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Cougar Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The cougar is one very powerful spirit animal and reminds us to unleash our deeply held power within. We can no longer play small if we wish to achieve our dreams.

With many opportunities present in the world today, we cannot afford to move slowly. It’s time to pick up the pace and get moving forward!

Most Common Cougar Spirit Animal Meanings

So what does the cougar symbolize in the spiritual world? That’s a question in many people’s minds.

Most Common Cougar Spirit Animal Meanings

Cougars represent unleashing our true personal power. We have significantly more strength than we’ll ever give ourselves credit for, and when we encounter a cougar, this represents our need to rise higher. Through this, you can become the best version of yourself, both spiritually and physically speaking, and this will require constant progress.

It’s time to brace the goodness in you. Instead of lulling around and wondering “what if”, the real statement should be “Now is MY time!” because it truly is. It’s your time to shine and go forth in the world with enthusiasm, passion and persistence.

You were put on this planet for so much more, only you decided to rest and relax for too long. It’s here that the Cougar is reminding you to have another uprising in your life.

Common Cougar Spirit Animal Positive Traits

The most common positive spiritual trait of the cougar is to continue striving forward when others would have given up. If this is your spirit animal, then you would be the one to finish the jobs that others can’t, and achieve the things that others would have given up on.

Positive traits cougar totem

You’ll have a significant amount of faith and belief in yourself. The type of person who believes that anything is possible, AND actually does the job of achieving it. You’re also someone who knows the best opportunities from the worst and can decide accordingly.

You’re able to focus on a single task until completion, instead of working on 10 different things at once. Being the type who perseveres is a typical cougar animal totem characteristic and goes for long term results, instead of short term wins.

Common Cougar Spirit Animal Negative Traits

On the negative side, people who identify the cougar spirit animal are likely to reject others. You’ll be very controlling towards who you spend your time with and won’t allow the toxic energy or non-progressive state of others into your life.

Negative traits cougar totem

You’ll have your own personal space of progress. At home, that’s perhaps an office area where you get a lot of work done in a small space of time. You don’t want distractions and you simply want to get things done, but others feel a sense of frustration when you won’t say yes to certain activities.

Also, prioritizing success of family is quite typical of cougars in the spirit world. There is a sense of “I must get this done and the rest can wait” and thus, these sacrifices don’t go down well with those who you love. They may grow to resent you over time while you’re focused on the future, not the present.

Human characteristics with Cougar Spiritual Symbolism

Drawing upon the cougar in your spiritual quest can be quite powerful. You’ll need to have your eyes, ears and heart open to receiving their divine message.

These animals are trying to help you progress forward in life. They will recognize certain facts such as:

1. You’re being seen as more powerful

It’s very common in your first few months to start rising up strong and more powerful. Perhaps you’ll soon be up earlier in the mornings and get a workout done, then work longer hours than anyone else you know.

This power comes from within as well as your higher self. This inner fire that pulls you forward will be instrumental in helping you achieve your goals. Others will feel this fire and themselves often be striving forward for more.

2. You’ll be much more focused

Instead of looking at 27 different opportunities to improve your life and reading 4 books at the same time, you’ll instead be ultra focused. You’ll stick to one job until it’s done, then move on to the next one.

This focus will captivate your soul. It will finally feel in balance instead of being pulled in every different direction. This focus will see you outrun your competitors quite easily.

3. Perfectionism becomes a priority

You won’t stop until things are done properly. Perhaps you’ll hit publish then go back and re-edit the part syou missed. Being perfect is a trait that is quite common and can be a downfall too.

We believe that work which is done is better than perfect, but you’re on a quest to be the very best that you can be. While others will fall short, you’ll strive to complete everything until the very end.

4. You’ll accept the sacrifices

In order to grow and prosper, you’ll need to make some sacrifices. You know that. You’ll need to let go of the things which aren’t serving you (including toxic friends and family) and surround yourself with more powerful beings.

Such sacrifices might also include a reduced social life and less vacation time. This is something you’ll grow to accept as the months roll on and you get ever-closer to your goal of achieving so much more.

5. It’s likely you’ll become a leader

Promotions are quite likely here. Given your renewed power and sense of purpose, others will see your power as something that can be harnessed for good. As they look up to you, you’ll start to create a movement.

As a leader either in a business, spiritual movement or sports team, people will gravitate towards you. They will feel a sense of warmth and wellbeing knowing there is someone who is willing to do excellent work, and won’t stop until it’s done properly.

Common FAQs about the Cougar Spirit Animal

Cougar spirit animal frequently asked questions.

Here at Yocean Yogi, we commonly get questions about the Cougar Spirit Animal. We’ll do our best to outlay everything here:

I saw a cougar in my dream. What does it mean?

When you come across a cougar in your dream, then this represents the need to rise higher in your day-to-day life. You cannot simply meander around anymore. You’re here to accomlish so much more, so it’s time to focus on the things most important to you.

It can also depend on what happened when you were sleeping. Was the cougar walking in front of you? Were you in danger of being attacked? This could mean you aren’t being as strong as you were born to be and stand up to those who are attempting to take you down.

How do I know the Cougar is my Spirit Animal?

Do you have feelings of being stronger and in control of your life? Do you want to focus on what’s truly important and let go of all the emotional baggage? Then this could be a very good sign that the cougar is your spirit animal.

It’s common to move between animal totems during periods of our life. One might serve us today but not serve us tomorrow. The cougar serves those who want to rise higher and become very powerful yet focused on accomplishing their goals, and won’t stop until it’s done properly. If this resonates with you, then the cougar could be the spirit animal for this period of your life.

What does the cougar symbolize?

Cougars are symbolizing focus and personal power. If you want to be in-charge of your life instead of being thrown around with responsibilities and baggage, then this spirit animal is reminding you to rise up to the challenge ahead.

Too often people ignore their personal strength. We as humans are here to do so much more than we will ever give ourselves credit for. If you wish to achieve so much more, then you’ll need to internalize the same characteristics of the cougar such as focus, strength, stamina and accomplishment.

Are cougars religious, magical or spiritual?

It’s uncommon to find cougars in spiritual or religious references in the western world. Even in eastern religious, their references are scarce. Occasionally they are referenced in witchcraft and spell books given their charismatic eyes which are known to hold some magical healing powers.

Generally, it isn’t the type of animal that you’ll find in such movements. Animals such as the eagle and horse are more profound in North America as spiritual animal totems rather than the cougars.

Does my cat share meanings with the cougar totem?

Cats and cougars are actually quite similar in the spiritual world. Both are very focused animals who aren’t easily distracted and find stillness in the moment. Unlike dogs, cats and cougars are committed towards achieving the end result.

Essentially, you will find a cougar and your cat to share many of the same animal totems. If your cat has been a bit strange lately, then it may want to expand its horizons and may have been a cougar in its past life.

When should I call upon my Cougar spirit animal?

It’s best to call upon your cougar spirit animal when you’re feeling the need to propel forward faster. When there’s too much going on in your life and you need to let go of the baggage that’s holding you back, so you can become ultra-focused on the outcome.

Also, you can call upon them when you need that inner strength to keep going. The journey isn’t easy but this animal totem is there to guide us when we need it the most.

Closing thoughts

The cougar is one mighty animal that is found across North America. As spiritual beings that typically hunt at nighttime, it’s easy to see their spiritual meanings. They represent the need to stay focused and pursue a target until successful.

For us in the human world, this means remaining committed to our goals until we reach them. This could be fitness, business, career or otherwise. Along the way you will stumble and come across roadblocks, but the cougar reminds us to keep our head up.

Power onwards! We only have one life and it’s time to get back in control.

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