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Complete Guide to Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism

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If you’ve seen a butterfly, you often ask: “Is this a sign from an angel?”

That’s a question that has been bugging fellow yogis and spiritual seekers for a millenia.

Butterflies are messengers from the angels and represent our rebirth and reconnection to spirit energy. There is so much we can learn from butterflies and our alignment and enlightenment towards the spiritual path. As symbols of pure love, ascension and boundless potential, there is much we should be paying attention to right now.

In this guide, we’ll be digging in deeper metaphorically speaking to delve into the essence of the butterfly and their meaning for those on the spiritual path.

Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism

The butterfly represents our rebirth and transformation through life. It speaks to our creative soul and reminds us of the wonders of life. After all – have you ever stopped to stare at a butterfly? They are one of the most beautiful creatures in existence.

They bring about the message of wonder and ascension. As spiritual beings, we desire to evolve as does the butterfly. We desire to explore and shine our light through each and every experience.

Analyzing Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism

Chances are that you’ve been seeing quite a few butteflies recently. While many animals have a spiritual connection, there is no more divine animal that speaks to our authentic truth than the butterfly.

They are spiritual guides often sent from the angels to help us through difficult times. When you see a butterfly, it may mean that someone that has recently passed is touching you through the physical existence of a butterfly.

Butterflies and Our Life Journey

When we see them flying so beautifully through the air, we embrace their very essence.

They remind us to stop, think and wonder. “Am I really doing all the things I truly desire?” or even “Am I showing up present in each and every moment?” because if we aren’t, then we always have the ability to bring about change in our lives.

We find meaning through their divine presence and effortlessly pursuit in their environment. They are tuned into another frequency that us as humans struggle to comprehend. A frequency that brings about freedom, joy, wonder and curiosity and without the bagge that otherwise gets loaded on to ourselves as adults.

Looking at butterflies and our life journey

So then, how do they assist us in our own life journey? That’s easy! Let’s see how they live.

The Butterfly Physical and Spiritual Journey

From initially being an egg, the butterfly lives an early life as a caterpillar. From there, it will retreat to the chrysalis (otherwise known as a pupa) where it goes through a real transformation. This is a process of becoming born again to a heightened state of both spiritual and physical ability.

We too can retreat to our inner being. We can put down our smart phones and surround ourselves in beautiful and transformative prayer and mantras that uplift our soul. Instead of scrolling for another dose of news or ‘inspiration’ on social media, we can go directly to the source of goodness through books, spiritual retreats and courses.

It’s this period of transformation where we too can be reborn into a beautiful and divine being.

And do you know the disappointing part? Butterflies have a short life span and don’t last long – commonly just a few weeks or months – which means it must experience the magnificence of its short life.

For our life journey, it’s time to tune into the here and now. Avoid being distracted into other directions – the past or future – nor should you be distracted by the current events of the world or your social following.

Now is the time for you to come into full light. To do so, you must first find a place to retreat.

Butterflies and Deceased Loved Ones

A common sign from a deceased loved one is having a butterfly land on you or even their mere sight. This is where you’ll come to realize that their spirit lives on.

Sometimes butterflies follow you and it’s almost as if they are ignoring everything in the world, except you. These chance encounters can be someone wanting to come back into your spiritual life.

Deceased and butterflies - meaning and spiritual symbolism
Having a butterfly in your hand soon after the death of a loved one is a beautiful experience.

We’re not just talking about humans here. If you’ve lost a pet and you’ve seen a butterfly or had one land on you recently, then yes – that very well could be a sign of their spiritual equilavent passing on.

Who are sending these butterflies? Angels. They send them to help you re-connect – if only for a moment – with your loved one. They want to give you reassurance that their soul lives on in this life.

Spiritual symbolism and different colors of butterflies

By now you’ve seen how butterflies have their own meaning and spiritual symbols, but how do they vary with colors? There are certainly more than one type of colored butterfly with each having a unique spiritual meaning.

Let’s have a look at the variations:

Yellow Butterfly

The Yellow Butterfly, much like the yellow aura, is a key sign of creativity and wanderlust. If you’re the type that wants to learn new things spontaneously, then this is butterfly is bringing you into closer alignment with your life.

Black Butterfly

While it may seem dark, the black butterfly is there as a sign for immediate transformation. Your life may very well be changing in a big way very soon, and you must be ready. There is no need to prepare and we invite you to instead let go and let this period happen.

Orange Butterfly

When you see an orange butterfly, this means that passion and excitement is flowing into your life. It’s a calling to remain positive and optimistic towards the future, while following the pathway that lights you up on the inside.

White Butterfly

As the color of purity, a white butterfly sees us encounter a personal transformation very easily. You’ll find peace, purity and a real guiding light here. This is a time to pay attention as your angels and spirit guides often use white butterflies to remind you to clear away the fogginess and open your heart centre.

Orange and Black Butterflies

When you see a butterfly which is both black and orange, the spiritual message here is that we must be excited for the deeper changes to occur. Things may seem challenging but there remains a positive essence that we must keep ahold of. These are called Viceroy butterflies.

Pink Butterfly

Have you had a pink butterfly encounter? This represents your direct connection with joy, peace and radiance. There is a motherly undertone where we find our safe space and inner transformation.

Blue Butterfly

There are different variations of blue butterflies but they all represent the need to find calmness in the world of chaos. We each have our own flow-state and must avoid the temptation to deviate or become distracted.

Purple Butterfly

Coming across a butterfly which is purpose is quite the rare sight. This represents the kind and loving nature that we all possess and to become a beacon of healing energy for others to follow, much like the amethyst crystal.

Common Spiritual Butterfly Questions

We’re often asked questions about butterflies and their spiritual significance. Let’s address some of them:

What Does It Mean If A Butterfly Lands On Me?

A butterfly might land on you during and we can derive several spiritual reasons. These include:

  • Aligning you to a new phase in your physical life
  • Helping you find greater peace and prosperity
  • Providing a spiritual connection in times of chaos
  • Acting as a conduit between souls that have passed on
  • Helping you validate your very essence of light and love
Butterfly lands on me

It’s rare to have a butterfly land on you, and thurs, each encounter is to be taken seriously. They may land on your shoulder, hand, arm, head, leg or even your chest directly at your heart centre. Take any moment to pause, reflect and rediscover the very essence of your being.

Do Angels Communicate Through Butterflies?

Angels use several means to communicate with us in the physical world and one such means is through butterflies. They used these messengers to give us guidance without needing to work hard to capture your attention. Their communication, while non-vocal, reminds us that a spiritual connection is indeed present.

Are butterflies A Sign Of Good Luck?

Encountering a butterfly will give us feelings of peace and prosperity, with luck very much being on our side. It’s very difficult to ignore the divine guidance that these beautiful creatures bring into our world.

While good luck often does come from butterflies, it also requires action on the part of the individual. Certainly they can provide us with hope and inspiration to what the future holds.

What Does It Mean When I Encounter A Butterfly?

If you just had a butterfly cross paths with you, then take this as a sign of new beginnings coming your way. It can depend on the type of color and where you are right now on your spiritual journey.

When you do have a butterfly come into your existence, then take out a journal and write down what you feel. It’s from there that you can derive the truest of messages that are personal to you.

What Are The Main Meanings Of Seeing Butterflies?

The animal totem of a butterfly is typically found with the following characteristics:

  • A chance for rebirth and renewal
  • Moving away from emotional or spiritual pain
  • Creating a greater depth and connection with self
  • Movement through various different life cycles
  • Ascension and personal mastery

They bring us a heightened sense of expension and growth. It’s from here that life really starts to unfold in all its beauty, if we’ll only have the courage to sit back and allow this to unfold.

Your Chance To Create

Have you had any magical encounters lately? Likely they have made you interested in moving forward on your personal quest towards inner transformation. Trust us – your soul feels their very essence.

You are a creative soul that is here on the planet for a divine reason. You have been called upon to do something greater for the world and this will require both change and ambition.

Follow your heart in moments like this and find joy, because above all else, it’s the only way to live.

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