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The Catfish Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The Catfish spirit animal is a unique creature. It isn’t always the animal that we immediately think of as a spiritual being, but there’s certainly a message right here!

What can we learn from catfish symbolism? Plenty! The catfish spirit animal represents the need to find balance in our lives. Once we can get into the flow-state of being, we’ll be living in more harmony and vitality, unlike many other animals.

Through this process, we return to our natural form where others recognize us once again.

Most Common Catfish Animal Totems

Catfish symbolize our need to move back into our normal lives. Perhaps we’ve been scattered recently after returning from a vacation or experiences some changes into our lives. It’s time to find that balance point once again.

Most Common Catfish Animal Totems

The stability of daily routines is nurturing for us. It’s from this platform that we can then dream up new experiences once again. These ebbs and flows are necessary to marine creatures as it is to us as humans.

You’re likely to soon find much inspiration from this point. A place where you’ll see what’s helping your life and what’s hindering it, and thus, leave that baggage behind.

The catfish spirit animal also tells us that we must take regular retreats. Perhaps that’s a meditation in the evenings or a yoga class away from the responsibilities and chaos of our everyday lives. A time to hide away and let the world go by.

Catfish Spirit Animal Positive Traits

You’re the type that likes standardisation. When you’re in a routine, then you’re in a happy place. This gives you the motivation to accomplish your goals yet carve out time for rest.

Others love your lifestyle and you’re more than happy to share your tips and tricks. Your communication skills are regularly increasing and you won’t shy away from new opportunities for growth.

Adventures are your calling but you know that you must return back to normal life soon enough. Thus, you make the very best of your short time that’s available.

Catfish Spirit Animal Negative Traits

You don’t like to venture out for too long. There is a sense of safety and security that comes from being at home, yet with some adventures to break up the monotony.

Taking some time away for retreats is something you know you should do, but get defensive when others remind you that you aren’t doing it. You then come across as snappy.

Moving around constantly scares you to bits. You can’t handle those who live the mobile lifestyle and never really setting in one place. This routine causes you to then miss out on some mighty fine adventures.

Seeing the catfish in dreams

Catching a glimpse of a catfish in our dreams is quite a rare sight, so congratulations on actually seeing one. Was it weird? When you do see a catfish when sleeping, it represents that you need to swim with and against the current at times. Find your balance point.

Seeing the catfish in dreams

At times you’ll want to do what others are doing. At other times, you’ll want to simply pass and do your own little thing. Either way – just ensure you are happy and fulfilled!

Closing thoughts

Calling on your catfish is important to your spiritual growth if this is indeed your spirit animal. When things aren’t working in harmony, then it’s a great time to draw upon it. Spiritually, they do symbolize stability and safety.

While people like to go with the flow all the time, you can handle some of that and some of taking a relaxing fiesta. It’s in that place where you really are true to yourself.

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