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The Crab Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The crab spirit animal is quite the mysterious creature that not one that we often identify with animal or spiritual symbolism.

It can certainly teach us a few thoughts, such as the need to look out for dangers and to find our safe haven.

We do see some similarities between the crab and the catfish spirit animal, as both in the marine world need protection from predators.

Most Common Crab Animal Totems

If the crab spirit animal speaks to you, then you are being reminded to find security and protection. There are certainly others who are chasing after you in this journey.

It’s time to set some genuine boundaries here. You can’t simply meander around unprotected as soon someone is going to take the opportunity. Find a solid and secure platform in which to play.

You must be tuning in. Start using your intuition to guide you and that gut feeling when something isn’t right. This may take some time to develop so don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t happen tomororow.

The spiritual symbolism of the crab shows that we should only be letting our guard when the ideal people enter our lives. Don’t just let anyone in until you actually verify that their intentions are clean. Also – be mindful of your emotions and start thinking more logically.

Why does the crab walk sideways? Well – the animal totem here speaks of the need to be dynamic and side step those who come into your way. Let them past you and don’t even let them notice you. There is no need to stand out and show yourself to those who aren’t serving you.

At times, you’ll come across situations where you simply can’t control the outcome. You can fight all you want…and you should for your emotional protection, but there are some things which are just bigger than you.

This is the state of being vulnerable and why a secure spot is needed in the present moment in which you can grow and nurture your soul.

Crab Spirit Animal Positive Traits

For those which identify well with the crab spirit animal, they find themselves committed to their own personal space. They aren’t the type that ventures out but can feel safe and cosy at home.

Protection is really a positive trait. You might be assertive in order to protect yourself from others who have other intentions at play. There won’t be an easy way into your life.

Crab Spirit Animal Negative Traits

People find you to be too hostile at times. You jump or snap at them before you really evaluated their true intentions. You might cut them off before they’ve finished sentences.

When you do try to help others, they reject you. This makes you feel sad because you’re trying to provide some help and protection, but they believe you have other ideas at play.

Seeing crabs in dreams

Did you just wake up from a dream and see a crab? This is your message to say that you need to stop being so hostile towards others. They have been ignoring you because you have left bad memories in their minds which they simply can’t erase.

It’s a time to come clean with the crab animal totem. Call on this spirit animal this morning now that you’ve risen and start refining your instincts. You do need to have your guard up but you need to better understand that others aren’t so hostile as they might appear.

Going forward

It’s important to put yourself first, because otherwise others might take advantage of you. This is what the crab spiritually does symbolize. Look for the safe passages and avoid the need to go into conflict.

Never hesitate to make a move if you’re not feeling harmony where you are today. You’re unique in that you can shift sideways and confuse others, which leads you to be less vulnerable.

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