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The Camel Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The Camel Spirit Animal speaks to those who have resilience in their lives. Going on a long and ardous journey requires stamina and persistence to see things from start to finish.

If you’re in Australia, then you might actually resonate with this animal. What do they spiritually symbolize?

Camels represent our divine power to make it through the hardest of times. We need to stock up with spiritual energy and continue moving forward despite the harsh outlook on life. The Camel spirit animal tends to resonate with those who are capable of going strong and persisting on a long journey as a group.

You may feel that this resonates with you, or you may feel that it doesn’t. Either way – there are some that really do connect here with this spiritual symbolism of the camel, whether they are living in Australia or abroad.

Most Common Camel Animal Totems

Camels are animals which can live for a long time without much at all. They can go days or sometimes weeks without water or food as they wade their way through the deserts of the middle east and Australia.

The Camel spirit animal

These spirit animals tell us that we need to stock up. There may be a time in the near future that we will be going through some lean times. You may need to stock up on personal growth or save up a few more dollars in the bank account.

Perhaps there is something big which is coming where you’ll be coming up short. This is why you must be taking action today to prepare. The spiritual meaning is that you must be expecting some real challenges ahead and don’t simply go shallow and unprepared in your journey.

This is why we advocate planning your life. Buy yourself a journal and document the things that you wish to accomplish in your life, and what you’ll need to do in order to get there.

Don’t worry about the judgements or critics. Everyone has their own path and we’re willing to bet that most people won’t be joining this journey with you. After all, there is little competition for hard work. Most people want it too easy today. This isn’t you. You’re prepared to go on this adventure.

Seeing camels in dreams

How can we interpret seeing a camel in our dreams? Well, quite simple actually.

You probably saw a camel when you were sleeping last night which indicates that you must be prepared for the journey ahead. You’ll be going through some tough times and you cannot simply mess around right now. Start saving up and developing some skills so that you can not just survive, but thrive in the face of adversity.

They say that all battles are won twice. First in the mind, then on the battlefront. Sure – you won’t be going to war (and we’re sure you hate conflict as much as we do), but you must be prepared for what is to come.

We’re not sure what is coming for your life, nor does the camel animal totem. It simply came into your dream to deliver you a message. The other part of the message is that you must be prepared for a long journey that may be difficult initially, but ensure you surround yourself with the right people.

Going forward

Camels are such beautiful creatures which represent our primal need to survive. We were born to do great things and we too can go days without water and food, depending on the environment.

What’s important is that we are in the right group and that we are prepared first. For our lives, this could be creating a vision board or a well-documented journal of the daily actions we may take.

The camel spirit animal is yours to provide strength and reassurance in the journey ahead. We’ve only got one life so let’s make the most of it!

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