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Biddy Tarot Review: Is It The Real Deal? - Yocean Yogi

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Biddy Tarot Review: Is It The Real Deal?

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Biddy Tarot is a popular Australian tarot website with courses for growing your tarot business. The question is: Is it any good and legit?

Because there are plenty of questionable authors and websites around. We should know as we’ve exposed numerous websites conducting shady practices.

We recently decided to have a deep dive into what Biddy Tarot is actually offering.

Biddy Tarot Overview

The Biddy Tarot website is operated by Brigit Esselmont from the Sunshine Coast in Australia. She has been in the healing arts space for more than 2 decades now, though it’s only been in the last 7 years or so that she has really moved towards teaching.

Why is it called ‘Biddy’? Becaues this is a common Australian nickname for Brigit and she was probably called this as a child and the name stuck.

She provides a massive amount of free value for her readers. The tarot card readings are always so clear to read and understand without the complexity or frustrations.

As we can see from this YouTube video, she has been a professional reader for quite some time:

Going by the comments, people have been using her website for quite some time already. For that reason, it’s little wonder that Biddy Tarot comes up #1 in Google for most times that you search for a tarot card reading.

It’s quite evident that the readings are simply focusing on what matters. They’re simple and clean, much like the website. We’re not been hit with advertisements for numerology courses nor does the website load slow, unlike other sites you’ve no doubt been on.

Here at Yocean Yogi, we often check out the website for our own inspiration and something to work towards!

Courses and Trainings

While the short tarot card video courses are something that many are curious about, we’ve focused our attention on two core offerings:

  1. BiddyTarot Certification Program
  2. Grow Your Intuitive Business

These two courses we’ll soon enrol into and update our experiences in this review with our success story. Essentially it’s a case of *watch this space* ?

The Trolls and Critics

As you might expect in the tarot space, there is a massive amount of trolls and critics. Are they sent by the demons? Perhaps, but more than likely they are everyday people attempting to ridicule others online.

It’s a well-known fact that there’s money in the tarot space, the divine healing arts space and in meditation and mindfulness. When you go out wider, you’ll realize that the money being made here pales in comparison with the yoga industry which is in the billions annually.

So much so for a spiritual and ancient practice, right? Yet the world has moved towards placing value where their money flows and this is why people often take free things so seriously.

Is Biddy Tarot making some money? Sure, but she’s got the prefect response:

Review of Biddy Tarot

Ultimately, she’s come into the space that previously was the wild wild west and has put the industry on notice. When you do things properly, you command respect and build a solid audience that trusts you in the long run.

BiddyTarot Comments

As for the trolls and critics: It’s common for them to be dealing with some genuine problems in their life. Many of the comments aren’t those which they will echo in real life either, so it’s best to spread light and love in their direction. They’re going to need it the most.

Going forward

We hope this unbiased review of BiddyTarot has helped you realize what’s genuinely on offer. We have no commercial connection other than being inside her tarot and psychic community. Truth be told that we’d love to have a connection in the future if our both businesses can help each other.

Now, she gives away 90% of her content for free and it’s clear that she’s been extremely refined in going the extra mile for her community. When you put in the final 10% and make it absolutely extraordinary, then that’s certainly worth the minimal investment in developing your tarot skills for the longterm.

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