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Curvy Yoga Studio Review: Is It Worth It?

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Curvy Yoga Studio is a platform for women who want to genuinely feel good about doing yoga with where they are at today. We reviewed the entire platform!

People always have reasons not to do yoga. Those who have body affirmation challenges generally shy away from going into yoga studios for the threat of the perfect Instagrammer pulling handstands every 2 minutes.

Luckily with Curvy Yoga, that now becomes a thing of the past.

We’re writing this as an unbiased and unpaid experience. There is no business or commercial relationship between us and Curvy Yoga Studio in order for us to write this review. We simply are sharing what we know.

Curvy Online Yoga Studio Review

We decided to buy a membership and become part of the community. For us it was a chance to get to know other people who were on the same journey.

Curvy Online Yoga Studio Review

You know, because connections are really the big difference. Sometimes we feel all alone and need someone who’s going through the same challenges that we are.

Luckily we found what we were looking for with Curvy Yoga. A wonderful group of women who are all helping each other on the journey. If you’re looking for body affirmations, then this is absolutely the place to find it.

Not only this, but Anna is quite frequently found inside the Facebook group helping out her students. Comparatively, we’ve been inside other yoga at home online platforms before that simply have no one taking charge.

Genuine benefits

You can watch Curvy yoga on your TV at home which is exactly what we recommend. Other platforms include the laptop, smart phone and tablet. Unfortunately these are way too small and have social media distractions.

What we love is that Anna has seperated her classes into different areas. There are modules for those fresh and new to the yoga practice as well as those who have certain areas they wish to focus upon such as the back, neck and shoulders.

She’s also a big advocate of body-affirming. Yes, there is a Facebook group for that, but internal affirmations often have the biggest impact on our wellbeing and self-esteem.

The quality

We really like the quality of her content. Sure – it isn’t as professional as say what we experienced when we reviewed Alo yoga app, but it’s certainly impressive given Anna’s home environment.

The lighting is very natural and the sound is solid. She doesn’t race through the asanas so students have time to adjust their footing and find their way into the next pose.

While the price is on the higher side, we’ve actually seen higher. Some students are also welcome to come to her own studio for an in-person practice session.

Our recommendations

It’s best to do yoga at a time which is convenient and that’s ideally when your house is quiet and peaceful. For many, that’s often after the kids are at school.

Turn off your phone just like a real studio setting and roll out the yoga mat. While it’s not as ‘real’ as being in a studio, do your best to get yourself into the state of flow and relaxation.

Most importantly, remember that yoga is a journey. Take your time and do what feels right in the moment.

Getting started

So far we’re enjoying the experience of the monthly classes as well as the Facebook group.

Anna doesn’t have the marketing budget or the massive YouTube following, but that’s because she’s going for a specific individual who wants something more tangible and aligned with them on the journey.

Are you considering joining up? Then we’d easily say yes!

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