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The Black Cat Spirit Animal

This Is Everything You Wanted To Know

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Lisa Taylor

Chilled yogi. Chai enthusiast. Often ponders the meaning of the universe. Writes weekly for Yocean Yogi.

This is the definitive guide to the black cat totem for 2021.

Last week I was housesitting for 3 days with a beautiful black cat, Toby.

After what was a surreal meditative experience, I decided to write this guide.

It’s now taken over 7 hours but yet, it was very rewarding for my soul! ๐Ÿ˜Š

All because I do care about writing up the right messaging for you.

So if you’re curious to know:

โžœ If the black cat is your spirit animal (even if you’re not a witch!)

โžœ What the common meanings of the animal totem are

โžœ The positive and negative traits of this spirit animal

โžœ When you should call upon your spirit animal

โžœ Unusual and mystical facts about the black cat symbolism

Then you’re certainly in the right space. Let’s begin!

Black Cat Spirit Animal FAQs (July 2021)

Common Black Cat Spirit Animal Meanings

Common meanings of the black cat spirit animal are:

โžœ Going against underlying prejudices in our society

โžœ Healing from your past feelings of abandonment

โžœ Enhancing your psychic abilities with ease and flow

โžœ Stepping into & accepting your dark sexual desires

โžœ Working on your luck, magic and manifestation

Positive Traits

Positive traits of the black cat spirit animal are:

โžœ You can quickly abandon thoughts of judgement

โžœ You’re proud and confident in your life direction

โžœ You have a strong connection to the spirit world

โžœ It’s easy for you to manifest more into your life

โžœ You get to work with other psychic beings often

Negative Traits

Negative traits of the black cat spirit animal are:

โžœ You can be hated or feared without firm reason

โžœ It’s hard to be around others who differ from you

โžœ You often experience dark and esoteric feelings

โžœ It’s difficult to ground yourself in the real world

โžœ Your financial situation is never where you need it

When To Call

Call upon your black cat spirit animal when:

โžœ You’re ready to develop your psychic abilities

โžœ You do sense wonder and magic brewing inside

โžœ You desire manifest others who think like you

โžœ You believe the world is preparing to transition

โžœ You have become a victim of spiritual prejudice

Mystical Facts

Here are some interesting facts about this totem:

โžœ It’s one of the most psychic evolved spirit animals

โžœ It’s a frequent victim of judgement and prejudice

โžœ It assists in developing your intuition/clairvoyance

โžœ It’s clouded with deep mystery alongside elegance

โžœ It doesn’t necessarily reveal bad luck in the future

Are Black Cats Your Spirit Animal?

This animal will be your spirit animal if:

โžœ You believe in and practice psychic enhancement

โžœ You really struggle to fit in with the modern world

โžœ You have a growing collection of witchcraft tools

โžœ You frequently experience prejudice with your life

โžœ Your white sage is never too far from arm’s reach

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