meditation in addition to asanas.

So here are the best yoga and meditation studios that Wollongong has to offer:

1. Younga Yoga Studio

Our award to the best yoga studio in and around Wollongong simply goes to Younga Yoga Studio. This place has been there for years (since 2006) and has built a strong following with students coming back year after year.

Younga Yoga Studio

The space is pristine, clean and inviting with a lot of natural lighting. We’ve been in yoga studios before where there has been no windows and fluroscent lighting like a hospital. That isn’t quite conductive to spiritual, mental and emotional health.

Classes at Younga are very varied with many available to beginners. There are 20+ classes per week ranging from Vinyasa and Yin to HIIT for those looking to break a sweat.

In addition to the yoga timetable at Younga in Wollongong, you can join in one of their regular workshops and events. This includes beginners yoga workshops, teacher training and prenatal yoga for the expectant mothers.

What we really like about this studio is that they aren’t into ‘Instagram Yoga’ which discourages people from attending studios. Wear what you want and bring with you the authenticity and the motivation that you’ll grow through each and every practice.

Address: Lot 5 Thomas St, Woolongong NSW

2. Wellness Centre Wollongong

For a magical experience, head over to Wellness Centre Wollonggong. This place isn’t just a yoga studio as you can hang back for a fitness class or enjoy a massage to help open up those tight bones and muscles.

Wellness Centre Wollonggong

You’ll find this place to be quite holistic and is there for a complete experience, not just yoga. The yoga timetable at Wellness Centre Woolonggong features hatha, vinyasa and yin while you might also want to try barre, pilates and meditation beyond just savasana.

Address: 81 Keira St, Woolongong NSW

3. Wollongong Yoga Centre

These guys keep it so simple and that’s true with their name. Woolongong Yoga Centre is the place to visit if you simply want yoga without the bells and whistles.

Wollongong Yoga Centre

Wollongong Yoga Centre offers Bikram yoga and is the only studio in the area to offer these hot yoga classes. They also turn off the heat if you’re looking for Yin, Beginners or Vinyasa Flow.

Address: 18 Kenny St, Wollongong NSW

4. The Yoga Hive

You know those yoga studios where the students actually mingle after class and get to know each other? That’s The Yoga Hive. If you don’t want to be a stranger, then head along to this friendly studio where the students welcome complete beginners.

The Yoga Hive NSW

You’ll find the classes to be smaller and less intimidating. The teachers also are able to provide closer support for those easing their way into the journey on the mat. They have been running since 2011 offering hot and warm yoga to locals of Wollongong as well as singing bowl meditation and healing services.

Address: 119 Kembla St, Wollongong NSW

Getting started

With only 4 really great studios in Wollongong worth considering right now, our recommendation is that you try them all out! Literally use this list from start to finish with casual passes and you might even find some studios offer free trial weeks.

Try a few different classes in each studio before moving to the next one. Just remember to be 10 minutes early to your first class to get acquainted with the studio, facilities, the teacher and fellow students.

Have you tried any of these Wollongong yoga studios before? Then let us know in the comments box below.

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