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The Crocodile Spirit Animal and Totem Meanings

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The Crocodile Spirit Animal has a stark reputation as a predator in the wild that wants to take down its prey seemingly out of nowhere! It brings about thoughts of quick death.

Yet, we can’t let such feelings really define this animal. There is so much we can learn.

The spiritual symbolism of a crocodile is that we must find time to cultivate and focus on new ideas if we are to survive. Crocodiles mean business in the world, and as humans, we cannot carry out our lives in dependency on others. That is – if we want to live an extraordinary life!

This gives us the platform in which we can improve the quality of our daily interactions and thus move closer to achieving our goals.

The Crocodile Spirit Animal Meanings

Given their dinosaur instincts, we can actually derive several spiritual meanings from the Australian crocodile. These are found in the warmer waters of Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

The Crocodile Spirit Animal Meanings

They remind us to look after our spirit centres. There is some Aborginal meaning and connections to these majestic animals of the wild and we’ll be reminded soon enough that it’s a fierce world out there.

For our personal lives, we can embody their traits and become a force to take on the world. You’ll be doing whatever it takes to accomplish your goals, even if it means staying up late at night!

(In fact, the Yocean Yogi content manager is staying up late tonight writing out this animal totem meaning!)

This brings us into our human instincts. We were born to be creatures that progress forward, not simply remain stagment. Let’s instead take some time to draft out the plans for our life, then move confidently forward in that direction.

The meanings apply to both saltwater and freshwater crocodiles in the wild and in sanctuaries. Note: The alligator is a completely different animal with a different spirit meaning.

Crocodile Spirit Animal Positive Traits

You’re protective of those around you and won’t let anyone get at the core of your being. They’d better watch out if they challenge your motives! You always mean business.

Should someone try to test you, then your explosive power comes into play. This shows that you definitely walk the talk and continue the fight forward. Yet, you can also be gentle and kind.

Much admiration is given to you for being at the top. Making it there wasn’t easy but it was worth every struggle.

Crocodile Spirit Animal Negative Traits

People perceive you as risky. While they might want to learn from you, they also won’t get too close. They have a hard time connecting with you, and thus there are times when you really feel rejected and lonely.

It’s also hard for you to follow the orders of others. You want to be the team manager, not just a team player. For you, everyone else is simply going to slow and should meet your expectations immediately.

Letting go of things from the past is also quite hard. Forgiveness isn’t something that comes easily into your mind. There is no way you’ll forget that person who ignored your contact requests a few years ago.

Seeing a crocodile in your dreams

Coming face to face with a crocodile when sleeping is a scary thought! We can’t quite control our dreams and might have dreamt that we were eaten up alive! If this happened to you, then it means:

  • You’ve played the victim for far too long, when you have so much more power.
  • A transition is about to be undertaken in your life and you shouldn’t ignore this.
  • More powerful people are trying to dominate your thoughts and emotions.
  • You’ve become more of a grave soul that is ready for challenges that arise.
Saw a crocodile when sleeping

This is also a good time to call upon the crocodile spirit animal, especially if you live in Australia.

It’s nourishing for the soul and doesn’t negatively impact it. In fact, it encourages it to become stronger and fiercely independent, while also shaking off negative energies that have tried to latch on.

Powering forward

The crocodile is a beautiful creature that is to be respected in the world. In the spirit world, it certainly has a powerful resonance with some individuals. You might actually feel that this is your spiritual animal, especially if you’re consider to be a very strong alpha individual.

It’s really time to take a bigger chunk out of life. You were born for this moment, so let’s not waste it!

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