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beYogi Insurance Review: Is It Worth Having?

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beYogi Insurance claims to protect teachers from lawsuits surrounding yoga injuries, but is it worth paying for an insurance policy. It’s just yoga, right?

We did the research for you and will let you know if this is worth having.

beYogi Insurance Review

Most newer yoga teachers don’t even think about insurance. Unfortunately, while many of the students understand the risks of doing yoga, some simply don’t take personal responsibility. We’ve become a society that likes to battle things out in the court room these days especially due to no-win / no-fee lawyers.

beYogi Insurance Review
Students often don’t sign waiver forms at yoga studios

As a result, several yoga insurance companies have come to the market assuring new and existing teachers that they’ll be covered in the event of a claim. In our opinion, it can be a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Reasons for insurance

The volume of yoga injuries which resulted in a hospital attendance has doubled in the last 5 years. This is in-large due to both the rise of yoga as a whole, and the culture of “Instagram fame” where every influencer has the perfect pose. As beginners cave in to social pressure, so do the injuries.

injured in yoga class
Injuries in yoga class are happening all too often!

The reasons to get yoga insurance include:

  1. You’ll be protected as a teacher from student accident claims both in the class and anywhere your practice takes you, including yoga on the beach.
  2. Some policies also cover stolen equipment such as yoga mats as well as damages caused by fire, flooding and cyclones.
  3. Claims can be paid instantly on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Most students don’t actually sign yoga waiver forms properly. They use fake signatures.
  5. Easier to get work as a yoga teacher at yoga retreats and festivals.
  6. Most importantly – lets you get on with being a yoga teacher and not being too concerned at the newer students who attempt the more advanced poses in class.

It’s good to check alternatives to beYogi as each provider and policy is different.

Restrictions of beYogi

To be fair in this review of beYogi, we need to share some downsides too. This way you can have a fair and balanced overview of what’s here.

So then, what don’t they cover? Unfortunately beYogi won’t cover you for acro yoga, SUP yoga or aerial yoga at this time of writing. They also won’t cover you if you’re teaching outside of your home country such as the United States.


The pricing varies between yoga insurance companies. We’ve seen policies ranging from $200 to up to $600. In addition, if you own a studio, you may also need building and contents insurance too.

One thing to note is that beYogi are the cheapest in most cases with a very reasonable annual fee. They also offer more features and benefits.


There are alternatives to beYogi on the market. These include Alternative Balance, Yoga Alliance, Yoga Journal and Philadelphia which all have mixed reviews online.

Also consider that your yoga studio may also have an insurance policy and you may simply need to add your name on to their policy for a discounted fee. This would only cover you within that specific studio and not in other studios or festivals/events that you teach at.

Staying safe

Ultimately it’s your call but you need to be mindful that you are putting yourself at risk, as well as not being able to provide care and support to a student in the event that they do injure themselves.

We recommend that you go the safe route and choose beYogi insurance. The minimal price you pay means that you can simply get on with the class at hand. As always – pose questions before purchasing and always read the product disclosure statements.

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