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The Bird Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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A good percentage of people in the world resonates with the bird spirit animal. It’s working for them in their life where they can expand and evolve their physical and spiritual experience on this planet.

Birds represent the need to bring harmony, freedom and wonder into our lives. The animal totem reminds us to be creative and not take life too seriously since we’re here to have a magnificent life. We must be patient in our pursuits as we eventually will achieve the things that we pursue, much like a bird learning to fly.

The Bird Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

These beautiful animals are very much connected to the earth. They are in harmony with Gaia’s cycles and their energy can captive us when we need it the most.

We see them rise and shine, while knowing their place in the world and their unique characteristics.

Most Common Bird Animal Totem Meanings

There are numerous bird spirit animal meanings, but most commonly it’s represented by freedom and curiosity. We want to be unrestricted in the world and truly live up to our own personal calling.

Most Common Bird Animal Totem Meanings

When things get in our way, we feel lost, frustrated or confused. That said – new beginnings might be coming into our existence and we shouldn’t rush. We might be evoling with new skills and expertise.

Once the bird totem is yours, you can’t simply keep striving forward continuously. You’ll need to rest, relax and have some fun. The perfect time will come eventually to seek what you’re wanting.

This is the animal that most commonly finds harmony with others, and especially of its own type. It gets along well and seeks family and refuge in order to gather strength and intelligence for the next quest.

After all, many birds cover vast distances and they don’t do this alone. By working together as a team, they can fly that extra mile (or 3) and make it safely to the next promised land.

Bird Spirit Animal Positive Traits

If you feel the bird is your spirit animal, then you tend to enjoy travel and new experiences. You’re the type that won’t really sit still for far too long and being out in the wild is exciting to your soul.

Bird Spirit Animal Positive Traits

Likewise, you’re able to perceive dangers. You’ll look around first before settling down just in case there is something that seems off. You seek protection not just for yourself, but the entire flock.

You’ll harness the power of going with the flow. In the physical world, birds use the wind to their advantage so they use less energy. You’ll be on the lookout for opportunities where you can soar higher with less input.

You’re also the one that wants to avoid conflict. When others are having disagreements, you’re the type to step in and find a resolution. People then look to you for inspiration and guidance.

Ultimately, you’re motivated by curiosity and enjoyment. You are excited for what tomorrow brings, yet are just as happy today to continue enjoying all the fruits of the world.

Bird Spirit Animal Negative Traits

Unfortunately, the bird spirit animal does have some negative traits. One is that you’ll often only take care or protect those closest to you, while those at a distance are really out for themselves. You’ll guard your inner circle quite closely to ensure only the right people come into your life.

Bird Spirit Animal Negative Traits
Chasing away others who don’t fit your ideal traits is common.

You’re also less likely to achieve big success, instead opting for mediocre results. Others won’t see you like the motivational type or leadership qualities. In school, you might have spent more time looking at the window than doing what the teacher expected.

As a result, you’re now receptive of some criticism. People see your potential for so much more, but you just want to relax and play while they’re working super hard. It’s during this process that you might be hurt, rejected or ignored by others….or simply not taken seriously!

They do have well-meaning intensions for the most part. After all, they want you to grow and remind you that you have so much more potential, though this may be hard for you to process properly.

You’ll only want to live for today, as tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. However, tomorrow will come and you might not be prepared just yet.

4 Bird Spiritual Symbolism Facts

Bird spiritual symbolism shows us the inner world of these beings. Their tendencies and why they choose the actions they take.

1. Birds represent our future adventures

Planning a trip? This our bird animal totem speaking to us. It represents the real sense of adventure, freedom and frontiers. Many outdoor enthusiasts resonate deeply with this animal.

2. Our closest family is very important

Our family isn’t one to be ignored. In the animal kingdom, some birds remain as a flock for many years and their importance keeps us away from dangers and guides us to the next frontier.

3. They show us our evolving potential

Like a bird learning to fly, we learn of our true potential by looking deeper into their spiritual meanings. We see this process unfolding and ask ourselves if we can do more today.

4. We’re inspired to take risks

Like the freedom of flight, taking risks is typical of those who call the bird spirit animal. They’ll do more than others will and won’t let restrictions or rules stand in their way.

Common Bird Spirit Animal FAQs

What does it mean when I see a bird in my dream?

Many people have the experience of seeing birds when they are sleeping. They have come into your dream to remind you to embrace the present moment in your life and to start having more fun. Take on the opportunities that guide you closer to freedom where you can fly like a bird and see more of the things which captivate your soul.

Do different birds represent different meanings?

Yes – there are thousands of bird species in the world and each has unique spiritual symbolism. Essentially, certain birds symbolize certain things in your life that you should pay attention to. We have covered many bird animal totem meanings here at Yocean Yogi and will continue to publishing more as time goes on.

What does it mean when a bird lands on my hand?

While rare, having wild birds land on your hand, arm, head, back or shoulder spiritually symbolizes human curiosity. In the physical world, you may have lived more of a sheltered life and it’s time to see more wonder and excitement that is found in the world. Birds are landing on you as a spiritual invitation to seek more in the world.

Which bird is known as the Bird of Heaven?

The dove is known as the Bird of Heaven. It symbolizes peace, enlightenment and tranquillity. The angels send these birds to provide a peaceful pathway on your journey, or to remind you that someone is being taken care of up there.

Which bird represents success?

There are actually 3 birds that represent success. This is the eagle, the falcon and the woodpecker. Each bird talks of striving forward and continuing on the mission when others would have otherwise given up. Both individuals and companies use the bird statues in their logos which represent their drive, ambition and continuous pursuits towards their goals.

Are birds a good omen or good luck?

Yes – seeing a bird is a sign of a good omen. Luck is likely to come into your life and you may see yourself soon experiencing more joy and freedom. Birds generally aren’t a sign of bad luck, except for the black crow which some say is sent by the devil. Simply seeing a bird doesn’t mean that you’ll win the lottery, though you should expect some good news in the coming days.

What is the spiritual meaning of birds chirping?

Birds who are chirping remind us that we must seek expression in the moment. We’re creative species who must carve out time for such experiences and to show the world the talents that we truly have. These singing birds are showing us that we must not fear judgement or ridicule since the spiritual world is one of mere admiration of skills.

What does it mean when birds are flying in front of my car?

When birds are flying in front of your car, this is a sign that you need to find more creative souls in your life. Perhaps those surrounding you aren’t really helping you to expand and evolve in this conscious experience. The birds here are symbolizing that truly ‘birds of a feather, flock together’ and thus, you must question of the people in your life are really fulfilling you.

I killed a bird. What does this mean?

Accidently killing a bird with your car brings forward feelings of sadness and anxiety. It means the creative side of your soul isn’t being nourished. You won’t bring bad karma into your life, but a spiritual cleanse with white sage may be necessary while ackowledging the passing of its energy from the physical and into the spiritual world.

Are birds messengers from angels?

Only some birds are working on behalf of angels to send messages to our soul. The most common bird is the dove, followed by the peacock, pheasant, swan, toucan and parrot. Angels send these certain birds to renew the previously lost creativity in our otherwise busy lives.

Which birds symbolize death?

There are numerous birds that symbolize death. This includes the raven, crow and for the lesser part, the owl. These may be sent by either angels or the devil that death is looming, or that someone who recently passed is attempting to send you a message. For the interim, keep your eyes, ears, heart and soul open as more messages may be coming.

How do I call upon my bird spirit animal?

The easiest way to call upon the bird spirit animal is when:

  • You’ve lacked inspiration for some time
  • You’re ready to try something new in your life
  • Adventures and experiences are calling you
  • You’re on the edge and aren’t sure if you should leap forward
  • Your soul keeps reminding you to start a fresh journey
  • When you’re ready to really take in beautiful experiences

The bird animal totem will help us evolve and get a bigger chunk out of life. Expect to become more self-confident and envision new horizons where you can leave your old world behind.

Does seeing birds mean that Love will come?

The bird can represent that love will come into your life, so it’s wise to be ready. You might manifest a great experience as you have been working on building a better life during these times.

Love birds

New opportunities for both romantic relationships and personal friendships are to be expected. The bird symbolizes love on its own, and thus we must learn to love ourselves first before we love another soul.

When you see two birds interacting together, we call them ‘love birds’ as romantic individuals falling into their early stages of love. Essentially – yes, this does mean that love might start coming into your world while your old life moves behind and you ascend into freedom.

Flying forward

Birds are truly beautiful creatures which are found throughout the world. Each bird has a slightly different meaning, but universally they represent the need to seek freedom and new experiences, while also living in the moment. Simply by observing these birds we’re able to learn so much about ourselves.

Next time you encounter a bird, take a moment to breathe. It’s sending you a message and it’s one that you can feel. You may have to close your eyes and ponder. Most likely it’s reminding you to expand your horizons as you’re here for so much more!

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