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Daily Burn Yoga Review: Worth It For Yoga?

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Daily Burn is a fitness app that provides workouts for Cardio, Yoga, Dance and Pilates enthusiasts. As we’ll expose in our review, the yoga side is small.

Because there happens to be a lot of these online yoga at home platforms around.

Some are simply better than others. Some lack value while others simply give too much.

So we decided to buy it and get on the inside.

Daily Burn Yoga Sign Up

Daily Burn Yoga Review

I think it’s important that we announce no commercial relationship with Daily Burn. That is – we’re providing this very unbiased review of their online workout platform.

And we’re not covering the entire platform either. Instead, our focus is merely on the yoga component.

We signed up and decided to look at the inside:

The Daily Burn Yoga Workouts

There are only 115 yoga clases inside Daily Burn. This is very low compared to other apps and the teachers are limited here.

However, just remember that this is primarily a fitness app. If you are looking for an app where you break a sweat and do yoga on the side, then this is for you.

Daily Burn Yoga Review

The video and audio quality is what we can expect. The lighting was solid and the teachers really knew their craft.

There are primarily female teachers as is normal with yoga at home platforms. We did notice that the content seemed to be a little older in some parts and used outdated Daily Burn logos.

Pilates classes

Since there isn’t so many classes on yoga within Daily Burn, we’re showcasing the Pilates classes too. There are 34 classes at this time of publishing with an average length of 25 minutes.

Daily Burn Pilates Review

There are just 2 to 3 main instructors for the entire series but the settings are quite mixed. It seems that larger segments were filmed in the same setting then cut into smaller chunks or mini-classes for the platform.

The audio and group

Sometimes when you’re working out, you’re just needing some good audio. While YouTube has some good options, you might be out of phone signal range.

Audio and Facebook group

Luckily, the Daily Burn App has you covered. You can choose audio based on your type of self-lead workout, including yoga!

Join the Daily Burn Facebook group

Not only that, but when you start a new journey, it’s great to be surrounded by those on the same journey as you. For that reason, the community group is a great place.

Our application to join the Daily Burn’s Facebook group took several hours to process. They also have strict rules about no business selling or spamming the group. It’s all supportive and nurturing, with the intention to help you achieve your goals.

The ideal student

Most of those who join Daily Burn aren’t on it for the yoga. It’s merely a bonus and for many, the 1st time that they’ll go down this new path. Perhaps they have been worried about judgement at a studio before and aren’t sure how all the poses work and the names of Asanas.

But clearly, this App is designed for the workout enthusiast. If you’re looking to lose some weight and stretch at the same time, then this is a good app for you. It’s affordable and easily navigatable on devices.

We would recommend that you set this up on your TV in the living room. Using this on a table or smart phone isn’t good for focus.

Getting started

We really like the Daily Burn app in general but it’s a real let-down for yoga apps. Therefore, we’ve ranked Daily Burn lower in this review than we had hoped for.

In the future, we’re sure that they’ll find more content for the yoga community.

Luckily, there are 20+ other yoga online lesson platforms where you can get a membership already. Most of these offer even more value.

Have you used Daily Burn for yoga? If so – let us know in the comments below.

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