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The Cassowary Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The Cassowary is an animal which is rare to see in Australia, yet has strong spiritual symbolism for those who are ready to better understand its non-physical elements.

Many are curious to know if they fit this animal and what it means for them. Essentially:

The Cassowary tells us that we can be stubborn at times and be too guarding of our personal space. Instead of blocking everything out, consider allowing the right people into your life yet keep things in balance. This spirit animal does represent those who feel too possessive of their own self and environment, as much as the cassowary does in the wild.

 Cassowary Animal Totems

You may wish to explore being more open minded. This will help you tolerate those who may not share your same opinions or viewpoints, but certainly can invite the right people who may serve your journey in a better way.

Most Common Cassowary Animal Totems

You really need to find the truth of your essence. Are you being too closed to new people and opportunities, instead preferring to carve your own path and allow no followers?

The Cassowary spirit guide is asking you to take a new perspective. You have the right to be open and receptive to new ideas and concepts which can help you on the journey ahead.

We must remind ourselves that everyone is a little different. No one is going to be perfectly like us, otherwise they would be well-ingrained into our worlds already. You might be having issues with your spouse because the both of you don’t quite see eye-to-eye on some issues.

Perhaps now you should be relaxing a little. No one is going to attack you because you’re already quite confident in your own skin. Instead, look at how your personal growth can be enhanced going forward.

Cassowary Spirit Animal Positive Traits

You’re the type to walk the path long before others do. They look up to you because you’re willing to be so independent and forward-thinking.

Cassowary Spirit Animal Positive Traits

Being the protective type, you tend to draw in those who are needing of some real assurance in life. You can provide guidance, hope and inspiration by your physical acts of kindness and understanding.

It’s also hard for others to really get at you. They’re intimidated by your relentless spirit and ‘can do’ attitude which is typical of Australians.

Cassowary Spirit Animal Negative Traits

You prefer your own company if you identify with the cassowary animal totem. Thus, others feel a selse of rejection when you decline group meetings and when you’re stuck in such situations, you tend to go really quiet.

There can be some hostility in your presence as well. Some people don’t know whether to like and admire you or simply keep a clear distance. You really do feel this odd bit of energy out in public.

You’re judged for being too slow and for simply meandering around, especially as you don’t use all your abilities to your advantage. For example, the cassowary is a bird that doesn’t fly!

Seeing a cassowary in our dreams

To interpret the meaning of the cassowary that we just saw in our dreams, we need to think about what actually happened. Did it attack you? Was it simply walking past?

Seeing a cassowary when sleeping
Australians often see a cassowary like this when sleeping, especially near Cairns.

Often it does mean that you must open your mind to new people and ideas which can enhance the quality of your life. For some time you’ve been a little stubborn which others have noticed but you haven’t and this is due to your posessive nature. The cassowary came into your dream to help you realize the errors of your ways and through well-meaning intentions.

Going forward

This is a great time to undergo a new spiritual awakening using the cassowary guide. Whether you’re based in Australia or anywhere in the world, there is so much you can learn from identifying this as your spirit animal.

Be aware that sometimes you will come across situations that won’t now go according to plan. Relax as this is merely part of your self growth over the next few years.

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